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Lost and found knives

Gene LGene L Senior MemberPosts: 12,750 Senior Member
A few of you will remember that the Fallkniven lockback folding hunter 39 H9 I lost for three years was pushed out from under my chest by my Roomba.  It had been missing so long I bought another, then after three years, it was recovered.  I rejoiced.  The replacement rests in my chest, from which it was recovered.

About a month ago, I misplaced the original knife.  I searched far and wide for it, eventually thinking I'd lost it in my truck....which I searched to no avail.

Then, a final look in a junk box...and voila'.  I think the housekeepers placed it there, but it could have been me.  I rejoiced again.

Today, I found two knives I'd hidden away and then sharpened them.  A Leatherman tool, much better IMO than the Gerber, and a Kershaw Blur..  They were  on my fly tying table, which is covered with feathers.

Am I the only one who feels really good when I find something Imisplaced but am attached to?  I've got knives I'm NOT attached to, but would hate to lose them.  But these I found are special.

I'm not a collector of knives, yet I probably have a dozen or so over the years.  Most of which are not expensive.  They range from a NRA knife (made in China) to a Victorianox with aluminum handles.  Thin and useful A good enough pocket knifel

For some reason, I carry two pocket knves.a Gerber lightweight knife and the Fallkniven because it's sharp...very sharp.  And has a much thicker blade.  But Mainly because I don't want to lose the Fallkniven again... its a superior pocket knife.

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  • sakodudesakodude Senior Member Posts: 4,753 Senior Member
    I've yet to misplace a knife or a gun but heaven help me with tools. My garage seems to be the Bermuda triangle of tools.

  • jbp-ohiojbp-ohio Senior Member Pensacola, FLPosts: 10,826 Senior Member
    We have moved five times in four years. I don't know where @*%#in anything is.........
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  • GilaGila Posts: 1,908 Senior Member
    I have one lost knife, that I know where it is, but can't find.  It's a small Buck locking folder, and it's somewhere in my attic buried under all of the insulation up there.  It fell out of it's case one day when I was doing some wiring, and I have no idea where.  I used to carry it all the time at home because it was so handy, but now that I'm retired I carry my old work knife, a Benchmade Mel Pardue, at home now.  When I go out of the house, I always carry at least two knives too;  my Case Stockman and my large Buck locking folder.
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  • kansashunterkansashunter Senior Member Posts: 1,911 Senior Member
    I have my dads knife that he carried for many years. It's just a fold up pocket knife, I don't know what kind, that he carried so much that it is worn down that the points of the blade was above the sides. It would get very sharp and hold an edge, it has castrated many calves and pigs. One year he was bailing hay and he lost it. That winter in the bottom of the hay manger he found it. It had gotten baled up and when that bale got fed it fell to the bottom, very lucky.   
  • earlyagainearlyagain Posts: 7,928 Senior Member
    sakodude said:
    I've yet to misplace a knife or a gun but heaven help me with tools. My garage seems to be the Bermuda triangle of tools.

    Did some work on the truck a few weeks ego. Couldnt find my 13mm wrench. Bought a new one. Had to work on the car afterward. Found the lost wrench.😠
  • coolgunguycoolgunguy Senior Member Somewhere north of MozambiquePosts: 6,637 Senior Member
    I haven't lost many - only one I can recall, but I'm sure there are others - but I have had one stolen.  A gift from my mother, it was a nice skinner with stag handles.  She gave this to me back in my middle school days.  Some eh-hole hooked it out of my duffle at school.  As it was against the rules to have it there, I never reported it... I  wish I had now, but I was stupid kid and knew I shouldn't have had it with me.  Life lessons. 
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  • Old RonOld Ron Senior Member Posts: 4,461 Senior Member
    I seem to have a knack of loosing everything !
    Lost my case sodbuster that I carried many years ..... year later I was working at the same bar & found it right where I set it . I put that one & the one I bought to replace it away . Now just carry a Swiss army ..... I have things I lost 5 years ago that I have yet to find .
  • gatorgator Senior Member Salome ArizonaPosts: 1,746 Senior Member
    I lost my favorite CRKT knife on a med call one night, ordered a new one ,then about a year later I dropped a pen between the seat and the console in the ambulance, when I reached in there to retrieve it I found my knife.
    USMC 80-84
    -96 lbs
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