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Marine3068Marine3068 Posts: 4 New Member
I have a Beretta Cougar .45 ACP. I am having trouble racking the slide back due to weakened strength in my hand. What to do?

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  • JayhawkerJayhawker Posts: 18,313 Senior Member
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    How are you racking the slide?
    A very common problem...I have found that the most effective way to handle that problem is to get both hands involved in running the slide...(this assumes you are right handed)  
    Holding your handgun in front of you...pointing to the left...Gripping the slide over the top with your left hand...now push to the right with your left hand and push to the left with your right hand. Once the slide is fully open...let Go! Don't ride the slide!
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  • Wambli SkaWambli Ska Posts: 4,934 Senior Member
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    One method I have used with folks that seems to work with just about everyone. Regardless of which method you use instead of trying to pull the slide back try “punching” the gun through your hand that’s holding the slide.  

    This gets the chest muscles involved and they tend to be stronger than whatever muscles you are using to pull and requires less weak hand strength to accomplish.

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  • Squawk BoxSquawk Box Posts: 109 Member
    edited October 2022 #4 Answer ✓

    PS: I looked at Gun Parts Corp (Numrich) but they only had factory original springs. (It’s #17 in the schematic.)



  • Squawk BoxSquawk Box Posts: 109 Member
    edited October 2022 #5
    I tried racking my 3rd Gen S&W to test how to rack it best. And holding onto the slide firmly, I found that shoving back with my left hand, and releasing it worked for me. 

    I used an overhand grip, and shoved the slide back with no problem. The springs in that gun are stout! But, it was no problem for me.

    Jayhawker & Wambli Ska had some good answers. You are going to have to compensate somehow. I am a lummox and I have had strong hands for most of my life, but I can feel arthritis in my left index finger.

    So, you have my sympathies. Post a follow up on how you answered the problem, because it is a very common one.
  • FreezerFreezer Posts: 2,659 Senior Member
    Wolfe Springs looking should have what you're for. I would use caution in changing the springs. Too little resistance could damage the pistol.
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