Jack Klugman

Diver43Diver43 Senior MemberPosts: 8,727 Senior Member
We lost another one yesterday Actor and overall nice guy Jack Klugman passed away. He used to come visit at the USO at LAX when I was stationed there just before the first Gulf War.
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  • knitepoetknitepoet Senior Member Posts: 18,947 Senior Member
    RIP "Quincy"
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  • JLDickmonJLDickmon Senior Member Posts: 1,726 Senior Member
    Charles Durning died, too..
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  • NNNN Senior Member Posts: 23,982 Senior Member
    RIP :angel2:
    A Veteran is someone that served in the Military, it does not matter where they served.
  • NNNN Senior Member Posts: 23,982 Senior Member
    JLDickmon wrote: »
    Charles Durning died, too..
    A Veteran is someone that served in the Military, it does not matter where they served.
  • SirGeorgeKillianSirGeorgeKillian Senior Member Posts: 5,458 Senior Member
    JLDickmon wrote: »
    Charles Durning died, too..

    Loved his role in Rescue Me
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    Wambli Ska wrote: »
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  • samzheresamzhere Banned Posts: 10,923 Senior Member
    JLDickmon wrote: »
    Charles Durning died, too..

    Both Klugman and Durning had great careers and fine lives, no regrets I'm sure. I liked Klugman more in Quincy than in Odd Couple but both were good. My fave Durning performance was his playing the shady Irish politician in "True Confessions", his doing that Irish dance at his daughter's wedding and then going ballistic when he's accused of murder.

    Two fine guys, both led terrific lives.

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    RIP to both Mr. Klugman and Mr Durning. :angel2: Both very fine actors.
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  • TugarTugar Senior Member Posts: 1,871 Senior Member
    Both were WWII vets. Both will be missing

    Durning was among the first wave of U.S. soldiers to land at Normandy during the D-Day invasion and the only member of his Army unit to survive. He killed several Germans and was wounded in the leg. Later he was bayoneted by a young German soldier whom he killed with a rock. He was captured in the Battle of the Bulge and survived a massacre of prisoners.

    In later years, he refused to discuss the military service for which he was awarded the Silver Star and three Purple Hearts.
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  • Big ChiefBig Chief Senior Member Posts: 32,995 Senior Member
    May they both RIP :angel2::iwo::iwo::iwo:
    It's only true if it's on this forum where opinions are facts and facts are opinions
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