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Hunting Stories About the One that Got Away, or something to that affect

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I know everybody here has a story about the one that got away or about how the best laid plans went awry. I have one real tear jerker.

When I was a Sophmore in High School, about 15-16 years old, I can't remember exactly, I got into goose hunting. I had permission to hunt on a couple of farms and i got a goose or two. But there was a place that was well known back in the day, Coloma Creek. It's at the head of Powderhorn Lake which is connected to Matagorda Bay at the old town site of Indianola Texas, which back in 1869-1870 was a bigger seaport than Galveston. Anyway, you could hunt the tide lands of Coloma Creek and Powderhorn Lake and geese would roost at night on ponds up on the powderhorn ranch. When the sun came up they would take off and fly to neighboring Rice and Grain fields to feed during the day. If you were in position, geese would fly right over you by the thousands.

But the problem was that where the geese would fly over was a ways back up Coloma Creek, maybe a mile or so. It was an adventuresome walk back there because the tide lands could be boggy and/or snake infested. By the time you got back in position you were plum tuckered out from walking in the mud, jumping ditches, and dodging snakes. However, the idea of being covered with Big, low flying Canada Geese was too big a temptation for a young hunter to ignore.

I had read that news papers made good decoys for pass shooting because they looked just like geese sitting in a field. They were more a confidence decoy, and the geese would fly low over them on their way to feed in the rice fields.So, on this particular Saturday morning I put on a back pack with plenty of shells and a change of clothes in case I got wet and a couple of bundles of news papers. I walked back along the banks of Coloma in the dark past the first lake, the second lake, and finally to the banks of the third lake. When there, I set aside my back pack and gun and proceded to set my news papers out like geese sitting in a field ( What worked really good was to pick up a clump of black clay and put it inside the paper to hold it down in the wind. When the wind blew the news papers it looked like geese's wings flopping. They looked really reallistic.

I made me a make shift blind with palm leaves and grass and got ready for the big flight of geese. At about 30 minutes after sun rise you could hear them getting ready to lift off and fly over the decoys. Then I could hear them hissing as they lifted off and a big cloud of geese of all kinds started drifting toward me. I crouched down behind my makeshift blind and got ready. Then they started drifting over me not 10-15 yards high. I took aim and shot. One big Canada came cartwheeling out of the sky and hit the ground hard in front of me. Then I looked up and there were about 20 more big ones right in front of me not 15 yards away. I aimed and pulled the trigger. But nothing! Nothing happened. I jacked the action open and closed, but it wouldn't close all the way. Then i saw a piece of metal fall out on the ground. I finally got the action closed but the geese had seen me and had risen out of range. I shot but it was futile. Then it hit me that my chance of a lifetime to limit out on Canada honkers had been stolen from me by a gun malfunction.

I later found out that the inside extractor had broken at an unopportune moment on the old Model 31 Remington of my dads and jammed in the action and wouldn't let it close. I know I've bragged on that old gun and that was the only time it ever let my or anyone down. But it sure hurt to see those big Canadas flying away and I couldn't do anything. I did kill one goose and he was a big one. But it still left me wanting when I could have limited out. I went back to that same place many times but never again did I have quite that opportunity. That morning the wind and all conditions were just perfect i guess. But never again did I have the chance of a lifetime. The stars were just lined up right that morning, but I wasn't ready.

Anybody else got any tear jerker stories like that they want to share?
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