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rbsivleyrbsivley Senior MemberPosts: 1,259 Senior Member
Where's your's and can you use it in a moments notice? I was reading some older post on here about firearms at home, in vehicles, cocked and locked or not even loaded. One person was afraid to charge his pistol without pointing it towards his bed. 
I wear my pistol always when I legally can such as the court house, etc. It lays on my nightstand at night and on the lavatory for other business. 
I've been around guns my whole life. I understand the danger of firearms in the wrong hands and some of the people that wrote in this forum might need some serious training.
If I was afraid of a firearm or unsure of it's operation I certainty wouldn't carry it or have on in the house.
About 6 months before the Reserve unit I was assigned to got deployed for Iraq I noticed the Soldiers on the range were not very familiar with their weapon. We were a QM Battalion HQ and didn't have a lot of weapons training. As the BN Logistics Operation NCO I had the bulk of the personnel in my section. I came up with the idea to issues the Soldiers their individual assigned weapon during drill whether we went to the range or not. It lasted about 2 drills. all the Officers whined to the Commander and it stopped.
We got deployed in Feb 03 to Ft. Drum to get "trained up" before we go. Every Soldier was issued their assigned weapon. First couple of weeks, we were there 9, they were leaving their weapon everywhere. Mess Hall, PX, in a vehicle unsecured. When we get to Iraq and live ammo is issued the negiligent discharges began. I won't get into those. 
The point of my paper is if you're going to own a firearm get familiar with it. Don't carry it in fear. Carry with confidence. 

Rank does not concur privileges. It imposes responsibility. Author unknow


  • Wambli SkaWambli Ska Posts: 3,262 Senior Member
    Fear is displaced by training and the acquired skills that come from it.  If I’m breathing, I’m packing.  When I sleep there is at least one loaded handgun within easy reach right by my on my nightstand.  Wife has the same…
    I’m baaaaaaaaack… 😬
  • SpkSpk Senior Member Posts: 4,746 Senior Member
    rbsivley said:
    The point of my paper is if you're going to own a firearm get familiar with it. Don't carry it in fear. Carry with confidence. 

    You went the long way around the barn but I agree with you.

    Be Aware, Be Confident (in yourself and your training), Always be ready. Most of all, Don't be Dumbasses with guns...

    Like this family.

    Never argue with stupid people, they will drag you down to their level and then beat you with experience -- Mark Twain
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  • JayhawkerJayhawker Moderator Posts: 18,145 Senior Member
    All my defensive firearms are 1911 variants...something I have used for decades...no need to figure out what firearm I grabbed when I woke up at 3 a.m. by something that went bump in the night...because they all work the same..
    If I am out and about, I am armed, if I'm home and need a firearm, I am seconds away from one...
    Sharps Model 1874 - "The rifle that made the west safe for Winchester"
  • jbp-ohiojbp-ohio Senior Member Posts: 10,698 Senior Member
    In my house, if it's in a holster there is a round chambered. If not holstered but there is a magazine in it, the mag is full. 

    I have had conversations before while still asleep. I read a article by a Dr once about people shooting a spouse or kid before they even wake up. He suggested leaving the chamber empty. If you are awake enough to chamber a tound, you are awake enough to recognize the target.

    Made sense to me.

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  • Wambli SkaWambli Ska Posts: 3,262 Senior Member
    A lot of folks say they wake up in a fog.  I think that’s an individual thing.  When my eyes pop open for any reason I’m AWAKE!!!  It’s been like that all my life.

    And nothing is getting shot until I have target identification but I want the time between me waking up and having a loaded firearm in my had to be 0 seconds.  THEN I’ll figure out next steps…
    I’m baaaaaaaaack… 😬
  • rbsivleyrbsivley Senior Member Posts: 1,259 Senior Member
    I've heard the stories of people shooting while not awake. My family has a password. Everyone that lives here knows it and knows when and how to use it. The house is a trilevel with people sleeping on 2. Then it's never really pitch dark in the house.  

    Rank does not concur privileges. It imposes responsibility. Author unknow
  • JaphyJaphy Posts: 294 Member
  • Squawk BoxSquawk Box New Member Posts: 93 Member
    I was in the Army for 6 years, and in the NG for 6 more. I have been a range NCO, and some people cannot learn how a gun functions.

    Im pretty sure that I can get up from a sound sleep, and safely handle my pistols.
    I will sit around sometimes, and hold one in my hand, and load a round into the chamber. I have a Colt made 1911 and a S&W .40, and to me they are pretty simple to figure out.
  • NNNN Senior Member Posts: 25,146 Senior Member
    This good enough?

  • Wambli SkaWambli Ska Posts: 3,262 Senior Member
    NN said:
    This good enough?

    That’ll do 🤣
    I’m baaaaaaaaack… 😬
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