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WolfPawWolfPaw New MemberPosts: 1 New Member
Dear Friends:

Several people with whom I have spoken do not believe Winchester model 94 30-30 rifles are generally accurate.
What do you believe? have you ever owned an accurate Winchester 94 rifle?



  • TeachTeach Senior Member Dellrose TNPosts: 18,428 Senior Member
  • shotgunshooter3shotgunshooter3 Senior Member Global NomadPosts: 6,078 Senior Member
    Teach wrote: »

    Has WMG finally found his way back to us?
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  • CAtrailriderCAtrailrider New Member Posts: 3 New Member
    I use mine out to 100 yds with iron sights with great results
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  • JayhawkerJayhawker Moderator Manistee Natl ForestPosts: 18,292 Senior Member
    Mine was accurate enough for what it was...as a truck and saddle gun it got the job done...
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  • snake284snake284 Senior Member Posts: 22,429 Senior Member
    WolfPaw wrote: »
    Dear Friends:

    Several people with whom I have spoken do not believe Winchester model 94 30-30 rifles are generally accurate.
    What do you believe? have you ever owned an accurate Winchester 94 rifle?

    The 94 is built strictly as a saddle gun Whereas the Marlin is a little heavier and is smoother. Therefore it seems to be a bit more accurate. However, as for what it is, the 94 can be fairly accurate. Remember it is not a long range rifle. It is a medium short to medium range rifle that happens to kill very well out to a couple hundred yards. If you put lever revolution Bullets in it, you can kill deer out 250-300 yards. A Marlin will hold the group together a bit tighter and the action feels more solid.
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  • DunRanullDunRanull Member Posts: 35 Member
    The 94 Winchester has only been around for 125 years and the most popular general purpose deer rifle of all time. John Browning generally knew what he was doing as an inventor and firearms designer. One would suppose any alleged inaccuracy issues would have been worked out by now.
  • robert38-55robert38-55 Senior Member Denver,Co.Posts: 3,621 Senior Member
    Has WMG finally found his way back to us?

    :roll::uhm: Kind of looks like the style WMG used back in the day doesn't it Teach?
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  • DanChamberlainDanChamberlain Senior Member Near St. LouisPosts: 3,395 Senior Member
    I've only done one head to head comparison between the Winnie 94 and a Marlin 336. The Marlin was actually a little Glenfield with with the stubby 20 inch barrel and the five round magazine tube. Using the same ammo, Federal 150s if I recall, the Winnie, a pre-64, would stay inside 6 inches at 100 yards on a bench. The Marlin would stay inside 3 - both with open sights.

    The Winchester carried like a dream and balanced exactly at the right spot. The Marlin...well it didn't.

    Given the two, I'd keep the pre-64 for collector's purposes, but the Marlin for hunting.

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  • sherwoodsherwood Senior Member Over taxed in Liberal MarylandPosts: 1,222 Senior Member
    My Marlin out shoots my Winnie every time. But.....it still gets the job done every time.
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  • NNNN Senior Member NCPosts: 25,221 Senior Member
    Welcome aboard or back.
    Which is it?
  • NNNN Senior Member NCPosts: 25,221 Senior Member
    Welcome aboard.
  • AntonioAntonio Senior Member Lima, PeruPosts: 2,986 Senior Member
    Dad owns one since the mid '50s and it's pretty accurate for hunting shots in the 150-yards range with the factory iron sights & commercial ammo.
  • justin10mmjustin10mm Senior Member Posts: 688 Senior Member
    I know Craig Boddington in the past wrote about his 94 trapper being very accurate with a receiver sight.
  • softwarejanitorsoftwarejanitor Member Posts: 241 Member
    The Winchester 94 in .30-30 that I own is not particular accurate and I had to shim the hell out of the scope on it to get it to shoot to point of aim. FWIW, it is one of the later ones made in the old factory before they closed it down a few years ago.
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