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Cell phones and cars. Just don't!

NyGunownerNyGunowner BannedPosts: 328 Member
Not that anybody is gonna listen, but I'm gonna write this anyway.

When you're busy, and just HAVE TO make a call while driving, JUST DON'T.

My aunt (my dad's baby sister, only 5 years older than me), wouldn't have listened. She was on her way to work this morning and just HAD TO call her son. She ran into a ditch and hit a utility pole. She was dead by the time they got her to the hospital She leaves behind two sons, a brother, a sister, and many nieces and nephews, all of us heartbroken.

Find a shoulder to pull off onto, stop the danged car, then make yer call. Don't put your family through this. Just don't.

PS, I just looked at the google maps "street view" of the location. It's straight, flat piecce of good state road lined by telephone poles close to the edges of the road. No rreason on earth to have a one-car accident if yer paying attention. I'm sad and a just a little POed.


  • wolf049wolf049 Member Posts: 217 Member
    Sorry to hear about your alls loss Nygunowner. :angel:
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  • Vic's ViewpointVic's Viewpoint Senior Member Posts: 1,188 Senior Member
    Well said. 'Nuff said.
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  • ghostsniper1ghostsniper1 Banned Posts: 2,645 Senior Member
    Sorry to hear this brother. My condolences to all. I hope all works out in the longrun for all affected by this.
  • LMLarsenLMLarsen Senior Member Posts: 8,337 Senior Member
    So sorry about this episode. Wife and I now have bluetooth speakers in every vehicle as a result of something similar that happened in our County.
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  • DoctorWhoDoctorWho Senior Member Posts: 9,496 Senior Member
    I agree in general, but as I think back, it seems I always had some type of two way radio in My car, first C.B. then Ham radio, later on emergency service radios etc.....
    My first cell phone was a Motorola DPC-550, primitive by today's standards, and at the time when I worked EMS we were using all kinds of equipment while driving, today's non cell phone use laws have exemption clauses for Emergency responders and licensed hams using Amateur radio equipment.

    I think that much of the problem is not so much the use of cell phones as is the folks that do not have much experience driving and operating (radio / cellphone) equipment...
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  • NNNN Senior Member Posts: 24,717 Senior Member
    Prayers for her soul and for the family.

    I have noticed that even blue tooth capable cars can be distracting that for most, even with that capablity, your advice to pull over is good.
    I don't get the distinction between CB radio's and phones; but, there is something. I guess cell phone conversations are too intense and CB use is mostly light banter, so as to not cause as much mental distraction.
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  • DanChamberlainDanChamberlain Senior Member Posts: 3,395 Senior Member
    Sorry for your loss. Saw a guy texting yesterday on my way home from work. He would go from white line to white line. Never strayed over the centerline, but came close a couple of times.

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  • drsfefadrsfefa Member Posts: 407 Member
    Sorry for your unnecessary loss. Very sad.
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  • tennmiketennmike Senior Member Posts: 27,400 Senior Member
    Sorry to hear of your and your family's loss.:angel2:
    You're right; pull off the road to use the phone. Dialing and driving is just too distracting and dangerous.
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  • BillyDBillyD Member Posts: 191 Member
    I am sorry for your loss. Best wishes to the family, especially the kids.

    Unfortunately, driving a truck I get to see people doing stupid stuff behind the wheel every day. I am actually surprised that these things don't happen more often.
  • TeachTeach Senior Member Posts: 18,428 Senior Member
    Condolences to you and the rest of her family. When I drove a tow truck for a living, we got to see the results of "distracted driving" far too often. Cell phones weren't too common back then, but situations like reaching for something in the glove box, tuning the radio, a spilled cup of coffee, or other things that took the driver's attention away from the road at a critical moment could get deadly. About two weeks ago down in north Alabama, a young lady pulled out of a service station onto a divided 4-lane road, right into the path of an 18-wheeler. The car was broken into two unrecognizable pieces, the girl died at the scene, and the trucker had to be life-flighted to the hospital. Bad news all around!
  • bmlbml Senior Member Posts: 1,075 Senior Member
    Very sorry for your loss.
    scottd wrote: »
    The milk of human kindness is often out dated and curdled.

    This is like watching a bunch or **** trying to hump a door knob.....
  • olesniperolesniper Senior Member Posts: 3,763 Senior Member
    Sorry for your loss.
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  • pardogpardog Member Posts: 423 Member
    So sorry for your loss
  • bruchibruchi Senior Member Posts: 2,581 Senior Member
    Sorry for your loss, don't blame you for being mad as hell, sounds like an entirely un-necessary accident and a lethal one at that.

    Nothing to do with your loss and clearly the accidents and the loss of life is the worst part but add to that the time it now takes to get from point A to point B as everyone is in planet 9 on the phone and not paying attention to the roads and how technology is making human beings more and more selfish, people here will simply stop traffic in order to reply to a text and don't dare honking your horn at them, it is their right to do just so.
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  • samzheresamzhere Banned Posts: 10,923 Senior Member
    So sorry to hear of this, my friend. And you're so right, using a phone is just to distracting in modern busty traffic. Even hands free is a hassle. And no call is so vital that it can't wait 34 seconds till you pull off.
  • coolgunguycoolgunguy Senior Member Posts: 6,611 Senior Member
    Sorry for your family's loss NYG. Hopefully her mistake can serve as a PSA for others to pay attention and avoid this sort of heartache.
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  • NyGunownerNyGunowner Banned Posts: 328 Member
    I used to drive a cab, and was for years a radio repairman and ham operator.

    RADIO is simplex. When you push the mic button you mute the receiver, so communications tends to be short and without the "immersive" quality of phone.

    Phone, including cellular, is "duplex", you speak and hear at the same time. This is a much more natural form of communication that excites the part of the brain that can get totally attentive, wrapped up in the conversation. THAT makes it very bad, even with bluetooth. Studies have shown handsfree makes little difference as most still require you to look at the phone and dial. Even cars with built in comm are bad. Congress commissioned a study and when the results came out showing handsfree PHONE was still worse than corded mic radio, they BURIED the report for over a decade, bowing to pressure from Ford, GM, and Motorola. Hands free laws are the result of ONE lady's misguided logic. Her daughter was killed by a cell phone user, and she's cried before almost every state legislature. But it don't help. What works is pulling over.

    The road my aunt was on is straight, flat, and has multiple business places with ample room to swing off the road and back on. At 6:30 AM she coulda called her son and talked for one minute and been only 1 minute, 30 seconds behind schedule....

    I live with my cell. I take business calls every day. I have only ONCE had to just let it go and call when I got home because construction had the shoulder blocked off. The rest of the time I can pull over and call back seconds after the missed call, do my business, even take an order (note pad and pen always in the truck) and go on my way. NOT a biggee.
  • DoctorWhoDoctorWho Senior Member Posts: 9,496 Senior Member
    Well put, My condolences on your loss, apologies for having omitted it in the earlier post.
    "There is some evil in all of us, Doctor, even you, the Valeyard is an amalgamation of the darker sides of your nature, somewhere between your twelfth and final incarnation, and I may say, you do not improve with age. Founding member of the G&A forum since 1996
  • tv_racin_fantv_racin_fan Senior Member Posts: 660 Senior Member
    Well put sir. I know I will take this advice and put it to use far better than I have.
  • rberglofrberglof Senior Member Posts: 2,660 Senior Member
    So sad very sorry for your families loss NYG
  • CHIRO1989CHIRO1989 Senior Member Posts: 12,647 Senior Member
    :angel2:Just Prayed NYG.
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