FL Sheriff says his officers will "Draw Down" on Open Carry

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    I always carry concealed, even though open carry is legal here in Washington, and I've read the documentation that has been a part of police training for the major local departments. It just seems like a smarter way to go. That being said, I have a problem with officers hassling people for what they might do, but I understand being careful about that in large public gatherings where a terrorist strike might be more likely. I just carry concealed so I don't have to worry about it.
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    LEO's open carry. Should we "draw down" on every one of them we see until we determine they're not impersonating a cop? That stuffed shirt bureaucrat probably hasn't walked a beat or made a traffic stop since the Nixon administration!
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    It is old news. This went on during the open carry debates, and the bill that was passed got so washed out this is not even an issue anymore as we did not get open carry other than what it already was. All the bill did was make it OK if your weapon accidentally shows while carrying concealed. This buffoon of a sheriff was one of the biggest politically motivated cryers that showed up. The committees did not let pro open carry people speak, except for a very short period. And yes, Marion Hammer did tick off a whole bunch of people saying that the bill was not about open carry then saying it was.

    We had open carry for a couple of weeks until Janet Reno, at the time in Miami/Dade, started the movement to stop it.
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    Teach wrote: »
    That stuffed shirt bureaucrat probably hasn't walked a beat or made a traffic stop since the Nixon administration!

    All the embellishments on his shirt make me think of a small country dictator who always wears a generals uniform. Incidently, the previous president of the Florida sheriffs association was from my county and he's currently working on his six year sentence for his six felony convictions. He was arrested in Las Vegas with his mistress and a wad of taxpayer's money. Ironically, he was elected president of the association while he was commiting all the theft and racketeering and recieved all kinds of awards for being the top sheriff in the state. Before being elected sheriff he was the resouce officer at Fort Walton High School (don't run in the halls) and before that he was an SP on base. I'm sure this guys credentials are equally impressive.
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    I sure do not want to have some cop draw down on me when I decide to open carry. Might be a site to see tho when he draws down on me and then has a few others draw down on him tho it might not be pretty (I know I don't want to be on the wrong end of the deal).
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