Protein shakes (weight loss, muscle building, meal replacement......)

MileHighShooterMileHighShooter Senior MemberPosts: 4,768 Senior Member
I know some of you boys are trying to either lose weight, gain weight (lean muscle that is) or just looking to cut some food out using protein shakes. Just passing on a suggestion for one I just tried. It's from proteinfactory dot com, they have dozens of different formulas and can tailor to whatever you need. Cool part is you pick from lots of flavors, sweeteners (or unsweetened) and different additives rather then just having to accept what you buy at the store. My trainer friend turned me onto this place because its one of the VERY few places that sells whey protein ISOLATE, thats the key. Most shakes/supplements are whey concentrate, and it still has lots of fillers. This is the real deal, and its rather cheap! The 5lbs package is only like 32$. I got a couple different 1lbs packages to try out some flavors and such. I'm doin real strawberry, stevia sweetener (ditching it next order) creatine/glutamine, vitamin and minerals, and the aminogen/carbogen (supplements that help your body break down and use amino/protein and carbs MUCH more effecient).

Shippings not too bad, took the full 5 days USPS Priority from NJ.

Just wanted to pass it along, apparently this is where a lot of the pro's go for their shakes. Lots of good stuff, especially for weight loss. Also added CLA (conjugate linoleic acid) pills, another one you guys should look into if you are trying to lose fat.
Wambli Ska wrote: »
Once again, please refrain from cutting short any baseless totally emotional arguments with facts. It leads to boring, completely objective conversations well beyond the comprehension ability of many.


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    Be careful with those protein shakes, some of them are rather unhealthy, and the blurbs from the marketers does not tell the whole truth such as potential kidney and liver damage.

    Consult your primary care provider (Physician) before taking any supplements.
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    OK- - - -Burger King Whopper, Biggie fries, and wash it down with one of these shakes! I can feel the pounds melting away already!
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    DrW - everythings on the up and up! Consulted, researched and sought out the best, passing on my hours of net research to you guys :)

    Jerry, god I wish!
    Wambli Ska wrote: »
    Once again, please refrain from cutting short any baseless totally emotional arguments with facts. It leads to boring, completely objective conversations well beyond the comprehension ability of many.
  • BillyDBillyD Member Posts: 191 Member
    Thanks it looks like a great place to get your protein.

    A word of caution to the people replacing meals with protein shakes. They are called supplements for a reason, they are to supplement your food. You should try to get most of your protein and other nutrients from good healthy food. A guy I used to spar with was on a diet of almost all protein shakes and bars and such. It caused him major health problems to the point he spent a few days in the hospital. Protein shakes are a great supplement just make sure that is what you are using them for.
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    The meal replacement part is iffy at best. If you want to lose weight you need to change your diet permanently and increase your activity. The protein shakes are an unsustainable crutch.

    I use the Target brand protein after lifting a couple times a week. Seems to be no more or less effective than more expensive brands and doesn't have a bunch of voodoo in the ingredients. And it keeps me from gorging myself when I am starving.
  • centermass556centermass556 Senior Member Posts: 3,509 Senior Member
    I agree Dean...You can replace snacks with protien, even a good portion of breakfast....But replacing entire meals with protien is not a good bet...With ME...Cardio and lean diet light on heavy carbs and starches makes me trim the weight. I hit the protien shakes after a weight work out, long cardio work out (>40min), or for a quick low cal snack....One scoop and 8 oz of milk is less than 70 calories, and I get 23 grams of protien out of it....It fills me up and sustains me...
    I read once that for the most part the human metobolism is geared to eat small meals through out the day, rather than three big ones. The big ones bog down the system and end up with a bit of it getting stored as fat...I eat moderately three times a day and get in two good snacks....I also do cardio about 3-4 times a week and lift about 5 days a week. I keep my weight around 200lbs at 6'2"

    When I was running distance, I couldn't eat enough...It seemed through out the day I was stuffing my face with about everything I could get ahold of and I weighed around 185. Not that it was fact I know it was not...but after my trail/distance day (friday, with >15 miles) I would kill an entire medium pizza from pizza hut over the course of two hours...Pizza hut was litteraly down the street from me on the way home...

    Differ body types and different work out plans will make your body work different ways. I know my grandaddy never ate a healthy day in his life, but was a fit man until his back went out...Of course bewteen growing up on the farm, bein in the army (WWII) and then back to the farm he was always working...

    I'll check out that protien though..It is time for me to switch up again...
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    Dean sometimes the difference can be things most don't think about like how easy it mixes, digests, how it tastes, so on and so forth. So far, this has been the best stuff I've tried on all accounts. The casein protein doesn't mix as well....but I'm going to try using a blender bottle next time for that. Casein from anyone isn't as mix friendly as standard whey though. The CFM Isolate I'm using mixes like kool-aid, stuff just instantly dissolved and didn't taste chalky or really have a "presence" in the shake so to say.
    Wambli Ska wrote: »
    Once again, please refrain from cutting short any baseless totally emotional arguments with facts. It leads to boring, completely objective conversations well beyond the comprehension ability of many.
  • DeanCDeanC Member Posts: 156 Member
    I like the chunks in mine. It's like Moose balls. </Escanaba in da Moonlight>
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