What are your New Years plans?

shotgunshooter3shotgunshooter3 Senior MemberPosts: 5,425 Senior Member
I'm spending New Years in Seattle and am going to see the fireworks display at the Space Needle with an old buddy from ROTC. What are you guys up to?
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  • JayhawkerJayhawker Moderator Posts: 15,174 Senior Member
    Sitting out here in the cabin listening to the coyotes howl in the new year...
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  • MarvinMarvin Member Posts: 125 Member
    The wife and I are going to a local restaurant with her sister. They have a band playing and it sounds like it will be fun.
  • orchidmanorchidman Senior Member Posts: 7,735 Senior Member
    The torrential rain put my plans out the window, where they floated away. Was heading up to the top of the North Island to a place called 90 mile beach for 4-5 days. ( its only about 70mile long) Had all my gear packed including surfcasting rods and casting kites. Spent all day today sitting on the couch watching movies. ( great way to spend New Years eve.....NOT)

    Rain just stopped so I might head down to a bar and have a drink, if it starts again I will come home, I have enough 'sipping' whisky to dull the pain of the last 2 and the next three days if it keeps raining. If it does keep raining I will work New Years day and the next couple and replan some holidays.

    Want to head up to the range and fire a few rifles including the 8X57 mauser but that aint going to happen due to flooding etc......

    Happy New Year to all and sundry........

    Still enjoying the trip of a lifetime and making the best of what I have.....
  • DoctorWhoDoctorWho Senior Member Posts: 9,496 Senior Member
    I plan to drink lots of Port wine and post outrageous stuff in the clubhouse forum.
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  • rberglofrberglof Senior Member Posts: 2,407 Senior Member
    I am working all weekend 07:00 to 19:00.
  • shawn1172shawn1172 Senior Member Posts: 588 Senior Member
    Jayhawker wrote: »
    Sitting out here in the cabin listening to the coyotes howl in the new year...

    That's how I wish I was spending it! But I'm working, so is my gf. Pretty much every New Years. Tis the life of a bartender. If I didn't have to work, a bar is the last place I'd want to be. Crowded, loud, expensive.... and amateur night. The night all the nondrinkers come out to drink far more than they're capable of and make asses of themselves.... and maybe puke somewhere, start a fight, whatever. But hey, it pays the bills!
  • robert38-55robert38-55 Senior Member Posts: 3,621 Senior Member
    Nothing special going to shoot trap today and tomarrow (news years day) The ole lady said she would fix the New Year's dinner. Ham,collard greens black eyed peas. I got a coulple more weeks of time off. The weather is supposed to be a lot warmer and drier here in the days to come,so I would like to get some target practice in. I am planning on making an inventory list of guns and ammo, I have on hand to see where I stand and what I have/don't have.
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  • LMLarsenLMLarsen Senior Member Posts: 8,337 Senior Member
    The usual: Chinese take-out, a stack of DVD movies, and if we're both awake when the crystal ball drops, a kiss at midnight.

    We are party aminals...
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  • bisleybisley Senior Member Posts: 10,694 Senior Member
    Tonight, I'm gonna grill a couple of rib eyes for me and Mrs. Bisley, while guzzling Shiner beer, then later, I'll sip some single malt scotch, smoke a good cigar and fall asleep in my recliner, watching the old 30 minute Gunsmoke series. Then, New Years Day, baby back ribs and black-eyed peas (and more Shiner) with the family at my house. Monday, I'll go shoot my latest test loads in the new AR, and relax before going back to work Tuesday, after being off for two weeks, plus. :tissue::whip2::fiddle:
  • Big ChiefBig Chief Senior Member Posts: 32,995 Senior Member
    Thunk I'll do some reloading on the 1st to start the New Year off right. Stay home and off the streets. Watch that ball drop in Times Square on the boob-tube.

    2011 wasn't exactly a good year for us, I'm hoping 2012 will be much better.
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  • breamfisherbreamfisher Senior Member Posts: 13,165 Senior Member
    Paintball and hanging out with friends today, church and hanging out with friends tomorrow. Then we start painting the living room!
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  • LMLarsenLMLarsen Senior Member Posts: 8,337 Senior Member
    With the paintball gun? That'd be cool.....
    “A gun is a tool, no better or no worse than any other tool: an axe, a shovel or anything. A gun is as good or as bad as the man using it. Remember that.”

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  • breamfisherbreamfisher Senior Member Posts: 13,165 Senior Member
    Luckily I got a new case of paintballs. Looks like the living room will be orange.
    Overkill is underrated.
  • orchidmanorchidman Senior Member Posts: 7,735 Senior Member
    Well, I went and had a beer with some of the locals, won the jackpot ($1000) on the pokie machines, it stopped raining so I headed into town around 9.30pm and did some people watching.....Did I mention it was hot and humid.

    The streets were crawling with scantily clad drunken girls.
    Then it rained....Dont know what they make girls clothes out of nowdays but after they got drenched, they might as well have not bothered to dress.
    I couldnt concentrate cos I kept thinking about what kind of rifle I was going to buy with the winnings :tooth:

    Decided to put the money towards my credit card in the end ( I normally put winnings towards gun related stuff)

    I think I am getting too old..........I pulled the plug and came home at 3am.................
    Still enjoying the trip of a lifetime and making the best of what I have.....
  • NNNN Senior Member Posts: 23,982 Senior Member
    Sitting by the fireplace
    this afternoon I'll select some live oak logs off the woodpile so I do not have to get up too much.
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  • sakodudesakodude Senior Member Posts: 3,284 Senior Member
    Working the night shift tonight. The ER is a real happening place on New years eve:fan:Wish me luck!

  • GunnerK19GunnerK19 Senior Member Posts: 1,083 Senior Member
    I'm working Security for a Dept. of Homeland Security event from 2100 - 0200...

    I hope good snacks are readily available...
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  • BlkHawk73BlkHawk73 Member Posts: 149 Member
    A quiet one as usual. Having a couple friends over for a nice dinner then probably a movie and some games with our son before I fall asleep before midnight. Just another day of the year for me. Everything will look the same when I wake up in the AM.
  • shootershooter Senior Member Posts: 1,186 Senior Member
    My buddy, the gunsmith who orders guns for me with his FFL, just called and said my new Savage LW hunter in 260 Rem. was delivered late yesterday & he just called me to come pick it up! I went to his house a couple of days ago to fill out the paperwork, so I'm going out there in a bit to pick up my new rifle. Coincidentally, the tracking number on my last Midway order of 260 Rem. Nosler brass shows that it is to be delivered today. I wanted Lapua brass but they were out. With a good supply of .264" bullets from my 6.5x284's, I should be shooting this thing later this afternoon. It's nice to have a shooting facility at my house; no range trips necessary. :cool2:

    There's no such thing as having too much ammo, unless you're on fire or trying to swim!
  • JermanatorJermanator Senior Member Posts: 15,330 Senior Member
    Making dinner (beef tenderloin stuffed with bacon and Romano cheese) banana splits for dessert and otherwise staying home while the amateurs are out on the roads. I might rent Blazing Saddles for something fun to watch. I haven't seen that movie in quite some time. It never stops being funny no matter how many times I watch it.
  • MileHighShooterMileHighShooter Senior Member Posts: 4,768 Senior Member
    Party at some of my fellow beer geeks house. It is a barley wine only night, should be some great strong beers shared with good friends. Nothing better then swirling your glass, getting a nose full of malty aroma, holding your snifter up to the light to bask in its amber glory....and not have anyone look at you funny LOL
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  • jbp-ohiojbp-ohio Senior Member Posts: 9,595 Senior Member
    Wife and I will head over to 'The Big Red Couch' tonite.........


    Pork and Sauerkraut tomorrow
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  • CHIRO1989CHIRO1989 Senior Member Posts: 11,003 Senior Member
    Fish fry at a friends house with the kids, crappie I believe, maybe some marinated goose will find its way into the fryer. I have a Fat Tire Folly Pack that needs some sampling.

    Orchidman, fishing plans ruined by weather, recoup by hitting your local watering hole, winning a jackpot, and an impromptu wet t-shirt contest, way to land on your feet:cool2:
    I take no pleasure in the death of the wicked, but rather that they turn away from their ways and live. Eze 33:11
  • knitepoetknitepoet Senior Member Posts: 18,940 Senior Member
    Youngest and his family are here, so we'll be staying around here. I have some carbonated apple cider to toast with. and MIGHT pull out a few fireworks, but since the grandkids will probably be asleep, that's doubtful.
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  • samzheresamzhere Banned Posts: 10,923 Senior Member
    I'll be heading out to a couple of friendly bars this afternoon to see friends. I'm still doing the Diet Coke think so driving won't be a problem. And I'll likely be safely home by 6pm.

    NYDay it's Football!

    Still on the diet, too, so my food intake will be spectacularly dull. Ick.

    Otherwise I'm keeping it very low key. Girlfriend flies back Jan 5 so we'll probably enjoy a nice dinner the next weekend.

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  • scarfacescarface Member Posts: 263 Member
    Well, I am fighting a nasty head cold, and we did not plan on going out for New Years Eve. Tonight is amateurs night anyway, and it is just too much of a hassle to leave the house and make plans with all the crazies out there. We will be watching the Steelers game this afternoon and relaxing tonight. Our source of entertainment tonight will my daughter playing with the dogs and causing trouble as usual. My drink of choice right now is hot tea to help this nasty cold I have.

    Tomorrow it is Pork and Sauerkraut for dinner, more football, and more tea trying to kick this cold.
  • jbp-ohiojbp-ohio Senior Member Posts: 9,595 Senior Member
    cpj wrote: »
    If you are on the couch tonight, why wait till tomorrow to pork?

    She had duck sausage last night...... before the kids come home today.
    "The democracy will cease to exist when you take away from those who are willing to work and give to those who would not." Thomas Jefferson
  • NyGunownerNyGunowner Banned Posts: 328 Member
    The wife and I both have nasty colds, so we'll be lucky to be awake at midnight. Since I haven't in the last couple of days (see above) I'll probably work tomorrow between football and wings.... I got bullets to make and other orders to process some time before Tuesday mail. Monday my brother is coming over for a belated Christmas. My spies tell me I'm in line for a little electric helicopter.......
  • QuinianQuinian Senior Member Posts: 707 Senior Member
    staying home with the family and packin away 20lbs of junk food
  • NNNN Senior Member Posts: 23,982 Senior Member
    Plans changed, I took Clean down the street to the seafood resturant so she couldn't say I made her slave over a hot stove right up to the end of the year.
    A Veteran is someone that served in the Military, it does not matter where they served.
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