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Ordered my new shop building today



  • JayJay Senior Member Posts: 4,500 Senior Member
    As I mentioned in Ron's thread, not a lot going on with my shop lately.  Got the outside light mounted above the roll up door and the wiring run to the switch box.  I have two short runs to make on the ceiling to hook up the last two lights inside.  That's all I can do at the moment until I get an electrician to come install my meter box.  Then I can have the last of my inspections done, get the power hooked up to the pole and move right along with the rest of the wiring.  Just having a hard time getting an electrician to commit to it and get it done for me.

    I got about 30 more tons of gravel delivered Saturday morning to be spread around the shop and on the road to the shop.  That should help keep it from getting as muddy around the shop.  I just need to locate my two water lines and run them where I want them before I spread the gravel.  No sense having to dig through the gravel later to find them.  

    I started parking my old Dodge in the shop as well as the farm SxS.  Both of those have been out in the weather their entire lives, and it shows.  It's about time that old Dodge gets to sleep inside when it's not being used.  And I still have plenty of room to park my other truck and my Jeep in there if I want.  At least until the shop fills up with stuff.. The old dog also has her own dedicated shop bed now, and she approves of it.. Right in front of the air conditioner... 

  • Diver43Diver43 Senior Member Posts: 12,445 Senior Member
    It appears that your pooch approves.  
    Logistics cannot win a war, but its absence or inadequacy can cause defeat. FM100-5
  • Old RonOld Ron Senior Member Posts: 4,446 Senior Member
    That looks great jay !
    It really is nice to get things tucked inside for a change .
    I too need some gravel for outside & on my road . Thinking about 60 ton will do it . Hate to think what rock is running now . I had over 400 ton put down for the building 3 years ago . Spreading that out & compacting it was interesting .
    I ran a 4" pipe for my water right away so now I can get water inside as soon as I get a well dug .
    Did the same thing with my drains & sewer . Those 2 are big costs so will be done later on .
    Just being inside to work on trucks is well worth the expenses . Getting any idea where your tools will be going ? I have made a few benches to work on but haven't picked a spot for tools yet . I will just keep moving them around the shop until I get more done in mine .
  • JayJay Senior Member Posts: 4,500 Senior Member
    edited September 8 #185

    I've got just over 50 tons so far.  I'll spread these two loads and see if I need to order any more.  I'm fortunate to have a buddy in the business, the same guy who helped me with my concrete, and I'm able to get it at his discounted rate.  I'm paying $17/ton for primary screenings, AKA crusher fines.  I also have to pay $15/ton for the delivery charge per truck.  I'm told that's discounted from the normal rates of about $20/ton and $20 delivery fee.  So I'm saving a little bit.  And once that stuff is packed down, it makes for a nice, hard surface.

    As for plumbing, before the concrete was poured I put in a 2" drain pipe and 3/4" water line through the slab and left them stubbed out under ground outside.  I didn't want to hassle with a plumbing permit on mine.  Especially since I don't have a legit septic tank over there.  So I put female couplers on the PVC, covered them with masking tape and left them about 1/4" under the surface of the concrete.  You can't even tell they are there right now. After my inspections are done, I'll measure to them and carefully chip the concrete off the top of them and remove the masking tape.  Then all I have to do is cement some PVC pipe stubs up out of those couplers and have them ready to use.  I only plan on putting a deep shop sink in there.  But if I ever decide to add something else, I can tie into it there.  I'm being sneaky about it.  

    I haven't fully decided on where my stuff is going to go, other than approximately where I want the benches and shelves.  My welding benches and the sink will go on the wall under the Jeep banner and some shelves between the roll up door and the corner in that same area.  I'm looking at building a 16' work bench out of wood on the wall under the Cummins banner.  On that same wall, from just inside the walk through door to near the end of that work bench I plan to build shelves under the Ram banner.  I plan on shelves and benches extending 2' out from the walls.  1/2 a sheet of ply wood, ripped down the center.  A little narrow, but I don't want to take up a lot of space in the shop.  The wall under the "It's Miller time" banner will be for the air compressor, fridge and some decorative pieces.  I have an old, late 1800's upright piano that will be centered under the banner.  Fridge to the left of it and I have an old cabinet style AM radio that will go to the right of the piano.  My tool boxes and stuff will also go in along that wall, somewhere.  Under the John Deere banner (too dark to see in my pics) is where I plan to put my big rolling welder cart and possibly some more shelves.  Any or all of this could change as I move along.  haha
  • Old RonOld Ron Senior Member Posts: 4,446 Senior Member
    It really can change a plan fast !
    The more that goes in the more it will get changed around . Ideas get changed with the amount of space left .
    I put anything I can on wheels .
  • JayJay Senior Member Posts: 4,500 Senior Member
    I finally got ahold of an electrician to look at installing my meter and getting it hooked up.  I tried two other electricians.  One never responded to me and the other said he would look at it last week.  We're two weeks out from that and still nothing.  Called some guys yesterday who are a sister company to a buddy of mine in HVAC.  They were at my place an hour after I called and had a proposal to me this morning.  Then I got sticker shock... $2,300...  :o

    After talking to the estimator, the extra cost was due to material.  Since I'm providing the breaker panel, meter socket, extension and weather head with service cable already installed, I found $1,300 in materials shown on the proposal to be a bit high.  He explained that they thought my extension might not be long enough and, if they have to extend it, the service cable I have would have to be replaced.  Which, of course, would add considerably to the cost.  So, he basically included that just to be safe and will deduct that from the final price if they are able to use what I already have.  Since my meter assembly came off a metal building with 12' walls and my building only has 10' walls, I don't see any reason why they wouldn't be able to use my stuff.  So the material estimate should go down considerably.  Either way, it has to be done.  Might as well just do it.  So I told them to go forward with it.  They'll have to go pull the permit, then they can start the job.
  • Diver43Diver43 Senior Member Posts: 12,445 Senior Member
     Coming along nicely Jay
    Logistics cannot win a war, but its absence or inadequacy can cause defeat. FM100-5
  • Old RonOld Ron Senior Member Posts: 4,446 Senior Member
    I hope they can use all you have on hand Jay .
    That will save a bunch .
  • JayJay Senior Member Posts: 4,500 Senior Member
    I ordered some brush seals for my roll up door last week.  They arrived yesterday, a week early.  I was able to get the two side seals on yesterday evening.  They came our really nice and look like they'll really help seal the door up well.  No pics.  It was dark by the time I got through putting them on.

    The top seal is going to take a little figuring out.  It looks like there is a pretty good gap between the roll-up door and the frame when the door is all the way down.  But, as you roll it up and it stacks up on the drum and get's larger in diameter, that gap gets smaller.  So I'll have to make sure it's installed so that it seals when the door is down, but doesn't get in the way with the door up.  

    I can also now say that the building itself is now 100% done.  It was missing some parts, which I got a couple of weeks ago and my builder was working on several evenings after work to get finished.  Part of that work included installing all the seals on the under side of the trim around the building and underneath the roof panels on top.  Also had to put in all the corner trim and peak boxes.  He finished all that Tuesday evening.  So the building is all sealed up and complete now.  Still waiting on the electrical stuff to get going.  No word yet when they plan to start on that.  I'll give them another day or two, then touch base to find out where I am on their schedule.
  • PFDPFD Senior Member Posts: 1,801 Senior Member
    On that top garage door seal, can you attach the seal or some form of flap to the top of the door? Might have to nail a strip for it to seal against to the door frame?
    That's all I got.

  • JayJay Senior Member Posts: 4,500 Senior Member
    That's kindof along the lines of what I'm thinking.  A little hard to explain what I'm looking at.  After doing some chores and installing the side seals yesterday, it got dark and I had to call it a day.  I'll look at it a little more this evening and see what I can come up with.
  • Old RonOld Ron Senior Member Posts: 4,446 Senior Member
    If it's like mine Jay ..... I just put a seal strip across the top of the frame around the door . Close the door first then set it up so the rubber touches the door to make a seal . Then open the door to check it & if all good nail it down for good .
    Not a big deal to do .
  • JayJay Senior Member Posts: 4,500 Senior Member
    Here's a pic of what I'm dealing with on the top.  There's about a 2" gap between the door and the frame.  You can see the side seal.  That's pretty much the same thing as what I have for the top, except they're straight and not 45 degrees like the sides.  The side seals work great.  I installed one of the top seals yesterday with the help of a buddy and they just barely touch the door.  On one end it doesn't quite touch. I think the door is at a little bit of an angle to the frame.  It is adjustable, so I'm going to see if I can move it about an inch closer to the frame and see if the seals I have will work.  If not, I'll see about ordering some 3" brushes to replace the 2" I currently have and that should fix it right up.

  • Old RonOld Ron Senior Member Posts: 4,446 Senior Member
    That should work Jay .
    Soon you will get to moving in & decorating the shop .
  • JayJay Senior Member Posts: 4,500 Senior Member
    Getting there. I had my final building inspection week before last. So that’s done. Still waiting on the electrician. I touched base with him on Thursday. Apparently the county denied their permit application and didn’t let them know. I called the county to see what the problem was. First, they lost my electric plan drawing I originally submitted. So I had to do that again. They approved that, so good there. The electrician also mistakenly put it down as a commercial install, so the county also rejected it based on that. Now all he’s gotta do is submit a corrected application and should be good to get my meter installed. Hopefully not much longer. It’s getting dark earlier and cutting down on my shop time. 

    I got a water line run to a faucet outside the south wall. That allowed me to continue spreading gravel. That’s helped a lot with all the rain we’ve been getting. No more mud around my shop. Still have another water line to locate and install a faucet on the north side which will also connect to my sink inside. 

    Mainly just waiting on electric. Once that’s done and inspected, I can move along inside. 
  • Old RonOld Ron Senior Member Posts: 4,446 Senior Member
    It's a pain waiting on others to get there end done on projects .
    I still don't have lights up yet .
    And you are so right ..... the days are getting short .
  • rberglofrberglof Senior Member Posts: 2,967 Senior Member
    My electric company came out and put in a new pole and then ran the wires from there to my main pole under ground, when they did this they ran my power line under ground to my small shop building. Now all I have to do is hook it up, have been using a long extension cord from my barn.

  • Old RonOld Ron Senior Member Posts: 4,446 Senior Member
    Those buildings are a bit spread out there rb.
    I had power ran this year too & went all underground . Now all I have to do is the wiring in all 3 shops .
    I don't work as fast as Jay but mine are coming along .
    It's really nice to have a place to work on things inside . I saved up a long time to get mine going .
  • JayJay Senior Member Posts: 4,500 Senior Member
    I could only find one pic of my shop that has the power pole in it.  That was when the shop was still being built.  Straight drop from the pole to the side of the shop at the back, left corner.  That's where I have the breaker panel mounted inside.  Still no word from the electrician since last week.  Think I'll touch base with him today and see where he's at.  

  • rberglofrberglof Senior Member Posts: 2,967 Senior Member
    this is the two buildings that will get power.

  • JayJay Senior Member Posts: 4,500 Senior Member
    Called the county this morning to find out the status on my electrical permit.  The permit application was approved and the permit issued on the 7th.  I've been trying to reach they guy at the electrician's office for over a week with no word, so I called the office and was told he's out of the office.  So I called the other guy I've been in contact with.  They're finally going to come out tomorrow morning to do my service install.  Then I'll have to wait for the inspection, then wait for the elec co to come out and hook it up.  Hopefully not much longer and I'll have power.
  • Old RonOld Ron Senior Member Posts: 4,446 Senior Member
    That will get you a whole new world in the shop Jay.
    The waiting on others is really a pain .
    Not much we can do about them .
    I have the power in mine now but need to build walls to put the boxes in .
  • JayJay Senior Member Posts: 4,500 Senior Member
    edited October 21 #204
    They finished installing everything Wednesday morning and requested the service release inspection.  Nothing from the inspector yet.  I have a suspicion it's not going to pass.  But I'm not an electrician, so what do I know...?  There's so much info on code stuff out there.  My interpretation of NEC code says the panel can be no higher than 6'4" to the center of the handle on the top most breaker.  That's where I had it set.  They moved it about 4" higher, telling me the center of the main breaker is what they set for height.  The main breaker on my panel is at the bottom of the panel.  I have a feeling they have the panel set too high.  But, hopefully I'm wrong.  They're the electricians.. 

    They also didn't bond neutral to ground at the panel, which I think should be done.  But again, they're the professionals.  I installed the circuits into the panel shown in the pic believing it would be bonded, so I had neutral and ground to the same bar.  The electrician installed a separate ground bar and rerouted my grounds to it.  So, that's how I left it.

    Anyway, here's some pics of it during the installation process.  I think my dog likes to photo-bomb my pictures.  She shows up in a lot of them.    :D

  • Old RonOld Ron Senior Member Posts: 4,446 Senior Member
    It looks right Jay .
    My inspection took no time at all .
    We spent more time talking guns than inspecting .
  • JayJay Senior Member Posts: 4,500 Senior Member
    I double checked it again yesterday when I got home. I misquoted the code. It’s 6’7” to the top breaker. They have mine at 6’8”. Hopefully the inspector isn’t THAT picky. If he is, maybe I can get the incoming conduit to flex just enough to pull the panel down an inch. If the elec inspector is as cool as my building inspector, it’ll be easy. That guy was cool. Like you said, he walked around and looked at my building for a couple minutes, then hung around BSing for a good 45 minutes and left. 

    I kinda thought and my electricians confirmed, it seems like inspectors are a bit easier going on homeowner projects than they are contractors and commercial stuff. 

  • Old RonOld Ron Senior Member Posts: 4,446 Senior Member
    That's great Jay !
    Next is the wiring everything in .
    I took a shot of my panel in shop 4 yesterday .
    Only 2 breakers in it so far but on the way to get more as I frame things out .

  • JayJay Senior Member Posts: 4,500 Senior Member
    edited October 23 #208
    Looks good. I see yours has the bonding screw in it as I think mine should be. I’m gonna look into it a little more and probably put mine in unless I find out otherwise. 

    I only have two breakers in mine so far as well. One double gang outlet box and one for my lights. It’ll be getting more also after the inspections are done. 
  • JayJay Senior Member Posts: 4,500 Senior Member
    I’m really looking forward to being able to build my work bench. I just have two plastic folding tables in there right now. But need to get the electricity run on that wall before I put the bench in. My roll up door came on a crate that used 16’ long 2x6s, so the plan is up to a 16’ long by 2’ wide bench on the south wall starting next to the breaker panel. Then probably run pegboard along the wall behind it and maybe a shelf at the top. 
  • Old RonOld Ron Senior Member Posts: 4,446 Senior Member
    That's when it really starts looking like a shop Jay .
    I don't have a spot planned for mine yet . I have made a few benches out of steel to work off of but they keep moving around during construction inside shop 4 .
    As soon as I get a wall open in shop 2 I will get a bench in there to work off of .  So far I think most of my wrenching will get done in shop 2 . Just hope the hoist fits in there OK . With a 13' ceiling it should work . Cabinets & shelves are a must in a shop . I tend to put a lot of stuff on wheels in the shops so I can change things around .
  • JayJay Senior Member Posts: 4,500 Senior Member
    edited October 27 #211
    Still haven’t heard anything from the inspector yet. So, I got impatient and made a pigtail from my extension cord to one side of my panel so I could try out my lights. Worked out pretty good. Decent lighting. Might need to add some 4 footers around the outside to take care of some shadowy areas. But a good start. The light outside above the roll up door worked too, although it started attracting mosquitoes almost immediately, so I didn’t take a pic. 

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