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  • snake284-1snake284-1 Posts: 2,500 Senior Member
    Fisheadgib wrote: »
    I posted this picture not too long ago in another thread and it's me about 25 years ago on a cull hunt at a game ranch that used to be right outside of Wetherford Texas. If you look behind me you'll see a couple of feral hogs that have no fear of man and whenever they hear a gunshot, they consider it a dinner bell as they know they will have a gutpile to eat. They don't fear anyone because nobody wants to pay to shoot one. If you shot one on that ranch, you would have to write a check as the owner of the place thought they were hunting trophies. He didn't get too many takers and their population just grew and odds are he lost the place by now. Back then there were a lot of ranchers in Texas that thought that way and wanted money for anyone to shoot a pig on their property. Now it's the other way around and they're paying people to kill the pigs.


    Unfortunately not all of them Fish. Around here there's still enough land owners that want to maximize their profits from their land and want money for any hunting. That's one of my main complaints now days. They want their cake and eat it too. I guess things will soon get bad enough they'll be begging people to shoot the hogs. But there's still enough people with more money that brains that will pay big money to hunt anything. Not enough of them to deal with the hog problem, but just enough of them to make it cost too much for the locals to hunt them.
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  • snake284-1snake284-1 Posts: 2,500 Senior Member
    Fisheadgib wrote: »
    Woodsrunner is absolutely right. We have a couple of guys that think it's cool to have so many hogs as they have that much more game to hunt but I spend quite a bit more time in the woods than most of the other members and I'm seeing about two thirds or so of the number of deer that I saw last year. On my cameras I'll see deer feeding alongside racoons, turkeys, possums, squirrels, rabbits, almost any other critter in the woods but not pigs. When the pigs show up, the deer leave. We have eight members and everyone has to keep two feeders out during the closed season and I personally buy 400lbs of feed every three weeks and I don't spend that money to feed pigs. As buffy said, they're just rats with hooves.

    Yes Fish, good point. I can tell you the lease I'm on this year has a lot of quality deer. I wasn't there last year, but what I've seen so far is outstanding. And the last couple of years a guy has leased a big part of the more open prarie, not the deer hunting area, for growing rice. He set up four towers around one of the rice fields and shot hogs almost every night in the off season. He killed over 160 hogs. This knocked the numbers down and allowed more deer to move in. The problem now is Coyotes. I'm not shooting them right now, but the day the deer season's over I'm going to start serious coyote hunting. Get a call and load up my .22 cfs and get after it.
    I'm Just a Radical Right Wing Nutt Job, Trying to Help Save My Country!
  • VarmintmistVarmintmist Posts: 8,305 Senior Member

    I gotta go with Snake on this one. There is some revenue generation involved but when it comes right down to it it is a lefty righty thing. Sometimes its the righty's being ignorant and having a influence group calling them, normally the influence group is driven by lefty's.

    Ex. PA has a flintlock season AND a separate muzzleloader season for deer. 2 years ago a righty legicritter was pushing to get inlines into flintlock because "they would be easier for handicapped to use". Please explain how the mechanics of shooting differ a Flinter and a inline differ? Load them from the front, aim and squeeze. Yes the inline is a easy button when it comes to dropping deer, but there is no physical limitation that hinders a person who can shoot a inline from shooting a flinter.

    EX2. Sara Speed, HSUS all the way and has advocated for REPEAT for game regs like Sunday hunting in PA. Why? Well, PA is mostly private and the open ground is AG. PA has had Sunday hunting for predators, crows and a few other critters, but never big game because the farmers are against it. Very traditional and they like the day off without strangers running around their land. PA's trespass law is pitiful and it is the only state I know of that you can break the law trespassing while taking game and it isn't poaching, they re-define the word. If Sun hunting for deer comes out, without real teeth added to a trespass law, then farmers will shut down land to access. See, they have a group also, the PFB PA Farm Bureau. So Sara Speed (HSUS) advocates Sunday hunting for deer in PA to stop hunting in PA by getting land access off limits.

    Lefty's think long term.
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  • VarmintmistVarmintmist Posts: 8,305 Senior Member
    knitepoet wrote: »
    Not YET in Alabama :nono:

    Edited to add:
    I've had lengthy discussions with one of them, and we have the idea that they should change the laws so that from April 1 through Oct 1 (after our spring turkey and before bow season) they should make it a COMPLETELY open season, bait, NV the whole shebang. Since there's no deer season open, doing it for those 6 months eliminates "bubba" trying to get out of a charge for baiting deer by saying he was baiting for hogs. Our laws say any "bait" must be gone 10 days prior to hunting, and bow season normally opens around Oct 15, so ending the "hog season" 10/1 gets the legal hog bait removed before it becomes illegal deer bait
    Hmm, a Sept Alabama Forum Hog Hunt, SAFHH :group:
    It's boring, and your lack of creativity knows no bounds.
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