Remington 870 DM Magpul 12 ga



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    Bigslug said:
    No question that I'm old fashioned on a lot of stuff, and oddly, seem to be going DEEPER into the past with a lot of my firearm preferences as time goes on.  

    I may be wrong and I apologize if I am but I thought that you hated lever guns and thought they were stupid and impractical. I consider lever guns old fashioned.
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    For my point of view, cpj is a lot like me
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    I have fixed misfeeds in my 1100 on the clays range in a manner similar to what Bigslug describes and still broken the target.
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    I just thought of something:  Pics or it doesn't exist

    We are slipping
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    Bigslug said:
     (1.) depending on your system, you started with between four and nine rounds of 00 buck - there shouldn't be anything left alive within 20 yards of you by the time that's gone;  

    This is an awful lot of faith in all hits being center mass as well as the effectiveness of 00 buckshot. Possibly, just maybe, a tad too much faith?
    What I don't have faith in is relying on the law of averages via capacity to eventually deliver my hits, or having the time available to solve the problem with a reload if I couldn't do the job with the on-board load out.  I am not looking to fight the entire Normandy landing with what's in the gun, but rather to clear the immediate area, regroup, and move on if need be.  In that one instance, if I've sucked with six, I'll probably still suck with twelve.

    But that's somewhat beside the point.  If we both start with six, I can shoot two and still have four perfectly shootable rounds ready WHILE I'm loading two more and then have six again, while you shoot two, agonize over whether four is enough to continue with, turn your gun into a single shot for the duration between pulling the mag out, trying to find some place to put it, fishing out a second mag that you hopefully managed to bring, and getting it locked in to have seven.  If I fumble and drop a single round, I forget it and move on.  If you drop a mag, that's potentially a lot of your plan gone.

    Like I said, if this thing solves a specific problem for you, fine, but to me, it's trying to reinvent the wheel by making it square.

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    The ability to to top off with an economy of movement was also foremost in my mind when considering this subject. Seems important regardless of the guns intended use.
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    For doing double duty ON A FARM I can see the mag fed shotgun as a good and useful alternative to the tube fed shotgun. By leaving the shotgun unloaded, all that is required is to assess nature of the disturbance and put in the mag with the correct ammo, cycle the action, and take care of business.

    Being lazy, I solved that problem here on the farm a little differently. The Rem. 870 with the 8 shot tube is loaded with slugs, and the Mossberg 500 is loaded with 5 rounds of #6 shot. Both have a bag with a box of 25 rounds of same ammunition right beside them; old VN era square mag bag with shoulder strap.
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