• bruchibruchi Senior Member Posts: 2,582 Senior Member
    Welcome, another right handed handgun,left handed rifle shooter here, think this is due to being right handed and left eye dominant, don't worry, makes no difference on how far you can take your shooting skills.

    Onthe 3 gun matches, as sometimes one is forced to shoot the rifle from behind left and right cover and the clock is running I always carry a piece of cardboard I can slip over my eye protection, my prescription eyeglasses in my case so I can cover my dominant eye, left in my case so I can attain the sights faster when I am forced to shoot the rifle right handed. In a real life scenario, a rolled dollar could do on a pinch.
    If this post is non welcomed, I can always give you a recipe for making "tostones".
  • CaptainRoadBlockCaptainRoadBlock Member Posts: 49 Member
    Well, my sister lived in Wyoming and Montana for awhile and I got hooked on prairie dogs. .223 Nosler Partitions do quite the number on one, but I want to use a hand gun. Make it more sporting. Hence the purchase of the Contender. Having used to live in southern OK, and now living in central OK, I grew up shooting on the Washita River. My best buds and I would burn up a brick of .22 shells in a day shooting pecans out of trees, snakes, turtles and what have you. We got so competitive with it we would set empty .22 brass on a stump or something and plink them off. Farthest shot bought the coke for the drive home. That kind of thing. Im way out of practice for any distance shooting now, due to i ate, drank, slept combat shooting for about 10 years. After getting hurt on the job, and now on disability, i was to broaden my shooting skills again. I dont reload, but am looking into that aspect as well. Any tips would be greatly received.
    So Officer, why did you shoot my client 8 times? Uh, the magazine ran dry.
  • CaptainRoadBlockCaptainRoadBlock Member Posts: 49 Member
    Wasnt a turkish prison, but i think one of the inmates had turkish cigarettes....does that count?
    So Officer, why did you shoot my client 8 times? Uh, the magazine ran dry.
  • Medicine HatMedicine Hat Member Posts: 106 Member
    Its coming with a .357 barrel, But I intend to go up from there. I want to experiment with the black powder aspect, and try some of the large caliber barrels too. I like to shoot longe range, so any ideas woulkd be greatly appreciated. As Ive said on past occasions, This is gonna be one of those days, I can almost smell the weird. I like my taurus. Ive been a single action .45 nut for a long time. Lets see what else, Digital hazing is cool, I live in Oklahoma, Im one of those weird people thats a right handed pistol shooter and a leftie long gun shooter, Im so conservative I make Rush limbaugh look like Al Gore. OK I think I got everything in.

    Hi, Welcome aboard (both you and NOOB). Where in OK are you from. I spent some time at Ft. Sill, but actually lived out in the sticks closer to Rush Springs.
    I'm sort of a .45 colt nut also, several revolvers, a couple rifles. I've been playing with loads for my Marlin 45-70 also, but haven't yet found the "sweet spot" on it. Close, but it can do better.
    Anyway, lots of good folks here.
  • HondoHondo Member Posts: 320 Member
    Welcome CRB. Myself and Jeeper are deputies in Florida. As far as thumbsters go I really like the a few of 'em. And as for Ernie to say he likes long range handgunnig is like saying Arizona is a little dry.......:=). There are a bunch of good guys here and a vast wealth of knowledge on this forum. So, buckle up!!!!
  • robert38-55robert38-55 Senior Member Posts: 3,621 Senior Member
    Welcome!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Your going to fit in here just fine!!!!!!!!!!
    "It is what it is":usa:
  • CaptainRoadBlockCaptainRoadBlock Member Posts: 49 Member
    Where in OK are you from. Central OK, east of Norman, out in the sticks.
    So Officer, why did you shoot my client 8 times? Uh, the magazine ran dry.
  • snake284snake284 Senior Member Posts: 21,853 Senior Member
    Hello. I'm new to the forum. I like to shoot both pistols and long guns. I'm former law enforcement, but disabled due to being hurt on the job. Im a conservative. Hope to have some good conversations with everyone here.

    Welcome Capt. My SIL is LE. He's a deputy here in the county. He was a Police Officer in Wheatland Wyoming and in Denver Colorado back a few years. Anyway Welcome here. What do you like to shoot? I'm into bolt guns myself. I like em all but bolt rifles is my main enterest right now. I have a few hand guns but they are not my favorite. I do love S&W revolvers and 1911 Colts, all 1911s. I have a Springfield Armory Stainless myself. I also have a S&W Mod. 469 9mm and a German Mauser pocket pistol in 7.65 (32ACP). That's all the hand guns I have right now. I have a couple of shot guns and some mil surps. but the rest are hunting bolt guns. Five of those are Mauser actions. I have still another action waiting on a barrel and stock that is a Charles Daly Zastava made in Yugoslavia that has a sporter trigger and safety. I also had four Yugo Military Mausers of which I have sportered two already. Anyway, sit down and stay awhile and tell us what you like.
    Daddy, what's an enabler?
    Son that's somebody with nothing to do with his time but keep me in trouble with mom.
  • backwaterbobbackwaterbob Member Posts: 102 Member
    :up: C R B Welcome
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