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What Do You Look For In A Hunting Knife?



  • JaphyJaphy Posts: 394 Member
    Zee said:
    A Victorinox Boning Knife, then. 

    Or a Sharpfinger. 

    A fine point affords more detailed work. 

    And a ceramic sharpener. 
    Looks like my filet knife. 

    One of our fishing buddies has an Old Timer rechargeable electric filet knife that makes quick work of a dozen chinook salmon. 
  • LinefinderLinefinder Moderator Colorado SpringsPosts: 7,800 Senior Member
    GrapeApe said:
    CHIRO1989 said:
    That is a good looking knife
    I did some searching and found some "Nessmuk" style knives with D2 blades and a decent price.
    Just one example
    That's a nice blade shape. I like it.

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  • Wambli SkaWambli Ska Posts: 4,130 Senior Member
    GrapeApe said:
    I think it's the other way around but still deeply tied to the user experience and needs.  As we acquire experience and define what our expected function of our equipment is we then look for a form that will meet it.  I went through a lot of knives before I settled on the type that seems to work best for my needs.  If my main quarry was bison, as an example, I might have a completely different preference.

    I disagree.

    If the "form" is one of the ridiculously large "Bowie" knives, its function ISN'T fileting a fish or cleaning squirrels.
     On the other side of the coin, one of the small knives, such as Orchidman posted, would be quite difficult to skin and/or quarter a bison with.

    I understand that my examples are taken to the extremes, and understand that someone skilled enough COULD do those things, however, I did that to explain my position that the form of the knife gives a decent idea of its function.

    In between those 2 extremes, there is a HUGE amount of overlap and gray area. That's where the personal preferences and experiences come into play

    Edited to add:
    I will say that the vast majority of the knives posted in this thread fall within that huge gray area.
    We are not disagreeing.  I'm just saying that desired function should drive an individual's selection of form when they make their choices.  If I'm going squirrel hunting, why would the knife of choice be a 10" Bowie.

    It’s a °IIIII° thing 😎

  • Uncle FesterUncle Fester Senior Member Texas as soon as I can get there.Posts: 1,622 Senior Member
    I liked my Havalon so much I just bought myself a second one with a slightly bigger grip than my old one.  I carry one with me.

    I carry a set of butchering knives in the truck.
  • jbohiojbohio Senior Member In the sticks, OHPosts: 5,617 Senior Member
    Zee touched on it, but, I'm really surprised that none of you " knife gurus" mentioned type of hunting.  The knives in my pack frame for elk hunting are pretty different than the knife in my bow pack, and different than the knives in my travel backpack.   Elk absolutely destroy a blade.  Or 4.  
    Gutting a deer out back, before I drag it to the barn?  Meh, about anything will do.  Fixed, drop point seems to get the nod.
    Upland, rabbit, duck?  Most any sharp, small pocket knife if fine.
  • GrapeApeGrapeApe Posts: 379 Member
    Wambli Ska said:
    We are not disagreeing.  I'm just saying that desired function should drive an individual's selection of form when they make their choices.  If I'm going squirrel hunting, why would the knife of choice be a 10" Bowie.
    Okay, when explained that way, I see that we're basically saying the same thing, from a different angle.

    "For longer range, use a bigger case. For bigger game, use a bigger bullet." - Dan Johnson
  • minnesotashooterminnesotashooter Senior Member Posts: 823 Senior Member
    CHIRO1989 said:
    That is a good looking knife
    Yes they are
  • Wambli SkaWambli Ska Posts: 4,130 Senior Member
    edited September 5 #39
    CHIRO1989 said:
    That is a good looking knife
    Yes they are
    Did you read my PM to you?

    It’s a °IIIII° thing 😎

  • FreezerFreezer Senior Member Posts: 2,526 Senior Member
    The "Old Timer" is my go-to knife for large game and small game. The small folding knife came from California water fowl and is what I carry when water fowl hunting. ll three hold an edge wall

    I like Elmer Keith; I married his daughter :wink:
  • FreezerFreezer Senior Member Posts: 2,526 Senior Member
    These are a couple knives my daughter sent me, and they worked very well dressing and butchering a doe last season. Both were manufactured by J Marttini in Finland. 

    These are both custom knives, the one on the left was made by a friend in the Yukon and the other I made from a saw blade. The one on the left has great heft but I prefer the Old Timer's blade shape. The other I haven't used yet.

    I like Elmer Keith; I married his daughter :wink:
  • MbellumMbellum Posts: 29 New Member
    A solid, rubber grip. Where I live it can be sub zero temperatures when we deer hunt, and when you’re field dressing, a hard grip gets very slippery.  I don’t wilderness hunt so I’ll always have access to 3-4 knives.

    For bird hunting, I use a small fillet knife and debone the fowl, breasting and taking the thighs. Thats after hanging for 3-4 days if weather cooperates. 

    For EDC, I have a variety of ‘cheap’ folders, some with clips, others that just slip into back pocket. 

    Most of my knives aren’t expensive, but very practical for purpose. 

  • BigslugBigslug Senior Member Posts: 9,617 Senior Member
    Gonna be getting one of the big Havalons soon to compliment the little guy. . .

    The buck I shot 2 weeks ago was my first "traditional" field dress of taking the heart and lungs out through the belly cut.  My previous effort have involved splitting the sternum to get there.  For reaching inside to the front of the chest cavity to cut the windpipe, that little Havalon is Da Bomb.  I would not have wanted a bigger knife for that job.

    But when it came to caping and skinning him out, the little blade got tired about halfway through.  Would have done just fine with a blade change, but Dad had the big brother in his truck outfit, so I got to work with that.  Definitely better for that kind of "exterior" work.

    "Nothing is safe from stupid." - Zee
  • jbp-ohiojbp-ohio Senior Member Pensacola, FLPosts: 10,809 Senior Member
    I have a Case Twinn Finn set still NIB. My hunting days are over so I'll never even use them.... Should probably move them on down the road.

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  • RugerFanRugerFan Senior Member Eupora, MSPosts: 2,756 Senior Member
    I’ve always wanted a knife like that. 
  • sakodudesakodude Senior Member Posts: 4,710 Senior Member
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