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Tales of the Gun.. Good series by the History Channel

robert38-55robert38-55 Senior MemberPosts: 3,621 Senior Member
It's probably been posted here before but never the less. I was surfing the web at the beginning of this week and came across some really good series on Guns and History of the gun,on the You Tube. I have a 4vhs tape series on Tales of the Gun I got for Christmas some time back. I must have watched that series twice in one day when I first got it. Everyday this week I have been watching two or three hours of these little you tube series on Tales of the Gun. I have learned a lot about guns, early gunsmiths, designers, their company history, some of the problems they faced while trying to make guns, how they solved some of these early problems, etc.

Yesterday I was watching a series on this called History of the gun and I would like some clarification on this. Here goes: In the particular series I was watching it said that Eli Whitney was not the creator/inventor of interchangable parts, a big problem with early gun designs and especially during battle or being isolated in the west. The video series said that it was three men somewhere in the northeast that bought an old machine tool factory and these three men were responsibile for actually putting interchangable parts to practical use. Well I don't remember any of their names or details, but one can find the video I watched if one went to You tube and typed in Tales of the gun.

ETA: I might have been wrong on A & E, I just watched another one, and this one was by the History Channel, Maybe both A & E, History Channel did these.....

Now what I want to know is this: The history books of yesteryear, and I would assume today's history books also, usually say that Eli Whitney is the inventor of interchangable parts, but the video says other. Who is right on this? I know Eli invented the cotton gin, and other nice stuff. Eli, also tryed to manufacture guns on a massive scale too, but he was not successful at it. It seemed like to me overall, the greatest contribution to US gun manufacture other than all the great gun designers of yesteryear and today, was the precission machine tools and precise measuring tools. How many here would agree with that? I do.
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  • Gene LGene L Senior Member Posts: 12,573 Senior Member
    I've seen the entire series...I think. It's good. Can't remember who carried it, A&E sounds like a good guess. On second thought, it was on H2, which I guess is History 2.
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  • PegasusPegasus Senior Member Posts: 2,813 Senior Member
    History Channel is owned by A&E, it's part of that group.
  • JasonMPDJasonMPD Senior Member Posts: 6,577 Senior Member
    Discovery, History, A&E, TLC, etc are all owned under the same media umbrella.

    But yes, it was a good series. It aired mainly on The History channel a number of years ago before there was H2 and other offshoot channels. I enjoyed it a lot. A little dry in delivery, but good info in an easy-to-swallow format.

    I would like to see new episodes of it rather than Future Weapons and things of the like.

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  • PegasusPegasus Senior Member Posts: 2,813 Senior Member
    I don't think that's correct. You have A&E with its channels including A&E, History & H2, Lifetime, Military History and others, and you have Discovery Networks with its channels including Military Channel, Science, OWN, Animal Planet and TLC among others.

    I believe those are two different corporate entities.
  • robert38-55robert38-55 Senior Member Posts: 3,621 Senior Member
    Jason MPD wrote:
    I would like to see new episodes of it rather than Future Weapons and things of the like.

    :agree::that: Future weapons is nice and everything, but I am still trying to catch up on all the gun history now...:cool2:
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