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I can't pick my two new guns up from my local FFL yet.



  • burroughs85burroughs85 Posts: 168 Member
    41magnut said:
    I agree with J-Hawk

    Circumstances beyond the individual's control, and you are lever-locked in the My lawyer will be in touch mode ?

    You're joking right?

    jimminy-crickets !!!
    I don't know what lawyer would really say or do in this case. Probably a small claim at worst. Well, reasonably speaking, shouldn't the gunsmith just transfer my merchandise over to another local FFL if he can't serve me in say, two weeks? 

    How long would others here wait before considering some some sort of legal resolve? Here is my advice to others here: use the fully-staffed local gun shop as your FFL transfer point and pay their price. The local gun shop hires a number of employees so there's the overhead the customer pays for service. 

    This is what I hate about the federal gubmint and it's Gun Control Act of 1968 signed by that lunkhead Johnson and the crafting of the ATF. Without that, new gun sales would be just cash and carry as it was in the Old West. Big Brother stifles the economy and free enterprise. 
    You have no case.  The guy has a right to shut down his business because of Covid.  You just need to wait until he calls you back.  He’s done nothing wrong.
    I will be patient. But I don't think the man can keep my guns forever without compensation to me. I hope he is not a scandalous crook. I will be sure to print out UPS proofs of delivery for my records. 
  • burroughs85burroughs85 Posts: 168 Member
    zorba said:
    orchidman said:
    Emails are also a written record. It is easy to archive email communications but I don't know how to archive text messages long term. If text messages are deleted, I don't know if they can be recovered. Email clients retain messages for years. Emails can be printed out on a computer printer. I don't know how to make hard copies of Android--mobile-based texting.

    Screenshot then email pic to yourself/send pic to yourself by messenger. Print out on your computer/save to memory stick...its not rocket science......


    Just use email to start with.
    I second that.
  • Some_MookSome_Mook Posts: 624 Senior Member

    "If there must be trouble, let it be in my day, that my child may have peace." - Thomas Paine
    "I know my place in the world and it ain’t standing next to Jerry Miculek" - Zee
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