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    CaliFFL said:
    The tired, old, long-winded, reefer madness explanation of the dangers of weed and its associates. Geez. 

    The last paragraph is really funny. It suggests the average pot seller has a closet full of all the other recreational drugs waiting to spring on the stoner. Like a 70's street movie. 

    When prohibitionists are confronted with the fact that retail cannabis stores aren't also selling cocaine in the parking lot, they default back to the "it's harmful" argument. 

    I've never argued that weed has some magical benefit (although it may); I've always argued that it is not dangerous enough to justify imprisoning non-violent citizens. Or worse, a SWAT raid @ 0-dark-30 ending with dead dogs, dead people, or grenades in cribs at the wrong house. 

    The well-intentioned prohibitionists think society will be better off with the pot heads (and other drug users) off the streets, but never consider the cost of enforcement. Trillions of dollars and millions of lives wasted to support a failed ideal. 

    If your post is in response to my post, I'm at a loss to figure out how you jumped to all of your conclusions. I am still listening to all of the reasonable arguments being made from both sides, but they are few and far between, and yours is not one of them.

    Everything I said in my post is from a fairly neutral position, although, at this stage, I would vote no on legalization, simply because I haven't heard any objective case being made for changing the status quo. I have no problem with treating the abuse of marijuana the same as the abuse of alcohol, but the case has not been made that it can or will really go that way, in actual practice.

    For example, I am ignorant of the ways that law enforcement can determine, on-site, if there is physical impairment and mental confusion, and if the method can stand up in court. Also, will finding a 'roach' in the ashtray carry the same penalty as an open container of beer, which is damned rough, where I live. Texas State Troopers tend to enforce the laws that are on the books, whether or not they agree with them. I used to enjoy sipping a beer on my way home from work, before the open container laws, and I never drove drunk. I gave up that particular relaxation method, because it wasn't worth the risk, and it will have to apply to marijuana users, too, if I am to vote for it. I mostly ignore all of the breathless comments made from a political point of view, because they are long on rhetoric and short on facts.

    About the last paragraph, you are right about two things. (1) I am much longer-winded in my posts than I would be in a person-to-person conversation, because I am giving an opinion on the questions I would ask, instead of just responding to someone else's questions. My suggestion would be to simply ignore them, like everybody else. They please me, and that's the reason I write them. (2) My first-hand knowledge is based on experiences from fifty years ago, in Texas - not LA, in the present...where being stoned in public is apparently an unremarkable occurrence.

    But, many Texas voters like me are going to have to be convinced, if it is ever to be legalized here, so you better dust off whatever critical thinking skills you have, if you're going to convince somebody who is actually listening. Austin will be a slam-dunk, with some of the big cities close behind. But Texas has a bunch of very large towns and a whole bunch of medium sized towns to balance some of that.
  • earlyagainearlyagain Posts: 3,267 Senior Member
    The only unsatisfactory results of legalization I see here are these two.
    1) The tax revenues are obsorbed by a self perpetuating administrative bureaucracy.

    2) There's been some instances of consumer confusion as to potency with catastrophic results.

    The bureaucracy will likely prevail regardless. The potency confusion is being cleared up.

    I'd like to see hard creditable data on corrections relief. If the numbers support significant relief from user violation, I'd be pretty much sold on the benefits of legalization.
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