Anti-Gun Politician Callsl For AR-15 Ban

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Anti-Gun Politician Spreads Nonsense In Interview Following Call For AR-15 Ban.

Last night he was interviewed on Tucker Carlson and claims an AR-15 can fire 150 rds. in 15 seconds. I have not seen this done but would expect it to cause damage to the bbl. at that rate of fire, JMO.
Has anyone seen these 100,150 or 200 rd. mags?


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    He and state Senator Kevin De Leon have been taking the same concoction of LSD, meth, cocaine, and shooting from the same batch of heroin. I'm beginning to think that ALL California politicians are crack babies.

    In case you forgot, here's the video of Kevin De Leon making a monumental FOOL of himself. I'm guessing he's also mentally deficient, and was dropped on his head repeatedly as a child..................ON PURPOSE.


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    What do you expect? Its from Commiefornia!
    -Zorba, "The Veiled Male"

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    There are 100 round drums.  I think a full auto M16 has a rate of fire around 600 round a minute so what he said would be valid for an automatic military M16, not a civilian AR15, even with a bump stock.
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    Tucker told him that before he tried to know all about AR's and pass laws he should do some research first. 
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     That ghost gun may have a "thirty magazine clip", but to truly make it lethal, you need one of those "things that goes up"!😂
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    Telling the truth has nothing to do with being a politician. Heck, look at our president!
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