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Snake Shot vs. Pack Rat

ZeeZee Posts: 28,443 Senior Member
edited October 2021 in Hunting #1
Loki the Rat Dog!  Every time I go in my barn, Loki wants to go and look for rats. Since I moved into the place a year and a half ago, Pack Rats have been an issue in the barn. The first year, poison stations worked. Now, they ignore the poison. 
He searches all over like a bloodhound when we enter. Their destructive sign is everywhere.m. Well, today he searched while I worked. Then, he focused like crazy on a dresser we have stored. Curious, I walked over and opened the top drawer. Holy CRAP!!  A big Pack Rat was sleeping in a rat nest surrounded by chicken feed (chicken coop just outside the barn)!  I shut the drawer and went to get a more appropriate sidearm as I had a CA .45 Colt on my at the time). Returning with a .22lr revolver and “Rat Shot”, I reopened the drawer to find him gone. Opened the next and there he was in another drawer FULL of chicken feed!  Hitting a running rat at point blank range in a drawer isn’t easy.  First shot raked his butt. Second shot was full on broadside and I prevailed. He still had enough gumption to exit the drawer (even with my positioning of the drawer to smooch and prevent his exit). He made it out of the dresser and behind another utility before succumbing to his wounds. 
I returned all the chicken feed (about 5 pounds worth) to the chickens before I thought to take a pic of the nest in the drawer.  Placed him in his bedroom for the stages photo. His dining room was the site of the fragmented wood. 

That’s his bed, minus the chicken feed. 

Errant 12 shot from a rapidly moving target at about the depth of chicken corn feed in the drawer. Along with the half moon he chewed in the back of the drawer to gain entry. 

The Trophy and the Reward. 
"To Hell with efficiency, it's performance we want!" - Elmer Keith


  • mitdr774mitdr774 Posts: 1,785 Senior Member
    That's a good size rat.  My tool partner stomped one out in the basement of the auto plant I'm working in right now.  We get some LARGE rats in the city.  I could have a field day with target practice and an air rifle if they allowed it.
  • earlyagainearlyagain Posts: 7,928 Senior Member
    Any more gun would have added to the clean up.

    Saw something swimming in the irrigation canal a couple days ago. Thought it was a duck. Rats can not only swim good, they can hold their breath a long time.

  • Wambli SkaWambli Ska Posts: 5,431 Senior Member
    And NO fingerprints on the murder weapon.  Perfect! 😁

    It’s a °IIIII° thing 😎

  • ZeeZee Posts: 28,443 Senior Member
    And NO fingerprints on the murder weapon.  Perfect! 😁
    Was wondering if someone would notice that. 
    The grip is cracked and that’s my solution. 😁
    "To Hell with efficiency, it's performance we want!" - Elmer Keith
  • CHIRO1989CHIRO1989 Posts: 14,854 Senior Member
    I actually parked it on the couch in the hunting shack after placing a Chips Ahoy! in the middle of the bedroom floor, did not take long for the action to heat up. Son #3 was hitting just low with a Crossman 760, those are tough moving targets, even in a drawer.
    I take no pleasure in the death of the wicked, but rather that they turn away from their ways and live. Eze 33:11
  • orchidmanorchidman Posts: 8,438 Senior Member
    Excellent 'hunting ' report.
    Waiting for the Post Mortem though and how you prepared it for eating........
    Does it taste like chicken? ( Asking for a friend)
    Still enjoying the trip of a lifetime and making the best of what I have.....
  • Wambli SkaWambli Ska Posts: 5,431 Senior Member
    Zee said:
    And NO fingerprints on the murder weapon.  Perfect! 😁
    Was wondering if someone would notice that. 
    The grip is cracked and that’s my solution. 😁
    Whatever yu’say is gud’nough fo’me Vito… 🤣

    It’s a °IIIII° thing 😎

  • LinefinderLinefinder Posts: 7,856 Senior Member
    Love the expression on that dog's face. Will trade you a cat.


    "Walking away seems to be a lost art form."
  • JustsomedudeJustsomedude Posts: 1,475 Senior Member
    Holy smokes that's a big rat 😳
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