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168gr ELD-Match performs well!



  • bisleybisley Senior Member Posts: 10,798 Senior Member
    Great science!

    You are 'living the dream.'
  • snake284snake284 Senior Member Posts: 22,394 Senior Member
    edited December 2018 #33
    snake284 said:
    Zee said:
    It’s good. Not as good as deer heart. But, good. 
    Thanks.  Will give it a shot next time.  Google recipe for cuajito, an island dish that’s really good eats.  Will give you another part to try.
    The heart is the only wild pig organ meat I'll eat because it's nothing more than muscle. Down here I won't eat wild pig liver because I've seen too many flukes in liver. Even Deer liver down here can have flukes and other parasites in it. But heart meat, being muscle, is pretty pure and usually very good.

    Quajito is made out of the pig stomach maw which is popular in many cuisines including European.  Hey, Scottish Haggis is cooked inside a sheep stomach.  Menudo is very popular all over Latin America and the Chinese make an AMAZING pig stomach and pepper soup.  

    Tripe in general is popular in many European dishes.  Intestines are used extensively as sausage casings in many cultures including the Spanish Morcilla and many other Blood sausages.  Kidneys are also good eats and veal or pork kidneys in a Dijon Mustard Sauce (Rognon à la Dijonnaise) is one of my most favorite French dishes that unfortunately most French restaurants in the USA will not offer because it offends American sensibilities.

    If you free your mind (as Zee has shown us over and over again) you'll find a LOT of great stuff to eat.  Hey didn't you eat balut once?  
    I never said I won't eat pig liver, even wild pig liver. Just not down here in this hot ass haven for parasites. I have a friend from Arkansas that kills wild pigs and eats everything but the squeele. When I hunted out at Junction we always ate deer liver. I just stopped eating it around here. I've seen at least one deer liver full of flukes and it grossed me out.

    Yes I've eaten Balut when I was drunk. I'm not crazy about it but I don't worry about any parasites with it. It's pretty pure.  Hey I even ate haggis in Scotland. It wasn't bad. Now that's real gut sausage. And all my sausage I make is made with real gut, no artificial skins for me. I eat Mexican Menudo when I get the chance. And my German ancestors were probably proficient at making head sausage and Hog Head Cheese which I do enjoy when I get the chance.

    I also love Cabeza Barbocoa on good flour tortillas too and Tripa Tacos all with some good cilantro rich Pico de Gallo.

    But all that stuff isn't wild and subject to parasites. And I have been known to eat sevechi and Kinilau marianated in lime juice or vinegar but lime juice and vinegar is pretty brutal on bacteria and parasites. I'm not a total wimp, but I just have my limits.

    Daddy, what's an enabler?
    Son that's somebody with nothing to do with his time but keep me in trouble with mom.
  • snake284snake284 Senior Member Posts: 22,394 Senior Member
    edited December 2018 #34
    wambli you got me thinking. I eat some stuff most white boys won't touch, most Americans anyway, no matter what color they are. One thing I discovered that is very nice is fish head soup. Filipinos eat lots of it in various recipes. One of my favorite is a tamarind  base soup called Sinigang. It's a sour soup but is quite good to me. And I like it a couple ways. One is with Bangus or Milk fish, which is the Filipino national fish and another way is with a nice grouper head, or red snapper does nicely. My girl can cook this with the best of them. Her Aunt in Makati can do a killer job with it too. We call her Mama Let. Her name is Leticia and is one of the younger sisters of my wife's deceased mother. Mamalet is the chief cook and bottle washers in the house there and she can cook her butt off. She makes killer Egg Rolls or Lumpia as it's called there.

    I also eat blood pudding when I'm in the U.K. I've also eaten Dinagooin in the Philippines which is chitlins and blood, or blood 'n guts. That's served at most weddings. And I have also eaten Dillis or Billis depending on if you're in the Philippines or Malaysia which is small anchovies. They usually fry them and when they drop them in the hot oil they give off a very smelly vapor cloud that smells to hell. I always refer to this as the releasing of the evil spirits. After the cloud has dissipated they smell and taste good (Hence the evil spirits).

    There's one more evil concoction I have eaten on occasion,  Bagoon pronounced Bag-o-on. It is made from fermented microscopic shrimp. It smells like something that came out of Godzilla's back side like it smells so bad it would kill the devil himself. But I have mastered eating this. Slowly Fe, my ex, put a little at a time in various dishes she cooked (Maybe she was trying to poison me) and I got where I liked it in small doses (after I stopped gagging). It is a key ingredient in a dish called Pinakbit which is a blend of Okra, Asian Egg Plant (otherwise known as Talong) and Calabaza as it's known to Filipinos (acorn Squash or something close to it to us). They cook all these vegetables together and add a small amount of Bagoon for flavor and thickining. Now after many years of exposure I don't much care for it without the bagoon.

    Daddy, what's an enabler?
    Son that's somebody with nothing to do with his time but keep me in trouble with mom.
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