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It had to happen one day....................

BazzalooBazzaloo Posts: 67 Member

It was such a beautiful Fall day yesterday so I just had to take advantage of it and go hunting. First, I checked the weather for the wind direction, it was good W.N.W and only 3kilometres…...perfect. There wasn’t a cloud in the sky making it one of those great fall days to be out in the field.

Remembering a place where I’ve sat over before I realized it would be just right for the conditions so I chose it as my first choice. However, knowing how often the direction of the wind forecasted is often wrong I needed a back up plan but that would require a different rifle than the one I would normally select for use at my first choice spot.

Not really wanting to take two different guns along I made a compromise and opted to take one of my Savage combination shotgun/rifles. With it I could select the rifle barrel if I were able to sit at my first choice and if I couldn’t then the shotgun barrel could be used at my second choice of spots.

I thought that was rather cunning on my part but as you will read it wasn’t. Not that the idea wasn’t sound but rather because my combination let me down, it misfired.

I left the house a bit later than I wanted, which only left me about 50 mins. on stand before sundown. I quickly got into position about 35 yds. back from the brush pile where I set up my folding chair, crossed shooting sticks, cushion and rifle. I settled down then to wait. Pretty soon I was under attack by mosquitoes but luckily I had my Thermo Cell unit with me and set it going. That thing works real well and pretty soon the mozzies were gone.

Time passed and nothing appeared. However, the nights lately have been very cold of late with heavy frosts each morning so I figured the rabbits would want to grab a bit more food before settling in for the night and come out for another nibble before the sun went down. That didn’t seem to be happening. Oh well, so much for plans and ideal days if the rabbits were not going to accommodate me, but then that’s hunting for you and not ‘getting’.

Suddenly one was there. One moment he wasn’t and the next thing he was and I did not see the **** come out. I quickly mounted the gun up onto my crossed sticks, picked him up in the scope and squeezed off. All I heard was a loud 'click'......What!. I opened the gun and saw that I’d had a light firing pin strike that hadn’t set off the cartridge. I quickly replaced it but the rabbit didn’t stick around and hopped back into the brush pile before I could bring the gun to bear.

It was getting quite late by then and I was wondering if there would be a chance he would make another appearance and he did. But, he came out of the pile running and didn’t stop until out of sight around behind the brush pile without offering me a shot.

I waited a little longer but nothing else appeared. Meanwhile, the sun had set so I packed it in and came home. My big black tom cat was waiting for me by the back door of the garage so I had to tell the poor **** I had nothing for him this time.



  • JerryBobCoJerryBobCo Senior Member Posts: 8,227 Senior Member
    Let me tell you about the time I had 13 consecutive light strikes while trying to shoot a large mule deer.  Actually, it's still too painful to tell.

    All I will say is that Winchester Model 70 bolts can get gunked up to the point the gun will fire in warm weather, but not when the temps are in the teens (Farenheit).  Also, fortunately, I was hunting close to home and was able to go back and pick up another rifle (a .270 at that), and shot a nice buck later that day.  I don't believe it was as big as the one that got away, but it was still a nice buck and its antlers grace my office wall.

    Gun control laws make about as much sense as taking ex-lax to cure a cough.
  • BazzalooBazzaloo Posts: 67 Member
    That is a quite a story JerryBobco.......13 !!  I reckon that taught you a valuable lesson which others can learn from your experience vicariously.

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