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I heard this expression many times never knew for sure what it meant, just found out, during WW11 pilots flying the Grumman TBM Avenger would give the Japs " the whole 9 yards" if refered to there 50 cal machine guns, each gun was loaded with 750 rounds, the length of the belt and rounds was 9 yards.



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    Dad was flying his B-17 on an "air-to-air gunnery practice mission" ("Go out and shoot some holes in the clouds!") over the Gulf of Mexico just a few days before they were scheduled to head for Britain as a "replacement crew".  He heard a news bulletin  over the commercial radio station he was listening to.  Germany had just surrendered!  He turned on the intercom and piped the broadcast to his crew.  One by one, the gunners opened up, and melted down every gun barrel on the plane!  They spent the rest of the war flying search and rescue and anti-submarine patrols over the gulf.  The B-29's had a horrible safety record, and a lot of them never made it back from training missions.       
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    I had always heard that they, 29, was a horrible monster to fly.  The same goes for the F-117.  Loose your computer and you fall from the sky like a stone.  
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    Funny. I always thought it was some football idiom. Here's one fella's: 

    Who let the cat out of the bag? hint - has something to do with the sailing age. 
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    I've heard that ammo thing, and looked up the term. Thing is, no one knows where the term came from or what it means.  The first recording of the term is in the Oxford dictionary, and from 1855.  So it's still a mystery.

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    Since the phrase can be traced back to at least 1855. That kinda rules out the world war 2 explanation.

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    I always assumed it had a maritime origin.
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