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The eye of the beholder

Gene LGene L Senior MemberPosts: 11,744 Senior Member
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I think this is a handsome rifle, an 1891 Argentine Mauser in 7.65 x 53 made by DGW in Germany...I don't know when, but it's pretty early, as were most of the German rifles.  It's all matching except the stock.  No, it's not a MOA rifle and it kicks with the 180 grain PPU loads, but I pulled the bullets on my stock and reloaded them with 15o gr .303 bullets and 4895.  So it's gentle.

It's a cavalry carbine, which all the short guns were.  Later, some were converted to the Engineers carbine, which meant they were stock-drilled to take a bayonet.  Mine was, and was converted back and the bayonet metal removed.  The original cavalry carbines don't have a forward sling swivel, they have an additional fitting behind the trigger guard and the rifle was carried over the shoulder in an impossible to explain configuration...a loop.

The bore on my rifle is pretty good, shiny but not mirror-bright. I like the length, a handy little rifle and to me a good looking gun in a manageable caliber, with hand loading.  Some may not like it because of the single stack Mannlicher magazine, but I think it adds to the look.

Argentina continued making the rifles (1909) up to the 50s.  I have no idea why.
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  • earlyagainearlyagain Posts: 6,749 Senior Member
    I like the short barrel. I wonder if a side arm or a saber was carried in addition to the rifle???
  • Big Al1Big Al1 Senior Member Posts: 7,833 Senior Member
    That's a nice one!! Don't see them in that condition anymore!! Great round, similar in power to the .300 Savage!
  • Diver43Diver43 Senior Member Posts: 10,936 Senior Member
    She looks to be in nice shape for her age
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  • TeachTeach Senior Member Posts: 18,428 Senior Member

    The last time I saw that stock, it was almost black, and had about 50 years' worth of grease and grime on it.  Good rehab job!


  • Gene LGene L Senior Member Posts: 11,744 Senior Member
    No, that stock went on another carbine.  I got this one long after the other one where you sent me the stock.  This one may have been sanded, but not by me.  I thank you again for the stock, which was virtually unobtainable.
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  • LinefinderLinefinder Moderator Posts: 7,052 Senior Member
    I was just about to comment on how much I liked that stock. That sure is a nice one.

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  • Six-GunSix-Gun Senior Member Posts: 8,150 Senior Member
    Wow, Gene.  If that was rehab job, it sure was well done.  The wood looks great.  Definitely a handsome gun.
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  • Gene LGene L Senior Member Posts: 11,744 Senior Member
    edited April 2019 #9
    I don't think it is a metal rehab.  The stock #  doesn't match the action, which is pretty common, barrel, bolt, action do match.  Looks like it was sanded, stock numbers are dim..  The magazine doesn't match, either.  I slugged the barrel; it's .313 and doesn't have any tight places I could find.  It's not a hunting gun, not a collector gun, just a gun to shoot occasionally.  The PPU 180 gr. bullet was ahead of 44.2 gr. of a flake powder, pretty strong and not fun to shoot on the bare shoulder. The PPU bullets mike at .311, I'm reloading with .312 .303 bullets.
    Concealed carry is for protection, open carry is for attention.
  • AntonioAntonio Senior Member Posts: 2,697 Senior Member
    Nice carbine! Love the '91 Mausers, specially the long rifles.

    They kept making the bolt action Mausers 'cause they already had the factory implemented (Also made the Colt Sistema 1927s) and being still in the "transitional" period from bolt actions to semiautos, some 3rld. world countries considered keeping their older rifles as long as possible. YEs, they could have switched to the already proven (And abundant) Garands but Argentina's military was influenced more by European equipment rather than American.
  • Gene LGene L Senior Member Posts: 11,744 Senior Member
    I'm not a hunter and not really a target shooter.  So I'm a recreational shooter and want acceptable recoil and decent accuracy at 100 yards...why, I don't know since I'll only shoot it at 100 yards at a paper target to test my ancient eyes.  Again, why?  Maybe to prove to myself that my eyesight isn't totally down the tube?  Maybe because it's fun?  The sights are typically terrible, but the low load and the 150 gr. bullets and 38 grains of 4895 make shooting a pure pleasure.
    Concealed carry is for protection, open carry is for attention.
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