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10mm load combinations

mitdr774mitdr774 MemberPosts: 1,774 Senior Member
I know more than a few of us geniuses take a fancy to 10mm Auto.  I am wondering what your preferred combinations of projectile and powder are, and what they are being launched out of.

I have been using a G40 and I stick with Hornady 180gr FMJ-FP bullets in mine since thats what it likes.  I did try some other bullets, but they didnt do so well.  Right now my G40 seems to really like Blue Dot.  That may change in a week or so though.  I have a KKM barrel on the way.  Hurray for no more oversized chamber.

I also have a Ruger SRH, but have not had enough range time with it to figure anything out yet.  The SRH will see everything from 135JHP to 200 and maybe 220gr cast.  I have some 155gr SWC im looking forward to trying in it.  Im sure I could push things more in the SRH than I can in the G40, but I will most likely limit things to safe for BOTH guns to eliminate the potential issue of wrong ammo in wrong gun.  I already have to seperate my .44 Mag into three groups.


  • RaptortrapperRaptortrapper Posts: 94 Member
    Springfield TRP with a 6" slide and a 220gr hardcast over a charge of Longshot.  

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  • mitdr774mitdr774 Member Posts: 1,774 Senior Member
    I had okay results with Longshot before, but was running into some issues at about 3/4 book loads.  This may be solved with the new barrel though.  I have been trying to whittle down my powder options a bit and have been ignoring AA#9 since I ran out a while ago.  I am tempted to pick up a pound and try it in the 10mm though.  Blue Dot has done well in my G40.  I have not had a chance to chronograph it, but it sure feels like a stout round.  One of the guys at the range I usually shoot at tried it out with my BD load.  His comment was that it felt like it had more to it than the Double Tap loads they ran through a G40 previously.

    It seems my usual revolver go to powders are a no go with the 10mm.  Darn, I guess that means I just need to shoot the revolvers more often.  That being said I do plan on loading up a bunch of paper punchers with Trail Boss for use in the SRH.

    I have not tried Unique in 10mm yet, but had mixed results with other semi auto cartridges.  I think I still have a partial pound.  I may have to give it a try again.
  • BigDanSBigDanS Senior Member Miami, FL almost in the USA ;)Posts: 6,992 Senior Member
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    Like many handgun caliber projects, I keep trying to stretch the intended use beyond its design and I continue to fail.  Doing the same thing and expecting different results again and again.  I have come to the conclusion that no matter how much barrel you provide, it’s an under 50 yard design.  Longshot works well for me in both .40 S&W and 10mm.  I like XTP’s.
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  • mitdr774mitdr774 Member Posts: 1,774 Senior Member
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    I have no grand illusion of shooting distance.  I do however like my brass not being overly worked by being run in a very loose chamber.  We are talking about a difference in chamber diameter of about 0.010".  Its enough of a difference that the spent case from a mild for book 10mm load fired through the factory barrel will not chamber in the cylinder of the SRH.  That was my main reason for an aftermarket barrel in my G40.

    I learned the hard way that 10mm is not a 50 yard cartridge with my TNW ASR carbine.  It would produce a decent group at 30 yards that would completely fall apart by 50 yards.  I would be shocked if it could keep two rounds within a 24"x24" square at 100 yards.

    I will try Longshot again with the new barrel.  I really want to run it through the SRH as well.  Since the main intention of the G40 was a "remote area" gun I have been loading it with Hornady 180 gr FMJ-FP bullets over 1/10gr under book max of Blue Dot.  The places I was going at the time had me more interested in penetration than expansion.

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