New TV show... Doomsday Preppers



  • JayhawkerJayhawker Moderator Posts: 15,205 Senior Member
    Same here...I spent my High School Years living about 5 miles from a NORAD SAGE complex....wouldn't have even felt it...
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  • SpkSpk Senior Member Posts: 2,341 Senior Member
    There's preparedness, emergency preparedness, natural disaster preparedness, apocalyptic preparedness and then there's Doomsday preparedness which consists of placing your head between your knees and ..............
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  • tennmiketennmike Senior Member Posts: 26,185 Senior Member
    From the previews, I think it's going to be a big bowl of granola; what isn't fruit, or nuts, is flakes.
    A few doomsday scenarios and the likely outcome:
    If we get into an all out nuclear exchange, and I mean a BIG exchange, you gonna die.
    If the sun has a MASSIVE solar mass ejection and it hits us, you gonna die.
    If a meteor or comet 1 mile in diameter or larger hits the Earth, you gonna die.
    If one of the nearest stars goes supernova and hits us with particle and gamma radiation, you gonna die.
    If a pulsar forms from the supernova it would bombard us with the full spectrum of electromagnetic and particle radiation and, you gonna die.
    Biological attacks are going to be localized due to the delivery of the pathogen. Travel will spread it, but once recognized, travel will be stopped. But once the source is identified, it will probably precipitate a nuclear retaliation, but that will most likely be localized to the country of the guilty party; they gonna die right back.
    Preparing for emergencies is prudent; preparing for doomsday is we-taw-did.
    If the U.S. Congress was put in charge of the Sahara Desert, there would be a shortage of sand in under six months.

  • PFDPFD Senior Member Posts: 1,202 Senior Member
    Wambli Ska wrote: »
    my post Apocalyptic plans are simple. I have guns, I have ammo. I can now trade or get anything else I need...


    Reminds me of Y2K.

    Acquaintances asked me if I was stocking up on food. I told them "No, I saw my neighbors stocking up on food so I'm just stocked up on ammo."
    That's all I got.

  • DoctorWhoDoctorWho Senior Member Posts: 9,496 Senior Member
    Sounds like the Woody Woodpecker cartoon where he and a wolf are facing each other starving to death.
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  • orchidmanorchidman Senior Member Posts: 7,736 Senior Member
    Spammer ressurected this thread ..reported.
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  • knitepoetknitepoet Senior Member Posts: 19,009 Senior Member
    orchidman wrote: »
    Spammer ressurected this thread ..reported.
    You got one of their posts, and I reported the other before I found this one
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