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.40cal to 9mm conversion barrel. Question!



  • ZeeZee Posts: 28,456 Senior Member
    "To Hell with efficiency, it's performance we want!" - Elmer Keith
  • 10canyon5310canyon53 Posts: 2,122 Senior Member
    edited September 2018 #33
    Tugar said:

    A S&W Sigma is going to run about $270 and is so close to a Glock, that S&W had to pay Glock millions. 
    Actually they are not called the Sigma anymore.  It is currently the SD9VE, which is an updated version of the Sigma platform.  I have one, and I have to say it has been absolutely reliable.  Pull the trigger, it goes bang....every time, no exceptions.  My only complaint is the same as has been widely reported..the trigger.  But that is supposedly an easy fix with a kit from Apex.  I just have not gotten around to getting a kit yet since it is not my EDC.  It is my nightstand gun to back up my 12 gauge, but is mainly a range toy.  The $270 Tugar quoted is realistic, that is about what I paid at Academy Sports.  That leaves room for a trigger kit and the end result is actually a pretty decent gun.  As mentioned, the design is so close to a Glock that S&W lost the patent infringement lawsuit.
  • SpkSpk Posts: 4,840 Senior Member
    Zee said:
    I’ve been trying!!!

    They ain’t cooperating. 

    How's that for Zen?
    Never argue with stupid people, they will drag you down to their level and then beat you with experience -- Mark Twain
    How easy it is to make people believe a lie, and [how] hard it is to undo that work again! -- Mark Twain

  • BigslugBigslug Posts: 9,875 Senior Member
    Zee said:
    When I walk out with a .40cal, I know what it can do. When I walk out with a 9.......I hope it will. 
    Nothing else for it then. . .Time to declare the Season of Duty Ammo Bacon.  That's gonna equate to hard work, but science beckons.

    I think the "unknown" here really isn't all that unknown, and chances are you've already seen the equivalent result.  A lot less mystery to the physics of these 3/8th-ish inch lumps of subsonic lead than in those speedy .223's we all thought were only good for field mice a decade ago.  Whatever you and Ernie have plugged with any .35 is your starting point for extrapolation/comparison.   Perhaps not an exact correlation, but perhaps close enough to chill your synapses a tad.

    As I recall from the last time I looked into the most recent "one shot stop" studies, all of the "Big Three" auto duty calibers were running about 89-94%, with the larger pills rating a little high.  As I mentioned on another thread, my current pondering has me wondering if that piddling little difference isn't due to any inherent superiority of the larger rounds, but rather that there are fewer one-shot instances with 9mm simply because it's so much easier to come out of recoil and give them another one before they have a chance to fall over.

    We've been sweating for decades over a couple tenths of an inch in diameter and amounts of energy that are probably separated only by the difference of how fast an eight year old versus a ten year old can pitch a baseball.  We (thankfully) seem to be in the process of putting it to bed.  Piggies will help.

    "Nothing is safe from stupid." - Zee
  • LMLarsenLMLarsen Posts: 8,337 Senior Member
    Spk said:
    Zee said:
    I’ve been trying!!!

    They ain’t cooperating. 

    How's that for Zen?
    Yoda’s taller, but Zed’s got the reach...
    “A gun is a tool, no better or no worse than any other tool: an axe, a shovel or anything. A gun is as good or as bad as the man using it. Remember that.”

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  • ZeeZee Posts: 28,456 Senior Member
    edited December 2018 #37
    Well, I broke down and ordered a threaded G23 (.40 to 9mm) conversion barrel from Lone Wolf. 

    If if nothing else, it 4.6” which means, it’s .1” longer than a G17 barrel and housed in a G19 (G23) sized Pistol. 


    As as long as it functions and has a similar POI. 

    I’ve been waiting for a Blue Label G45 for a month and my LGS can’t find me one. 

    I took the cheaper way out with rhe conversion barrel. 

    Now, to spend the mo eh elsewhere. 

    "To Hell with efficiency, it's performance we want!" - Elmer Keith
  • Jack BurtonJack Burton Posts: 396 Member
    I have a G22 that I first got a .357 Sig barrel for at a good price, then later got a 9mm conversion barrel for it. One gun, 3 calibers, in the midst of the great ammo shortage just seemed like a good hedge. Of course 9 was always the first to disappear off the shelves, and more than a few times the last boxes of (defensive size 9 thru .45) pistol calibers that were left were .40 and .357 sig, but my my did it drive tacks with the 9mm barrel. Also didn't need to replace the .40 ejector.
    Came for the fishing, stayed for the guns.
  • BigDanSBigDanS Posts: 6,992 Senior Member
    I hate my Glocks for the most part, I cannot shoot them well past 7 yards.  I have both a 19 and a 23, a 22 and a 20.  Why?  I really don't care what happens to it when I am shooting it or on my hip in the field and they are reliable.  I find the G19 noisy and hard to be accurate with.  Give me my S&W model 39 every time for easy recoil and accuracy.

    In your situation, have fun with the conversion.  Consider buying a LEO trade in G23 or G22 and drop in your conversion full time, and keep the extra parts for your other G23 / 22.

    Here is a LEO trade in G23 with two mags for just $315.00  http://summitgunbroker.com/g23.html

    Or a G22 for just $299.00  gen 3  http://summitgunbroker.com/g22-gen-3.html


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