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China, NK, and US - Alternate thought

centermass556centermass556 Posts: 3,618 Senior Member
I am beginning to develop an alternate Hypothesis. But, I will only know for sure as things go forward.

I think China has lost its control on NK and Kim. While China is gaining world influence on the economic and cyber front, I highly suspect that China is loosing influence at home with its growing militarization looks to start sucking up industrial resources in the south east pacific. Look at Vietnam, China has virtually no influence over Vietnam and most of Indochina. I think that NK is tired of being at the end of China's puppet string, took a look at the board, and figured a change in course would viably bring him to the world table. NK is like China and Taiwan when it comes to labor base. Think about the investment opportunities. Especially if Trump offers incentives for investing in NK to help bring them on board with the world...

Just a hypothesis.
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  • tennmiketennmike Posts: 27,457 Senior Member
    Sounds reasonable to me. If Lil Kim can see the advantages that could be had by opening up and coming into the 21st Century, then he might loosen up a bit at a time and see what develops.
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  • bisleybisley Posts: 10,815 Senior Member
    I believe there is some truth there, but NK still has to have China and Russia cheating on trade sanctions to continue. It may be bad to be at the end of the puppet string, but they are still dependent, and will continue to be while they are becoming non-nuclear enough for Trump to cut them slack.

  • zorbazorba Posts: 25,283 Senior Member
    Loose or lose?
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  • VarmintmistVarmintmist Posts: 8,305 Senior Member
    I think it has less to do with China wanting anything from NK than from them telling NK to "shut up and sit down. You start a butt kicking contest, we might come to your aid, after SK and the US wipes the current gov and you out". Kimmy was a tough guy who got to do whatever he wanted as long as he was living in his parents basement. Now that China really has no good use for him, and likely are as adamant as us about him not getting a nuke given that he could launch on them OR destabilize the entire region AND the people to whom they want to sell TV's to, he has to grow up. A few trips to SK and the US and he can see that maybe a little freedom for the people will get him more than a nuke. He HAS to have been told that he can go down in history as THE MOST influential leader EVER in the history of NK WHILE getting nicer stuff for himself.
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