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North Korea declares war on the south?

SirGeorgeKillianSirGeorgeKillian Senior MemberPosts: 5,463 Senior Member

Been seeing a lot of these articles pop up in the last 20 minutes.
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Wambli Ska wrote: »
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  • TugarTugar Senior Member Posts: 2,423 Senior Member
    They do this every so often. Ever since the cease-fire in 1953....all they do is run their mouth. My dad and godfather fought there in the 50's. I personally thought that when the Berlin wall came down, we should have shifted another armored division there.

    What they want is legitimacy and US troops off of Korean soil. The ONLY way that happens is for the North to stop being the North and start acting like something other than spoiled brats. Mother China backed them up before. Will they again? That is the real question.
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  • tennmiketennmike Senior Member Posts: 27,457 Senior Member
    The little mouth breathing pop tart Kim Jong Un is wanting something, like more bribe money to supposedly buy fuel and food for the starving people in his country and then divert the money to the nuclear program. China needs to kick their little ankle biter dog in the sack before he starts something that he can't even begin to finish.
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  • terminator012terminator012 Senior Member Posts: 3,930 Senior Member
    Watched a bunch of news channels tonight. Never saw it mentioned. Is this like she's crying wolf or something. I guess no one takes them seriously.
  • TeachTeach Senior Member Posts: 18,428 Senior Member
    If they do have a stupid attack and launch an invasion of the south, they will roll over our token force like a steamroller from sheer numerical superiority. That was a very effective tactic back in the early 1950's, massed charges against our machine gun positions, with only one of every three soldiers armed. The other two were assigned to blow bugles and pick up the rifle when the guy with the gun got hit. I had a landlord who faced those charges- - - - -he said they got very good at changing burned-out barrels on their guns.

    I'm less concerned about the imaginary threat of a nuclear attack than I am about a temporary land grab toward the south supported by massive conventional warfare. That, too will fail eventually, but it will be nasty for a few weeks or months. If China gets involved like they did the last time, all bets are off!
  • jaywaptijaywapti Senior Member Posts: 5,032 Senior Member
    AS said before, i dont think China wants to piss off there best customer.

  • 5280 shooter II5280 shooter II Senior Member Posts: 3,923 Senior Member
    Teach wrote: »
    If they do have a stupid attack and launch an invasion of the south, they will roll over our token force like a steamroller from sheer numerical superiority.

    This is one land combat scenario where doctrine is to take the gloves off. In Germany during the Cold War.....our target ratio was 1 to 5.....we had to kill 5 tanks for every one of ours. In Korea, as of the early 90's, it was 1 to 10. They have a modified version of the T-80/90 now, but still have thousands of the older T-54/55/59/62/64s, and a couple thousand of T-72s..............................................while we have only couple thousand of M1s, M60s, and the ROK's K1s. The TOE on machine guns is twice for barrels since there's so many of the smelly leprechauns. Normal M1 carries one spare barrel each for the two M240s and the M2.......at Camp Casey we carried an extra spare for each.

    That's also why there is a submarine and fleet ships on both sides of the peninsula with nuclear Tomahawk missiles. Doctrine is to tac-nuke while we fall back, then move forward and scour the scorched earth. What throws a wrench in the mix is N.K. has 250,000 special operations personnel who's job it is is to infiltrate the south and cause infastructure disruption. Maybe the Southerns can tell, but I sure can't discern a Northern Korean from a Southern on looks alone.
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  • BufordBuford Senior Member Posts: 6,721 Senior Member
    Let them go for it.
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