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No jobs i found out why



  • bruchibruchi Senior Member Posts: 2,581 Senior Member
    orchidman wrote: »
    Ya forgot New Zealand!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    Heck, we are just as civilised as all the other countries you listed, we even have electric power now.........oops, gotta go. Its my turn tonight for the lightbulb and I dont want to listen to the grammophone in the dark, it makes it harder to read the titles when they whizz around at 78rpm.

    Left Australia too, 2 very alike countries wouldn't you say?

    Just pulling your leg, I was trying more for denser places and also places that are considered very poor countries, seems to me you guys over there are doing pretty well.
    If this post is non welcomed, I can always give you a recipe for making "tostones".
  • coolgunguycoolgunguy Senior Member Posts: 6,626 Senior Member
    104RFAST wrote: »
    I fly airplanes for a living, I have been all over the world, but my last trip was a shocker. Queretaro Mexico, located
    aprox 100 miles NW Mexico city, its a boom town from American & Canadian companies building manufacturing
    facilities on a scale you can't begin to understand until you see it yourself. I'am talking GM,Ford everything from washing machines to a new 300,000 sf Jet Aircraft production facility, I,am talking 100,000 sq ft factories as far as the eye can see, ALL NEW. All you have to do is watch the Large trucks going north on the main highway, it is shocking
    the amount of stuff coming out of Queretaro. Queretaro has a population of about 1.1million, NO unemployment,
    NO crime to speak of, its clean,no smoke stacks, this is not a dusty, dirty little border town, it is a boom town,
    all new clean facilities with many more under construction.WE HAVE BEEN SCREWED. And by the way, a brand new
    airport, 11000 ft runway to handle all the cargo planes every night. I,am sure the reasons are many, unions, NAFTA,
    can you spell EPA. I have seen this all over the world, except for China, this is the largest scale production I have
    seen. It has to STOP.

    Unfortunately, no surprise there. As Bream pointed out, regulations are part of the issue, but wages/compensation are the lion's share. Of course, everything is considered and it all counts toward the bottom line but wages/compensation is at the top of the list. Excessive regulation might sway a company that is already considering a change, just as any of the other factors might. I agree that the overall 'issue' in the U.S. (increasing regulation, increasing taxation, etc.) is business UNfriendly, but folks need to realize that it's not just the government that is killing our jobs, it's US as well! The days of being able to get a decent blue-collar job straight out of high school, work there until the age of 55 or so making a decent living and then collect a pension or some such until death do us part...well, those days are gone. Heck, those days are probably gone for just about everybody, but especially for those with low or no skill jobs. We killed those days by demanding the wages that we demand, buying the products that we buy and voting for the folks whom we vote for. We killed those days by not demanding that our neighbors actually work for a living, instead finding it easier to just sign the check and curse under our collective breath. We killed those days by thinking that 'good enough' was just fine, and that 'a little better' was too much effort for the money. WE killed those days...and now we blame it on government-for doing what governments have always done, and on big business-for turning a profit, and on Mexicans (and others as well) for working hard for less money.
    "Bipartisan" usually means that a bigger than normal deception is happening.
    George Carlin
  • BigslugBigslug Senior Member Posts: 9,073 Senior Member
    104RFAST wrote: »
    I don't think building aircraft is unskilled labor ??

    Well, a lot of old gals who assembled the B17's that pounded the Third Reich to dust might disagree with that.

    Any manufacturer of real scale is going to use its best and brightest to figure out how their worst and dimmest can perform as many manufacturing functions as possible. While there ARE jobs that require a PHD in astrophysics, the trick to being successful is to employ as few of those as possible.

    The issue here is that we have a lot of unskilled labor that also expects to be paid more. Why pay $0.50 per rivet when $0.10 will do?

    "Nothing is safe from stupid." - Zee
  • FisheadgibFisheadgib Senior Member Posts: 5,797 Senior Member
    104RFAST wrote: »
    I don't think building aircraft is unskilled labor ??

    Actually, a lot of it is. The method is called "Taylorism" (developed by a guy named taylor)(duh) and it was first put in use on a large scale by non other than Henry Ford in the production of the model "T". It's where you break a task down to it's simplist parts and teach each person to do just one little part. One guy knows how to attach part "A" to part "B", the next guy attaches part "C", and so on. I worked in field operations and between field operations and final assembly, we had probably 300 or so people that knew a bit about the entire aircraft during the F-16 program. And that was out of over 50,000 people that were assigned to the program at it's peak. Even the engineers only knew how to design one mechanism or system of the aircraft.
    snake284 wrote: »
    For my point of view, cpj is a lot like me
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