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  • Big ChiefBig Chief Senior Member Posts: 32,995 Senior Member
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    Man starting @ $299.................crazy you could get them for 99 bucks a while back and maybe 20-30 bucks more for a "Dragoon Era" one.  I'm talking 2000-2006 or so.............others say they bought them for $59.99 all day long years before that.

    The supply is drying up, believe it or nor not and they are not getting the huge shipments in they were. I think those are from the Ukraine and have two extra stamps showing they were released for sale to the civilian market and they put a plug/pin through the rear sight so it can't be set over 300 meters (Ashins sp), easily removed. Stupid rule to get them imported or maybe they did that for civilian sales there too.

    They are all going up $$$$, but with these they probably won't be that desirable to Mosin collectors..........and yes there are lots of them out there.

    For that kinda money, I'd hold out for a good deal on a Finnish rework M-39 or a more original 91/30.

    I got one M-39 that belonged to my late brother, plus a few of the Russian Mules...hex/round/M-44/M59...............

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  • tennmiketennmike Senior Member Posts: 27,395 Senior Member
    What Big Chief said. They started going up a few years ago. Obama regulations on firearms imports made getting them here a mess, along with surplus ammo, and the supplies of those rifles are drying up. A lot of those Obama regs are still in effect. Supply and demand rearing its ugly head.

    I remember in the early 1990's you could buy a Chinese Type 53 Mosin Nagant carbine for $19.95 and a Russian Mosin Nagant for $39.95. That was when you could also get a Chinese SKS for anywhere from $59 to $79 dollars, and a Russian made SKS for about 10 bucks more. The surplus arms supply is drying up, just like the surplus ammo supplies dried up over two decades ago. Regulations are choking off what are left.

    And like BC said, hold out for a Finnish Mosin. Those were the really good ones!

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  • 10canyon5310canyon53 Member Posts: 2,119 Senior Member
    cpj said:
    You’re being sarcastic, right?
    Nope, I had never priced them before and didn't have a clue what the market might be.  That's why I asked.
  • 10canyon5310canyon53 Member Posts: 2,119 Senior Member
    Thanks for the info guys.  Any rifle I buy will not be as a collector's piece.......it will get used.  If I want to buy something to hang on the wall and look at I will buy a painting.  :D
  • 10canyon5310canyon53 Member Posts: 2,119 Senior Member
    Zero chance I will be buying any from that shipment.  There are too many other firearms ahead of it on my "buy" list.  It would be something I would not mind having, but not a priority.
  • earlyagainearlyagain Posts: 6,748 Senior Member
    Back in the day they came with two free Russians.💰
  • rberglofrberglof Senior Member Posts: 2,656 Senior Member
    I didn't know the prices had gone up this much, I have several of each M-38, M-44 and 91/30s. Paid $59 to $79 each for them. I paid $59 a piece for most of them at Big-5. Got the 91/30 hex with brass furniture for $79 at a gun show.
  • VarmintmistVarmintmist Senior Member Posts: 7,396 Senior Member
    My first one was 50 bucks and that came with 20 rounds of ammo.

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  • snake284snake284 Senior Member Posts: 22,394 Senior Member
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    I got my first Mosin back in the early 90s for under $40. My second one and my last, I'm  not a fanatic collector of Mosin Nagants, cost me under $100. They have a solid strong action but the only problem is their design is not conducive to sporterizing or even scoping. In my mind they're only really good for plinking and collecting. AND they're on the Ugly side. If you think Savages are Ugly, they would win the Miss America Pagent compared to a Mosin.

    Having said all that and suitably trashed it, I am glad I have my one and only. It's a hex receiver 91/30. When I got it it had 2 gallons of Cosmoline in it. Took me 4 hours and two cans of brake cleaner to get all that out. I keep threatening to find some ammo and shoot it, but I've just got so many irons in the fire gun wise I haven't gotten to it yet, well that and having an old age lazy spell.
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  • Gene LGene L Senior Member Posts: 11,724 Senior Member
    They're a fine rifle, ugly and you can't make it pretty.  Robust and accurate.  I've had two, a rifle and a carbine (wow...flash and recoil.)  I don't see a place for my collection so I sold them both.
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