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Why Gun Sales Are Booming

robert38-55robert38-55 Posts: 3,621 Senior Member
Fears of crime, a potential crackdown on gun owners, a social collapse and even zombies have Americans loading up as never before. Here's why gun sales -- and gun stocks -- have taken off.

"It is what it is":usa:


  • robert38-55robert38-55 Posts: 3,621 Senior Member
    Wambli Ska wrote: »
    Pretty good and balanced. The only point they ommitted was that while Obama has not instituted any new gun control measures he did say on the debate that he does favor an AWB.

    :applause::that::agree: I have always said, and I will continue to say that there ain't no such a thing as a so called "Assault Weapon" As one of my esteemed colleagues pointed out on another thread a ways back "Assualt" is an Action, not a device. I have alway had an issuse with labeling a gun, rifle, pistol, an Assualt weapon. This is one of the issues's where I wasn't sure where Romney stood. When ever I hear a politician talk or even mention AWB, I get nervous. The reason is it never stops there. If we as gun owners allow even a slight give,on an issue of owning a perfectly good legal rifle like the AR-15 and those so called "Evil Black Rifles" then they take this and run with it, the next thing ya know there will be a 100 new anti-gun, or gun-buying restrictive laws passed!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    I ain't a fussing at you Wambli Ska, but this is one area of guns, gun laws, debate,that really get my blood boiling!!!!!!!!!!! I am sick and tired of anti-gun politicians' trying to convience me that because I want to paint my 30-06 rifle black, and it holds 5 rounds, that it is an Assualt Rifle!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! These uniformed, never held, shot, or bought a gun in their life anti-gun, anti-freedom, non believing in the BOR and the US Constitution politicans can go eat pooh for all I care!!!!!!!!!!!

    I will offer an example. About a year ago I engaged in a conversation with an anti-gun owner, hard core. He told me as far as he is concerned that any gun on this planet that holds more than one shot at a time is an "Assualt Rifle" HUH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Where is the logic in that? How in the world can a gunowner be expected to waste time on a person who holds this kind of logic (if thats what one wants to call it).... That did not make any sense to me,not then, not now, not ever!!!!!!!!!! And while we are at it, why doesn't any anti-gun politician ever use the term "Assualt handgun, Assualt baseball bat, Assualt golf club, Assualt knife, Assualt car, etc.,etc., See what I am a getting at here?
    "It is what it is":usa:
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