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Beware of some 'pro-gun' states.

GermanShepherdGermanShepherd Posts: 160 Member
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OK has been permit-less since November 2019 but on its books it still makes it a FELONY to carry into: polling places on election days, courthouses, bars, gaming establishments and onto school campuses including colleges and universities. TX is fairly pro-gun and has the same felony no-gun zones as OK. NV shockingly makes it a felony to carry concealed in most places without a CCW. Even CA only makes it a  misdemeanor to conceal-carry sans permit in most cases. Anytime any jurisdiction inside the USA makes it a felony to conceal/open carry under any circumstance or otherwise makes it a felony to exercise any right under the Bill of Rights, such legislation is anti-American and a gross violation of the same Bill of Rights. As far as I know, two permit-less states, ID and AZ don't make it a felony to conceal carry anywhere. There might be a few misdemeanor weapons charges possible in those jurisdictions at worst. ID requires an 'enhanced' permit to carry on college campuses. Why there is so much fear and getting one's panties in a knot about guns on campuses of schools beats me.

The feds might make it a felony to carry certain places though. I now prefer to use the more accurate term "permit-less" instead of "constitutional carry". Just because a state might be "permit-less" or branded as "constitutional carry" doesn't mean gross violations of the 2nd A can't still occur there. If the USA were truly and perfectly "constitutional carry" on each and every square inch of American soil, there would be no CCW requirements anywhere, no gun-free zones anywhere and no prohibitions against the right to keep and bear arms as well except for maybe a mental institution, a jail or a prison for those lawfully held their involuntarily as convicted inmates or those deemed by a judge to be danger to themselves or others.

I'd have to say ID, AZ and AK are the top three gun-rights-friendly states of all. They seem to offer the fewest state legislative violations of the 2nd A if any and the least severe penalties for going against any token anti-gun laws that might still exist there.


  • earlyagainearlyagain Posts: 7,928 Senior Member
    CC without a permit is a Class B misdemeanor here in CO. Our large 'D'emocrat controlled legislature felt they had a public mandate to pass anything that they could. So now we have a law making it illegal to fail to report stollen guns. I'm not sure, but I think it's a misdemeanor? 

    I think the public mandate for more of these laws is either exaggerated or out right fictitious. It does not reflect the shortages of small arms and ammunition. Time will tell.
  • GermanShepherdGermanShepherd Posts: 160 Member
    edited April 2021 #3
    I just saw a thing on CNN last night with Phony Kamala.

    They still use that stupid term "gun violence".  How are inanimate objects violent? What the devil are 'smart gun safety' laws? Is your sporting AR an "assault weapon"? China Joe and Monster have been threatening to use executive actions to grab guns if Congress doesn't act soon to shred the 2nd A even more. I pray for the GOP filibuster to save us.

    It seems like we have friends in SCOTUS put in under Trump.

  • GermanShepherdGermanShepherd Posts: 160 Member
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    Here is some stupidity about not wanting 2nd A rights to be extended to colleges and universities and some intelligence debunking the said stupidity:

    If I'm studying calculus, French, humanities, medicine or biology, why should I be unarmed and be a soft target?  How will carrying a gun on campus lower my grade point average?

    I grade the person who wrote those arguments against guns on campus with a big red F. I give an A to the rebuttal against those arguments.
  • GermanShepherdGermanShepherd Posts: 160 Member
    Why do even the "pro-gunnest" states like Idaho require an "enhanced" permit to carry on campus in that state? I can't name one state that allows permit-less college campus concealed carry. Why are college campuses treated with "kid gloves" in regards to exercise of one's 2nd A rights? Can't college students, legal adults, be trusted with firearms? It's funny that in Idaho one can so much as pack concealed into the state Capitol permit-less while a special permit is required to pack a pistol at BSU in Boise, ID.
  • JustsomedudeJustsomedude Posts: 1,369 Senior Member
    Extortion fees. 
    We've been conditioned to believe that obedience is virtuous and voting is freedom- 
  • GermanShepherdGermanShepherd Posts: 160 Member
    Extortion fees. 
    Yep, like parking fees and fines on campus too.

    It might also have to do with the Leftist mentality in our institutions of higher dumbing-down.

  • GunNutGunNut Posts: 7,642 Senior Member
    Interesting points that many overlook.  Folks get complacent because they believe they live in a pretty gun friendly state but they forget the tangled web of laws that apply to them (Federal, state, local city and town and sometimes even HOA and POA rules) AND the myriad of elected officials in their legal system that are NOT sympathetic or outright hostile to folks that carry for SD.

     In NC we are in fact pretty gun friendly at a state level, but our local prosecutor in the nearest city is NOT.  He has actually charged LEOs that have fired a gun while carrying out their duties with criminal charges and I was just talking to my attorney and he told me he just talked to a guy from Georgia that was CCing locally because it’s legal for him to do so with his Georgia license, felt like he had to draw his gun to de-escalate a situation, and he’s now looking at two criminal charges, just had to pay a $25,000 bail bond and is shopping a local criminal defense attorney...
  • GermanShepherdGermanShepherd Posts: 160 Member
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    Still there is a lot of unfounded fear regarding guns on the campuses of public schools. Are they afraid somebody is going to shoot their teacher for giving them an F?  How is making a school a no-gun zone or a restricted gun zone going to stop some loon from bringing a gun from home without a CCW and popping the teacher anyway? BSU in Boise, ID has no metal detectors, no armed guards, etc. and a still has the enhanced permit requirement to carry at BSU, a PUBLIC university in a largely permit-less state. What's really really weird is you may pack in the public library in Boise sans permit and even inside the state Capitol in Boise, ID sans permit. Oklahoma, also a "permit-less" sate, makes it a  felony to pack inside a state building, permit or no permit.
  • GermanShepherdGermanShepherd Posts: 160 Member
    There's just a lot of goofy thinking regarding "guns" and "schools".
  • JayhawkerJayhawker Moderator Manistee Natl ForestPosts: 18,275 Senior Member
    Years back, post 911, I was part of a team doing a threat assessment at a local community college...when we presented our findings to the college board members they were shocked to find that the first recommendation was to remove all of the "This is a weapons free campus" signs from the property...We explained to them that they were simply advertising to anyone intent on committing mayhem that there was no one there that was going to stop them.....and these highly educated people were completely baffled at the concept...
    Sharps Model 1874 - "The rifle that made the west safe for Winchester"
  • GermanShepherdGermanShepherd Posts: 160 Member
    edited April 2021 #12
    these highly educated people :*

    The BSU campus in Boise, ID had no such "weapons-free" signs as I recall. I used to live there and would ride my bike across campus practically daily. No signage indicated that an enhanced permit was required for concealed-carry there also. I found that out by doing a Google study.
  • GermanShepherdGermanShepherd Posts: 160 Member
    The average Joe in Idaho wouldn't likely know about any gun restrictions on BSU campus. It wouldn't seem intuitive to have such restrictions there in a well-known "permit-less" state.
  • GermanShepherdGermanShepherd Posts: 160 Member
    I mean who would dream a state college campus to more restrictive on guns than even the state Capitol?
  • BamaakIIBamaakII Posts: 479 Member
    The first time Joe frat boy shoots someone in a drunken stupor at a frat party, colleges will all be gun free zones again.
  • GermanShepherdGermanShepherd Posts: 160 Member
    edited May 2021 #16
    That's so idiotic. The alcoholism problem should then be addressed, not the gun "problem". So, then why require a non-college-student to have an enhanced permit just to cross the campus to take a shortcut on his bicycle with his "peace (piece?) of mind" in his waist pack? Sometimes I think lawmakers don't have their heads screwed on straight.

    The gubmint does these things just to collect revenues and control people, not to keep you safe. They blow smoke up their non-pro-gun (or perhaps anti-gun) constituent's arses just to appease them. It's a pure crock of chit. The education community in America has a culture that guns are "bad". It's institutional indoctrination. The learning centers of America have been quite on the Left side for decades. They can brainwash young stupid innocent minds easily.

    Most of those frat houses in Boise, Idaho are off campus anyway. I know. I lived near one. I called the police once for too much noise there.
  • zorbazorba Senior Member Merrritt Island, FLPosts: 25,219 Senior Member
    You're preaching to the choir...
    -Zorba, "The Veiled Male"

    "If you get it and didn't work for it, someone else worked for it and didn't get it..."
  • PFDPFD Senior Member PNWPosts: 1,839 Senior Member
    zorba said:
    You're preaching to the choir...
    Again. . .
    That's all I got.

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