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Doubled up on permits this year

shawn1172shawn1172 Senior MemberPosts: 588 Senior Member
Maine has a lottery system for both Moose permits and Any- Deer permits. Got one of each this year! The doe tag isn't that big a deal. They give out a lot of those (although they did cut back this year). I didn't have one last year just because I forgot to apply. Now I have one for the zone I live in, which includes my girlfriend's father's land where I hunted a lot last year and had to pass on a lot of does.

Moose permits are another story. This is my first permit after 20 years in this frickin lottery! They give out precious few tags and I've heard stories of the whole thing being rigged. All the time I've been trying for one, I've opted for the "Bull only" tag. This year I finally checked the box saying I'll take anything and I got a cow tag. Really wanted to shoot a big bull but I'll take what I can get. No antlers for the wall but it'll probably be better eathing. The real downside is the zone. The state's broken down into wildlife zones with each getting a limited number of tags. Of course some are better than others. What I got was far from my first choice. My Dad has been up there a lot in last month for the bear hunt and not seen a single moose or hardly any signs of them. No luck with the bears either. I get one week to fill the freezer, wish me luck! After 20 years waiting for a permit.... if I can't find a moose I might snap!


  • HondoHondo Member Posts: 320 Member
    Last year I hadn't seen 1 deer on our new lease......though I saw many on adjoining leases. My first morning on stand I saw 4 smaller bucks pretty early. At 10:45 AM here come 2 nice bucks with one chasing the other......I got the second one with a muzzle loader. 8 point 160 lbs. So, it doesn't count until you are out there for real. Doesn't matter how many were seen on scouting trips if they aren't there when it comes to business. Keep a positive outlook.
  • WeatherbyWeatherby Senior Member Posts: 4,953 Senior Member
    Do your homework I want some steaks
  • beartrackerbeartracker Senior Member Posts: 3,116 Senior Member
    I sure am wishing you good luck, would be nice to get that cow Moose tag filled. I will be pulling for you and have fun.
  • snake284snake284 Senior Member Posts: 22,394 Senior Member
    Congrats on getting drawn Shawn and I wish you the very best luck on your hunts.

    Here in Texas we have mostly private lands. However, the Parks and Wildlife does have some special hunts we can put in for. This year I went full tilt Bozo and put in for a bunch of hunts, some for my grandkids and others for my SIL and some friends of mine too. I put in for Deer-Gun-Either Sex, Deer-Gun-Management, Deer Gun Anterless/Spike. I also put in for a guided big horn sheep hunt, a guided Gemsbok hunt, an Exotic hunt (Axis Deer), Feral Hog, Javelina, and Spring Turkey. I put in my grand kids in the youth hunts for all the same things too. I mailed in the Deer hunt stuff about a week back, and today I put in for the Feral Hog and the exotic stuff today. The way I look at it the more i put in for the more chance I have of getting drawn.

    For the Deer-Gun-Either Sex, I put in for Matagorda Island. Matagorda is a barrier island out across from Port O'Connor Texas and Seadrift. It is loaded with nice bucks. They don't let anyone on the island because the stupid Whooping Cranes fly over to it occasionally from the Aransas Federal Wildlife Reserve. They are so Anal about upsetting those stupid birds that should have been extinct by now. When I was a kid there were only about 25 of them in the wild. They have come back a good bit since the 50s and early 60s. I like what Joe Hawes, a rancher whose family were pioneers in this county and lived on the island, said back in the day when there were 50 left in the wild. He said, kill em all and stuff em and give one to each state. But the bunny huggers have been working overtime trying to save them and now I think there numbers are up in the upper 100s now days.

    Anyhow, the deer are left to live peacefully there now, so the hunting, which is only a couple of times a year, is always very productive. I put in for my SIL and me for the adult Deer either sex hunt, and for my grandson and granddaughter in the youth division there as well. So I've got to get my boat in good running condition and get refamiliarized with the flats and channels so I can run over there without having to go out in the deep open parts of the bay. We will go over the back way among the flats and shallow cuts in case it's raining and blowing. It's about a 7 mile run back there. My boat has a jack plate on the motor and will run in 8-10 inches of water when it's on plane. I still have a tent and I can buy a camp stove and a lantern. So we'll have a couple of camping trips this fall.
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  • shawn1172shawn1172 Senior Member Posts: 588 Senior Member
    Sounds like you could be busy Snake! Enjoy the hunts and good luck. I never really understood how hunting works out in your part of the country. No such thing as a "lease" here. Just go hunt anywhere that doesn't have a posted sign. Generally try to find out who owns land you want to hunt on and ask permission first but there's public land and lands owned by power companies, paper companies, logging companies, etc where you just go hunt- no questions asked. I think this lease thing you guys have to deal with drive me crazy. Also seems like it would really cut back on hunting in general. I'm just speculating, never been anywhere that works that way.
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