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And now for something completely different. Belt fed 20mm gl_mg

TugarTugar Posts: 2,480 Senior Member
 It's reminds me of a Baby M2 that shoots tiny grenades and uses Russian 50 belts. I am so in love. Designer is a freaking genius.

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  • BigslugBigslug Posts: 9,877 Senior Member
    edited February 26 #2
    Cute!  It's like they gave a 20mm M61 round the "Blackout" treatment. :p

    I get it as an anti-material option, but I wonder how well a relatively small 20mm projectile is going to work as an area-clearing "grenade".  With its limited amount of explosive and exterior casing to turn into fragments, I'm guessing not much of a blast radius, so how's it really going to compete against general-purpose .30 cals that can just beat up an area or building with cheap lumps of lead in the same way they've been doing for over a century?  It's not going to replace the .50 M2 or a proper 20mm for range or armor piercing, and it doesn't offer the perks of indirect fire.

    Seems like it gives the rainbow trajectory of a .45-70 with some "big firecracker" effects at the conclusion.  I can see how I'd rather have it on top of a Humvee in place of a .50 for strictly urban ops, but I'm not sure I'd want to give up a .50's ability to multitask.  Not saying it's a bad idea - just wondering where it fits.  

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  • SpkSpk Posts: 4,842 Senior Member
    Urban Zombie control?
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  • Wambli SkaWambli Ska Posts: 5,452 Senior Member
    That is a neat toy...

    It’s a °IIIII° thing 😎

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