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    I would love to be stationed at Hulburt....or Eglin...But, I am past that point for the units there. If you go see her, have her take you over to McGuire's Pub in P'cola.
    Son is trying to get to Eglin too to get closer to us. I will make a point to ask her to take me to McGuire's next time I'm up there. Hulrburt is a cool place. Trying to get to sleep when they are doing night target practice with the airborne 105s is interesting at best :tooth:
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    There's been a McGuire's in Destin for about 15 years now. It's a little closer to hurlburt than the one in P'cola and the scenery is a little better. There's actually quite a few good restaurants in the Destin/Fort Walton area.
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