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Velcro tires??

olesniperolesniper Senior MemberFranklin, Ky.Posts: 3,767 Senior Member
Yea, though I walk through the valley of the shadow of death,
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  • zorbazorba Senior Member Merrritt Island, FLPosts: 25,219 Senior Member
    That's impressive.
    -Zorba, "The Veiled Male"

    "If you get it and didn't work for it, someone else worked for it and didn't get it..."
  • FFLshooterFFLshooter Member Posts: 1,057 Senior Member
    Right before his back tires touched the ground, I thought I spied a winch cable.
  • tennmiketennmike Senior Member Under a logPosts: 27,457 Senior Member
    Front and rear wheels steer. That would be nice in tight spots.
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    ― Douglas Adams
  • terminator012terminator012 Senior Member Posts: 3,930 Senior Member
    If I ever make it out there with my Jeeps I don't know if I got the balls to do that.
  • orchidmanorchidman Senior Member A true 'Southerner'. NZPosts: 8,402 Senior Member
    I took my quad bike down a slope like that a few years back...........it was totally involuntary and I only stayed with it for half the distance. Got a nice tyre print on my back when the quad landed on top of me though.
    Still enjoying the trip of a lifetime and making the best of what I have.....
  • Jeff in TXJeff in TX Senior Member J&D Ranch - North Central TXPosts: 2,548 Senior Member
    cpj said:
    Right before his back tires touched the ground, I thought I spied a winch cable.
    That’s an antenna.  Very impressive and gutsy driving assuming video is real.
    I’ve done some sketchy stuff in a  Jeep with a buddy, and seen some STUPID stuff people have gone up and down. I don’t doubt the video for a second. 
    Pretty awesome video, more guts than I'd have...now.

    My gosh 40 plus years ago my buddy had an early 70's K5 Blazer.  We were at his dads cabin up in mountains in VA.  They were putting in new dirt roads.  The Blazer was packed with about six or seven of us kids and we were tearing around the new dirt roads Duke's of Hazard style, slid'n around turns.  We were on a new stretch of dirt road and went up this hill at a gazillion miles an hour only to find out there was no more road after the top the hill.  Just a drop off of about 5' and lots of trees ahead!  I was sitting in the back on an old black inner tube with my buddies sister and none of us had seat belts on!  

    We flew through the air like Bandit did going over the bridge in Smokey and the Bandit.  When we hit, we hit hard.  Bodies were flying every which way to Sunday, his sister and I heads bounce off the roof and we ricochet around the inside of the vehicle.  Can't remember but I believe there was a lot of screaming and profanity being used.  After the first hard hit we continued to bounce uncontrollably.  I think my buddy was doing his best not to kill us all and not hit a huge tree, but to be honest I doubt he had much if any control!  

    What seemed like an hour of terror was probably 20 seconds of sheer terror. What saved us was the few 1" to 2" diameter trees and lots of samplings we plowed through that slowed us down and we finally came to a halt.   The path of destruction behind was quite impressive.  A few dents in the front bumper, blown shocks and scratches as I recall and lots of cuts and bruises on everyone inside.  It's a wonder no one was killed!  

    At least the 4-wheel drive still worked.  It some doing but we managed to pick our way through the woods and get out and back on a dirt road. 

    Crazy kids!
    Distance is not an issue, but the wind can make it interesting!

    John 3: 1-21
  • Diver43Diver43 Senior Member Between Ft Lauderdale and MiamiPosts: 12,556 Senior Member
    Sounds like you guys had FUN
    Logistics cannot win a war, but its absence or inadequacy can cause defeat. FM100-5
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