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Under the heading of "Even a blind squirrel gets a nut sometimes"

orchidmanorchidman Senior MemberPosts: 8,111 Senior Member
Been meaning to post this up for a while. Some of you will already know that BH and I when together are extremely competitive when it comes to shooting and like great buddies it involves a lot of good natured  camaraderie and bragging.........

Last December BH and I were up at one of the properties where we have been culling critturs including deer, peacocks, rabbits, possums etc...and the farm owner brought out his break action 177 air rifle for us to have a look at. Cant remember what brand it was but the trigger was terrible.The rifle was topped with a typical air rifle scope, hazy and at the lower end of optics quality. We were sitting around just on dusk having a beer ( well everyone else was, I was drinking coke)
The owner then sets up a target on a piece of ply at the other end of the garden about 20 metres away and we decided to have a 'one shot' competition.
The owner takes the first shot followed by his 2 kids then another buddy has a shot.
 No one scored anywhere near the bull and BH was up. He fires and a hole appears almost dead centre of the target...........

BH then turns to me and says " You will have to make a 'Robin Hood ' shot to beat that ! "

I load the rifle and look through the scope and all I can see is a blur of white where the target is. Of course, I am also being subjected to verbal pressure from the others..and the light was fading fast. I lower the rifle, took my glasses off and looked through the scope again to see that the target was actually clearer. .....slowly squeeze the shot off and although confident of being on paper I had the impression that I may have pulled the shot slightly. We couldnt see any hole in the target so walked up to have a closer look...........
Everyone was joking about how I completely missed the paper........until I had a much closer look and could see that the hole BH's pellet had made was slightly enlarged.
I then pointed this out to the disbelieving comments from the others and told them my shot had hit the same POI.........

The end result was possible acceptance but still disbelief. BH asked the owner if he could take the target home to do a 'forensic study' on it and the owner agreed.
A week goes past and the following weekend I headed up to BH's place . On my arrival he walked up to me and apologised. When I asked "For What', he replied " For not believing that I had pulled off a "Robin Hood' shot.

He had done the forensic work and found that indeed I had shot to the same point of impact.

A couple of weeks later he presented me with my 'Trophy'

Here is a pic of it......

And here is a closeup of the pellets...........

I think a hefty dose of luck was involved........But when anyone asks about the frame on the sideboard, I tell them it was pure skill.......... :D

Like the thread title says, 'Even a blind Squirrel gets a nut sometimes'.............
Still enjoying the trip of a lifetime and making the best of what I have.....


  • VarmintmistVarmintmist Senior Member Posts: 7,399 Senior Member
    You have to love the bragging rights shots when the hand of God intervenes on your behalf.
    My favorite was when I was in the service I went hunting with a group of sailors. Being the Marine I was catching crap but that was how it went. We got there and set up and the sailors decided to do a little shooting. My rifle was already sighted in as best it could be. Mod 94 in 3030 wearing irons.
    The sailor from TX was of course louder and was using a shotgun with slugs. After he launched a few that were on target ish he got louder (TX) and started ripping on me pretty well. He says that Marines cant shoot and proceeds to set a shotgun shell on end at the targets and says If I can shoot, then hit that with a lot of flourish. So I shoulder the 3030, take a breath, squeeze it off, and the shotgun shell disappeared.  I was as amazed as anyone else, but I just looked at the sailor as deadpan as I could, and quickly put the rifle away.
    It's boring, and your lack of creativity knows no bounds.
  • Gene LGene L Senior Member Posts: 11,743 Senior Member
    Mine was shooting a crow at 100+ yards with a CB cap. He didn't even flop. The bullet stopped and didn't exit the body.  A lucky/good shot.  I held over about a foot.
    Concealed carry is for protection, open carry is for attention.
  • ZeeZee Senior Member Posts: 24,025 Senior Member
    That’s pretty darn cool. Well done. Worthy of a picture frame. 
    "To Hell with efficiency, it's performance we want!" - Elmer Keith
  • Ernie BishopErnie Bishop Senior Member Posts: 7,499 Senior Member
    That's a Keeper for sure.
    It was your day to look good!

    "The Un-Tactical"
  • earlyagainearlyagain Posts: 6,749 Senior Member
    Blind squirrels might find nuts. But they can't shoot like that........
  • tennmiketennmike Senior Member Posts: 27,398 Senior Member
    That's definitely a keeper target with the pellets stuck together like that! Luck and skill smiled on you!
      I refuse to answer that question on the grounds that I don't know the answer”
    ― Douglas Adams
  • GunNutGunNut Posts: 5,815 Senior Member
    Luck or no luck, that’s impressive and worthy of framing!
    Old West Saying: God created men, but Col. Sam Colt made them equal.

    General George Patton:  “Watch what people are cynical about, and one can often discover what they lack.”

  • Diver43Diver43 Senior Member Posts: 10,927 Senior Member
    Good Times
    Good Friend
    Good Shooting
    Thats a pretty neat keepsake
    Logistics cannot win a war, but its absence or inadequacy can cause defeat. FM100-5
  • FreezerFreezer Senior Member Posts: 1,756 Senior Member
    I love it! BH has class!
    I like Elmer Keith; I married his daughter :wink:
  • bellcatbellcat Senior Member Posts: 1,856 Senior Member
    "Kindness is the language the deaf can hear and the blind can see." Mark Twain
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