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  • terminator012terminator012 Senior Member Posts: 3,929 Senior Member
    Here is my FB rant a few days ago on the IG report.

    Here is what the IG report tells me. Sad but true.

    All it tells me is that DC is totally corrupt. Both sides of the aisle. We the people are now we the SHEEPLE. Everyone up there covering their own butts and they know we can't do S*** about it. Pres.Trump can't drain it alone. I'm sure he has figured this out by now. DC no longer works for us. We are their peons. Everyone up there we have put faith in over the last few years has turned on us. We are alone now without any representation.

  • bisleybisley Senior Member Posts: 10,798 Senior Member
    Teach said:

    Hmmmm- - - - -we've got an Alabama swamp rat with enough skeletons in his political closet to decorate a good-sized Halloween party running the justice department, so he's not likely to do anything but run and hide- - - - -his second in command is an Obama holdover whose main agenda is covering his own butt- - - - -the FBI makes the Keystone Kops look like law enforcement geniuses- - - - -the CIA and the other alphabet soup spook agencies are rotten to the core- - - - - -and all the politicians I can think of on both sides of the aisle are about as effective at doing their jobs as a steer would be as a herd bull on a Texas cattle ranch!


    I don't understand the question. Nearly all of the politicians who are pushing for reform of the FBI and Justice Department are relatively minor members of the House of representatives who are on committees with legitimate oversight duties over the executive branch, as the Constitution prescribes. They are doing the jobs they are supposed to do and they are being attacked with almost the same amount of fury as Donald Trump, by their Democrat counterparts and their media propagandists.

    The politician who has dug in his heels over the Department of Justice corruption is Devon Nunez, the Chairman of the  House Permanent Select Committee on Intelligence. He is a former farmer from California, who got into politics over water rights issues that were diverting water from farmland to bogus environmental issues - basically pumping water back into the sea, instead of letting farmers water their crops with it.

    You can easily research the others yourself, if you care (Goodlatte, deSantis, Gowdy, Jim Jordan, etc.), but what you will find is that they are men who know what they are doing and are swimming upstream against a full court press by Democrats and most of the media who are desperate to cover up for a Justice Department that has had its hierarchy almost completely corrupted by 8 years of the Obama administration. They are getting very little public support from the Republican establishment, who are almost as nervous about reform as the Democrats.

    I'm just pointing out that those who carp about all politicians being crooks and nothing good can ever be done are just 'throwing the baby out with the bath water.' There are a handful of dedicated Americans who believe in the Constitution, who are accomplishing things. They are not perfect people, and sometimes they fail, but that has always been the story in this country. It is always just a few people carrying the heavy load, until their hard work starts to win over enough public support to force people 'of standing' to help finish the job.

  • bisleybisley Senior Member Posts: 10,798 Senior Member
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    cpj said:
    bisley said:
    cpj said:
    bisley said:
    tennmike said:
    Congress must be really tone deaf. With all the rank and file field agents all but begging to be subpoenaed to give testimony and air out the truth, you'd think that the Congresscritters would have subpoenas flying out of there that would make a blizzard in Montana look like a mere snow flurry.
    Republican leadership is showing extreme cowardice, when it comes to trying to clean up the Justice Department. They are ignoring the work of the oversight committees in both houses of Congress, and are apparently too lazy to read the IG report, which confirms most of what the committees have turned up, and what has been reported on Fox News. Anybody can question the conclusions of what the facts mean, but no honest person can deny the facts that clearly demonstrate that something stinks to high heaven in the Justice Department.

    Paul Ryan and Mitch McConnell should be outraged, if for no other reason, because their oversight duties, which are a major part of the checks and balances, are being challenged by a sub-branch of the executive branch of the government. They should be pounding their shoes on the podium like Krushchev did, demanding that the de facto head of the Justice Department (Asst. AG Rosenstein) either recuse himself due to conflicts of interest, or resign for defying their authority.

    If nothing else, they should pass a joint resolution that would, in effect, be a vote of 'no-confidence' in the leadership of the Dept. of Justice, and would give the President the political authority to fire Rosenstein, and force Sessions and Wray to clean up the FBI and Justice Dept., or resign and let somebody else do it.
    Yeah. Right. They will get allllll over that. 
    Both sides are worthless pieces of human ****. Period. The corruption is deep, and no one will ever do anything about it. Don’t crap where you eat, and all that rot. 
    OK, fine. You hate politics and all politicians are scumbags. Nobody is trying to help the country, and it's time to forget about politics and go straight to he revolution.

    Forget about that handful of people who are still trying to save the country from becoming Venezuela. I hope you enjoy what you get when the Dept. of Justice starts pushing you around. In fact, why don't you vote for the next socialist that the Democrats select for the next messiah. It will speed things along.
    I think maybe you miss my point. The point is NOT ONE GOD  DAMNED THING will come from this latest hullabaloo. The elected idiots don’t have the balls to do anything. 
    When the handful of “good”’politicians hold the ass load of bad ones feet to the fire, and I see indictments, prosecutions, etc., I’ll be happy to eat all the crow you want serve. I’ve got salt, pepper, and hot sauce at the ready. 
    Till then, I’ll hope the hot sauce doesn’t expire. 
    Maybe, but...

    It has taken a year to do it, but the Justice Department has been ridded of James Comey, Andrew McCabe, and Sally Yates, some of the worst chicken***** in the department of Justice. Others, like Bruce Orr and Peter Strjok have been demoted, and Lisa Page has resigned. Likely, the latter group will either be fired, based on the IG report, or will flip and give evidence against others. With enough public support, the leadership in both houses of Congress will be forced to go after Rod Rosenstein, who is the only one left who can keep this 'house of cards' from tumbling. He is the guy who engineered the Mueller appointment and has covered up for all of the bad actors in the FBI. He is the one that long-term Congressmen fear, because he knows where all the bodies are buried and is spiteful enough to use that info.

    So yeah, it is likely that some of the most corrupt actors in government will never go to jail, but if they are at least neutralized, that is still a net gain. It took a long time for things to get so fouled up, so it will take time to make it all better. In reality, it will always be this way, because government for the people and by the people just barely works, at its best. The slick operators will always find ways to take advantage, but so far, they have been prevented from final victory. It will always be this way. Get used to it. This is America, and freedom is not free.
  • 104RFAST104RFAST Senior Member Posts: 1,281 Senior Member
    In case you missed it, we are engaged in a Civil War
  • bisleybisley Senior Member Posts: 10,798 Senior Member
    104RFAST said:
    In case you missed it, we are engaged in a Civil War
    Just for 'hearts and minds,' at this point. You can't have a respectable civil war, until the stage is completely set.
  • tennmiketennmike Senior Member Posts: 27,403 Senior Member
    bisley said:
    104RFAST said:
    In case you missed it, we are engaged in a Civil War
    Just for 'hearts and minds,' at this point. You can't have a respectable civil war, until the stage is completely set.
    Well, damnit, start the shootin' part! I ain't gettin' no younger! :D
      I refuse to answer that question on the grounds that I don't know the answer”
    ― Douglas Adams
  • bisleybisley Senior Member Posts: 10,798 Senior Member
    Wait till I get a 10mm Ruger Carbine - I don't have enough land to stretch out an AR-15. ;)
  • sgtrock21sgtrock21 Senior Member Posts: 1,933 Senior Member
    bisley said:
    Wait till I get a 10mm Ruger Carbine - I don't have enough land to stretch out an AR-15. ;)

    My first thought was what's wrong with the original 44 magnum? Then realized it would pair perfectly with the Springfield Armory TRP-10.
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