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Ernie BishopErnie Bishop Senior MemberPosts: 6,978 Senior Member
When I was interviewing in Gillette for the congregation I now minister at, some of the guys jokingly said, that part of my job requirement would be to teach LR shooting to members if I was hired. I responded by asking if that would be on Sundays or Wednesdays.:jester:
We have been in Gillette for four years now and last year at the request of some of the guys, I put together what I call a "church steel shoot."
We had 11 in all last year shoot at one of our member's ranch.
Last year so much time was spent zeroing and chronographing, that we did not have as much time as I would have wanted for shooting at steel from field positions.
Our furthest target was 600 yards, and we didn't get to the second section which would stretch things out further.
All shots were from field positions. Nothing from the bench with the exception of zeroing guns.
If someone had a health issue, I would surely want them to use the bench than not shoot at all, but that has not been a issue yet.
After that we also hammered some pd's as well.

It was a relaxed shoot where score was kept, with the only prize being bragging rights (Can you say that at a church shoot?).
Steel is painted white, and then a orange or red dot is sprayed in the middle. Sometimes the dot would be intentionally off center:guns:.
2-shots at each target, 1 point per hit, and 2-points if you hit the dot.
I didn't shoot for score myself (I did shoot once per target though), but primarily kept score, and spotted.

After that shoot a lot was learned by those who participated what was needed to make consistent hits at distance.
They quickly learned that holdovers are not very precise, and wind, and its direction have more bearing than what was first thought.
But everyone had a great time.
Other guns were there that were not used for the shoot, but shot for fun afterwards. Couple of 45-70's, and a really clean Garand to name a few.
My son won handily shooting my 7mm SAUM XP-100. He felt guilty beating everyone.

The gap will not be so large this year regardless of who has the best score
This year there have been upgrades in optics and in guns.
Also, there is a better understanding of what it takes to hit from field positions at distance.
Our furthest target will be set up at just under 800 yards.
I also plan to set-up one target at 1K for folks to have an opportunity who have never shot that far see what it is like.
We should have 15-20 out this year, with 3-4 ladies shooting, and four teens. We had three teens shooting last year.

Also, some other women will be doing some scrapbooking at the ranch, so it is turning into more of an event, with talk of next year of a cookout.
I am already thinking about having two courses for next time: Hunter & Precision
Hunter going out to 400 yards and Precision out o 800 or so.
I Need More Steel:cool:

I am trying to get all of the chronoing and zeroing done ahead of time this year as much as possible. Although I expect to be doing some of that on the day of the shoot as well.
This has also got several people into loading as well, which I have been helping with.
Actually, they are using my stuff, as I am set-up for volume loading with straight wall and bottleneck cartridges.
Five of us will be shooting specialty pistols (MOA's and XP's) 6.5x47 Lapua (3), 6.5WSM, and 7mm SAUM. I may shoot the 338AX as well some and my AR-15 pistol.
Rifle's will be chambered in 243 Win (3-4), 223 (2), 6.5-284, 264 Win Mag, 270 WSM, 270 Win, 30-06, 7mm STW, 6.5x47 Lapua

My point in posting this?
You guys who have been in it for awhile, why don't you take the initiative and do something like this.
It does not have to be like what I described or even have a distance component in it, but it gets people together, and encourages them to learn to shoot or become a better shooter.
I admit it feels a little weird seeing the announcements in the bulletin and hearing it announced, but it is a positive activity here.
As you can guess, I enjoy my ministry here.:up:
A couple of pics:

"The Un-Tactical"


  • knitepoetknitepoet Senior Member Posts: 18,672 Senior Member
    Ernie, we sort of do, and have for the last 4-5 years. We call it the "SE Shoot", or "SE Get together", and we have it at Teach's farm in south central TN.
    Yes, a lot of the people in attendance are regulars here, but quite a few folks bring friends and family who aren't "gun people"
    I helped organize the first one and this year's was the first I've missed :tissue:
    We have folks from as far away as New Zealand, and in this country, from Michigan to south Florida, Virginia to Kansas
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  • JayhawkerJayhawker Moderator Posts: 14,837 Senior Member
    We do this as well...tail end of summer with steel hung out from 200 to 500 yards...real eye-opener for those folks who have never shot past 100 yards and rely on a computer generated table of come-ups...
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  • BPsniperBPsniper Banned Posts: 1,961 Senior Member
    Sounds like a fun gig. Good on ya for providing folks the opportunity to experience that. Wish I was closer.
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  • wddodgewddodge Senior Member Posts: 992 Senior Member
    BPsniper wrote: »
    Sounds like a fun gig. Good on ya for providing folks the opportunity to experience that. Wish I was closer.

    Me too.

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  • snake284snake284 Senior Member Posts: 21,803 Senior Member
    Sounds like a blast Ernie! Can I join your church? Oh well, a little bit far from here, but that sounds like a good way to get some lost souls to come to worship.
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  • FisheadgibFisheadgib Senior Member Posts: 5,546 Senior Member
    That is pretty cool Ernie. I envy you guys that have the room to shoot really long distances as I've always had a fascination with long range shooting. When I lived in Fort Worth several years ago, I shot at the Fort Worth Rifle and Pistol Club and we had one bay that we could stretch to 300yds for a few hours, one day a week. That was in the late 80's and since then, 135yds is the longest range I can shoot at. I don't consider 300yds long range but thats the furthest I've ever had the opportunity to shoot.
    snake284 wrote: »
    For my point of view, cpj is a lot like me
  • Ernie BishopErnie Bishop Senior Member Posts: 6,978 Senior Member
    knitepoet & Jayhawker,
    Good to hear you have some shoots going. It is always fun to get together.

    Satellite members? I hear the preacher will put you to sleep every time:zzzz:
    It might be a long drive for worship, or I mean shooting on the day before:group:

    There are a number of advantages living in this area. Open spaces is one of them.
    I hope you guys that want to, get the opportunity to stretch it out in the future.
    Did some chronographing this afternoon and will do some more tomorrow.
    Have 100 6.5WSM loaded up and about fifty-five 7mm SAUM ready to go now.
    Trying to decide if I want to load up some 300 grain Bergers, or just use the 250 grain Scenars (MV of 2930 fps) with the 338AX XP-100

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  • JeeperJeeper Senior Member Posts: 2,952 Senior Member
    Very nice!! Thanks for the post and pics!

    I've definitely got to try some long range shooting like that someday.

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  • Ernie BishopErnie Bishop Senior Member Posts: 6,978 Senior Member
    It is a lot of fun.
    Well, I am going to do the development for the 300 gr. Berger.
    Will be helping load for a member this afternoon these cartridges: 6.5-284/142SMK/ H-4831sc, 300 WSM, and 30-06.
    I will also chrono his loads as well.
    I have been using a Vortex Razor HD the past couple of years and I am very impressed.
    To give you an idea of how good this glass is for the money. This past June at our LR handgun competition, my spotter saw 6.5 bullet hole in paper at 1000 yards. You ought to have heard him holler out, when he saw it. This was with the 30x wide angle lens.
    I had used a Leupold 12x40 variable since the first it was available, and then upgraded when the HD version came out.
    The Vortex is a larger/heavier, than the Leupy, but it is not worth comparing.
    The Leupold is a good optic, but the Vortex is just that much better.
    I can't wait till they come out with the MOA reticle for the 30x WA lens:applause:
    Right now the 30x WA lens I am using has a MIL reticle. I just do a quick conversion when calling for other shooters.
    In a language that most people's scope turrets understand is 1 Mil=3.5 MOA or half of a Mil=1.75 MOA

    "The Un-Tactical"
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