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3-Hogs With Two Different Rifles

Ernie BishopErnie Bishop Posts: 8,609 Senior Member
edited March 2022 in Hunting #1
Besides the headshot, that I mentioned in a different thread with a 223 Remington bolt action rifle, probably the most rewarding and unique hunting I do with Zee is when we go after hogs. 
There is just so many things that are so different from what I typically do, and that’s what makes it so fun.  
All three of these shots were made from the standing position with a tripod.  
I believe this is the first time I’ve ever used a tripod on a rifle for hunting.  
The first time we went out, we ended up spotting a good sized pig, and then began to make our way to him. 
The wind was basically blowing in our face, and was blowing fairly hard, so we were able to get under 50 yards to make this shot on him. He ended up weighing 208 pounds. Zee guessed  213 pounds, if I remember correctly and I was way under the mark. I kind of stink at guessing the weight of an animal.  
Remington 700, McRee chassis, 16 or 16.5 inch barrel (8T???). Shooting Hornady TAP with 168’s (Of Course!). 
Zee finished him off with a blade on his throat.  

Zee has more pictures of when he was working him over with his blade.  I don’t have any of those on my phone to share at the moment.  
Zee is really good and fast with a blade when it comes to working on animals. I just enjoyed watching him work the meat and the hide. This was Tuesday night.
on Wednesday and Thursday evenings, we saw absolutely no pigs. On Friday night, we decided it was going to be “Pig Night!”
after that was decided, we had some request for hog meat, and that put a dent in our plans, because now those animals will need to be brought in and feel dressed to go to the local locker. We only went to one place that night, and we immediately saw several hogs. 
The were sows in the 100 pound range. 
Depending on the movement of the animals I would set up on the one to the left, then when switch to the one on the right. Distance was around 100 yards.  Ultimately I had a shot at the one on the left, and at the shot, she went down immediately, and the one on the right took off running, and I was tracking her as she moved. She ran 40 yards or so maybe a tad further, and then stopped. I knew that I literally had seconds to shoot before she took off again, and as soon as the crosshair (not a traditional cross hair, but the one that Trijicon uses) got on her, I sent it and we heard the meat report and you could tell that she was hit and she took off and went into heavy cover. We did not recover the second pig.
I know that my shot was a little far back, but I am convinced she would not survive the ordeal, and it would be one less hog for the farmer to contend with in the future-Score!
The first pig never moved at all. I was shooting one of his AR-15’s (223 Remington) using some different bullets, for testing purposes.  The bullet I used used for the hogs with the AR, worked great on both deer (other people using them) and hogs. 

The most exciting thing of the evening was trying to get out of the way of a very angry mama cow. There was a moment in the midst of all of that excitement, that I was thinking, if this gets a little more intense, this is really going to hurt :#
I am sure that if there had been a video of this experience, it would be very entertaining for everyone who watched it.  
Zee will post what other pictures he sees fit and or give more detailed explanations. 
So Much Fun!!!

"The Un-Tactical"


  • Wambli SkaWambli Ska Posts: 5,452 Senior Member
    Those Texas hogs are nasty looking beats!  Good times!!!

    It’s a °IIIII° thing 😎

  • ZeeZee Posts: 28,457 Senior Member
    That first pig was kinda fun. Again, I threw Ernie under the bus. I handed him a rifle he’d never shot and only allowed him to dry fire it, I believe. 
    Then, said let’s go get a pig!  
    Forcing him to stalk quietly in the dark under NVGs, play the wind, not spook the inter waning deer such as they spooked our pig. 
    Did I mention walk quietly in one high grass and brush to get a clear shot on a boat at 40-50 yards……..off a tripod…..standing…….which he’d never done before?

    Welcome to the crash course of Hunting with Zee!!!

    All Non-Hackers need not apply. 😁

    And of course, Ernie performed well. I told him to put the rough through the upper shoulder and drop the pig as tracking on in the dark ain’t the funnest thing. He dropped him and paralyzed him. Taking him high in the shoulder and through the spine. 
    Upon approach, he had some consternation left in him so I ended it with a knife through the jugular and wind pipe. 

    "To Hell with efficiency, it's performance we want!" - Elmer Keith
  • bullsi1911bullsi1911 Posts: 12,451 Senior Member
    Man, it sounds like y’all had a great time. 
    To make something simple is a thousand times more difficult than to make something complex.
    -Mikhail Kalashnikov
  • ZeeZee Posts: 28,457 Senior Member
    edited March 2022 #5
    Yeah, the cow was an interesting addition to that night. We were walking across a pasture under NVGs. I saw the solo cow off in the distance. As we got closer, she called out from our left to a calf. I stopped and looked around as I didn’t see a calf. 
    We moved forward a little more and I heard the calf bawl. I still could t see it. There was a downed tree to our right and I thought it might be hiding there. A few more steps and it bawled again. Then, I saw it………on the ORHER SIDE of a fence!!  Mom called. The calf bawled………and here came mom!!
    Bucking and running, she charged us. I told Ernie, “Back!”
    We started hurriedly backing up. Me in front, keeping my eyes on the cow and hissing at her, Ernie behind. She got closer and closer and I finally started yelling at her. When she got close, she stopped bucking and dropped her head in full charge. I drew my .357 Mag and was prepared to put a round in the ground in front of her in hopes the noise would scare her. I told Ernie, “LEFT!” And we side stepped out of her way like tactical matadors!  With her between us and her calf now, she broke off the charge and went to her calf. 

    Ernie wanted a good time. I try not to disappoint. 
    "To Hell with efficiency, it's performance we want!" - Elmer Keith
  • Ernie BishopErnie Bishop Posts: 8,609 Senior Member
    I always want a good time.
    That box has now been checked, even though it was never on my checklist.


    "The Un-Tactical"
  • maxowonomaxowono Posts: 3 New Member
    Those big a** hogs   :p
  • ZeeZee Posts: 28,457 Senior Member
    I think the second pig was Ernie’s first with a .223 Rem. 
    Last time he was down he shot one with my .308 gas gun and the first of this trip was with a .308 Win as well. 

    He took a deer and a couple pigs with a .223 Rem this time. 

    Learning new tricks. 
    "To Hell with efficiency, it's performance we want!" - Elmer Keith
  • Ernie BishopErnie Bishop Posts: 8,609 Senior Member
    Zee said:
    I think the second pig was Ernie’s first with a .223 Rem. 
    Last time he was down he shot one with my .308 gas gun and the first of this trip was with a .308 Win as well. 

    He took a deer and a couple pigs with a .223 Rem this time. 

    Learning new tricks. 

    That is correct.
    Zee enjoys me trying new things and being outside my comfort zone...And I love it!

    "The Un-Tactical"
  • jaywaptijaywapti Posts: 5,116 Senior Member
    Thanks for the story and pics, they bring up good old dim memories of hunting with my uncle in the 40s & 50s, he ran hogs with a pack of Plott hounds in the glades.

    Keep em coming 

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