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    Pundits play word games that paint debate into inflexible corners. Moderation and compromise get lost in the rhetoric of exclusive agenda.
    This is the problem.

    This era of radicalism is 'meat' for the media pundits who would be sorely lacking in the honesty and intelligence that they would need to make a career during more moderate times. As recently as a couple of decades ago, most of the media were already 'liberal leaning,' but most of them had also been adults during WWII, Korea, Viet Nam, or the Cold War, when reality was always encroaching upon lofty ideals. This caused them to temper their reporting towards fairness, much of the time, and they guarded against outright propagandizing. These people knew what real journalism was, and even though they didn't always adhere to its principles, they at least did know what it was, and tried to get their tickets punched, to achieve that status.

    Now, a news junkie has to search far and wide to find unbiased reporting, much less fact based commentary. Often, he has to just sample both extremes, and average it out, in hopes of gaining a reasonably accurate understanding of what is going on. Knowing history helps, when it comes to evaluating a report for accuracy and truthfulness, because the modern media does not know history very well. They know the Cliff's Notes version of it that has been compiled by political operatives with an agenda. Knowing history helps screen out the most obvious attempts to 'sell' a narrative, because it has all been done before.

    Nothing that happens in government, now, is a completely new thing. It has all been done before, in some form or fashion, somewhere in the world. Treating it like it is a new thing enables the same mistakes to be made, over and over again. History does not have to keep repeating itself, but for those who don't know it, it nearly always will.
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    I know you've been saying similar for awhile in many different posts Bisely. We're in total agreement about this media pundit business. I'm finding blatant and obvious bias on every source including NPR and also European news outlets. Im teaching my son how to spot nonsense even when the nonsense supports  my own belief. I'd like to think there's alot of people capable of the same. At least I hope so.

    At one time contrary opinion could be submitted and was printed in editorial newspaper columns. These modern outlets are so big and consolidated, it's muted the voice of ordinary people. Maybe social media offers a replacement??? But even that's a potential quagmire.
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