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Bedside Gun?

ZeeZee Senior MemberPosts: 23,971 Senior Member
We do this periodically and I think it’s been awhile.  The recent HD Shotgun thread got me to thinking as I’ve somewhat recently changed my options.  

What is/are your current Bedside Defensive weapon options?

Currently, I have two. 

7.5” AR-Pistol Build w/ Aimpoint Comp M4 and 50gr Win BST loads. 

Glock 34 with LWD Extended Barrel, Streamlight WML, 33+1 Mag, and 124gr Fed +P+ Hydra-Shok loads. 

This is simply one one layer of precaution/defense. 

So, what do you have at arms reach when dreaming of Politics, Gossip, NFL, and Skirt Wearing Men?

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  • earlyagainearlyagain Posts: 6,748 Senior Member
    A cobbled up cheap clone of a colt 1873 sa revolver in 22 wmr loaded with CCI Maximag solids and a Ruger P90dc stuffed with wwb 230gr hps in 45acp.
  • JayhawkerJayhawker Moderator Posts: 16,916 Senior Member
    edited January 2019 #3
    At the moment, my AR pistol and my 1911 Commander

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  • JermanatorJermanator Senior Member Posts: 16,128 Senior Member
    My side of the bed has a Glock 20. Her side has an XD9. A couple steps away, my side has an AR carbine with tritium sights and a AR pistol with a red dot. Her side has a Beretta CX4 Storm. 
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  • shotgunshooter3shotgunshooter3 Senior Member Posts: 5,733 Senior Member
    Primary is my RMR'd Glock 19 with Surefire X300U, and tucked away as a backup is a G19X also equipped with a X300U  
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  • North ForestNorth Forest Member Posts: 354 Member
    Always within reach, XDM .45 with Federal Hydra Shok +P
  • Big ChiefBig Chief Senior Member Posts: 32,995 Senior Member
    Zee said:

    7.5” AR-Pistol Build w/ Aimpoint Comp M4 and 50gr Win BST loads. 

    Glock 34 with LWD Extended Barrel, Streamlight WML, 33+1 Mag, and 124gr Fed +P+ Hydra-Shok loads. 

    Man, somebody breaks into your house they are going to think they ran into The Punisher!
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  • CHIRO1989CHIRO1989 Senior Member Posts: 12,622 Senior Member
    J-Frame with a Crimson Trace and a Glock 20 with a Crimson Trace, both have some flavor of Hornady or Speer ammo, my Benchmade , and my Surefire E2D, oh yeah, and a throw cat or two. 
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  • jaywaptijaywapti Senior Member Posts: 4,958 Senior Member
    My side,
    Mossberg 12 ga. # 6 shot
    Charter Arms .44 spc 165 gr. Hornady FTX
    M-1911 .45 ACP 185 gr, Hornady FTX,  10 round extended mag.

    Wifes side
    Charter Arms 38/357 .357 Hornady 125 gr. FTX
    Ruger BH .41 mag. Win. 175 gr. Silvertip HP

  • FFLshooterFFLshooter Member Posts: 1,057 Senior Member
    Our room is in the basement, as far away from the entrances of the house but I keep my carry gun (XDs45) on the nightstand and there are a plethora of long guns and pistols from our room to the front or back door.
  • 1965Jeff1965Jeff Senior Member Posts: 1,644 Senior Member
    A glock 34 is usually handy, as well as a 19.
  • CaliFFLCaliFFL Senior Member Posts: 5,486 Senior Member
    edited January 2019 #13
    I keep a S&W 1911 bedside and she has Sig 9mm. There's an 870 tucked behind the headboard and a folder AK with black tips in the walk-in. Two dogs sleep bedside so I have the alarm covered.  Unless the home invader has snacks. The lab would give up my safe combo for a Milk Bone. 
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  • TugarTugar Senior Member Posts: 2,221 Senior Member
    Usually my M&P 9mm, fullsize. 

    Wife; M28 with 38+P hydrashoks, she's recoil sensitive. 

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  • Diver43Diver43 Senior Member Posts: 10,903 Senior Member
    FN FNS .40SW w/light, her side is a SW 431PD in .32 H&RMag, a Mossberg 12 gauge and 10.5 AR Pistol are close by also.
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  • JayJay Senior Member Posts: 3,858 Senior Member
    My side of the bed - ATI PX2 12 ga. with a slug in the chamber and mag tube full of buckshot and more buckshot on the stock for reloads.

    My other side of the bed - Smith and Wesson Shield 9mm with 147 grain Ranger HPs.

    The Shield is my truck gun that goes back and forth to the truck with me.  Paid $200 for it new. The shotgun is a home defense only gun.  Paid $100 for it new.  They both have functioned flawlessly and I wouldn't be too upset (investment wise) if they were stolen from my truck or house.  This way my nicer guns stay in the safe when not in use.
  • DanChamberlainDanChamberlain Senior Member Posts: 3,395 Senior Member
    Nothing too special. ATI FX 45 K.  I use a McCormic 8 round mag with one in the chamber. My sedate little lake community did have a shooting a couple weeks ago when a homeowner confronted some vehicular burglary suspects and chased them. They shot a total of 8 shots at him without effect - and escaped into the night...

    It's a source of great pride for me, that when my name is googled, one finds book titles and not mug shots. Daniel C. Chamberlain
  • AccipiterAccipiter New Member Posts: 885 Senior Member
    Glock 21 With a trl1 bedside.  Moss 500 in the corner along with the 7 inch AR pistol.  Options are good.
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  • 10canyon5310canyon53 Member Posts: 2,119 Senior Member
    The VEPR-12 lives next to my dresser loaded with 10 rounds of 00 Buck.  It has a pressure switch activated laser that is bore-sighted in at 15 ft.  That happens to be the distance from my chosen ambush point to the front door.  In the same room as my ambush point is my gun locker with the AR-15 loaded with 30 rounds of 5.56x45 ball ammo plus a back-up 30 round magazine.  The key to the gun locker is close by where it is easy for me to grab, but not easy to find if you don't know where it is.  The AR also has the pressure switch activated laser bore sighted in at 15 ft.
    My EDC load-out goes into my nightstand when I go to bed.  9+1 in the Shield, one 9 round back-up mag and three 8 round back-up mags.

    My wife's SD9VE 15+1 lives in her nightstand.  My SD9VE used to live in my nightstand but now it lives in the safe in my truck with two 15 round back-up mags.  All handguns are loaded with Remington Golden Saber 147GR hollow points.
  • rberglofrberglof Senior Member Posts: 2,656 Senior Member
    Kahr CW45 loaded with Winchester PDX1 Defender 230gr hp with extra mag.
  • Gene LGene L Senior Member Posts: 11,730 Senior Member
    Model 39 S&W...I'm a traditionalist.
    Concealed carry is for protection, open carry is for attention.
  • 88Glock88Glock Posts: 7 New Member
    Sig P226 with weapon light. Couple extra mags.
  • earlyagainearlyagain Posts: 6,748 Senior Member
    88Glock said:
    Sig P226 with weapon light. Couple extra mags.
    I almost didn't read this. I figured well if someone named 88Glock posted on this thread, their beside gun must be a Glock. See what I get for assuming???
  • 10canyon5310canyon53 Member Posts: 2,119 Senior Member
    I almost made the same mistake!  :D
  • timctimc Senior Member Posts: 6,684 Senior Member
    My beside gun is usually whatever I was carrying that day. The vault is only a couple feet away from the bed so technically I have a plethora of bedside guns!
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  • bisleybisley Senior Member Posts: 10,798 Senior Member
  • zorbazorba Senior Member Posts: 23,642 Senior Member
    Usually my EDC, Ruger LC9s. Sometimes something else if I happen to have it out of the safe playing with it.
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  • mitdr774mitdr774 Member Posts: 1,445 Senior Member
    Working in the basement and its a S&W 586 with some hot 140 and 110 XTP loads.  If thats not enough then there is always at least one other of some sort locked up down there.  In the bedroom is my current 870 loaded with 2 3/4", 2 1/2 Dram, 7/8oz #8 shot with a full choke tube in it.  Usually my Shield .45 with Sierra 185gr HP loads isnt too far away.
  • TeachTeach Senior Member Posts: 18,428 Senior Member
    Louisville Slugger.  Who would be stupid enough to tell the whole internet they've got guns at home?
  • mitdr774mitdr774 Member Posts: 1,445 Senior Member
    People stupid enough to be on a gun forum to begin with.
  • timctimc Senior Member Posts: 6,684 Senior Member
    edited February 2019 #31
    Who would be stupid enough to break into somebody’s house knowing they sleep with a gun!
    timc - formerly known as timc on the last G&A forum and timc on the G&A forum before that and the G&A forum before that.....
    AKA: Former Founding Member
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