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    When I was a service tech years ago, the company was charging 4x my hourly rate, portal to portal. That covered my salary, overhead and had profit in there too. The key was to keep me on the road so that the billing cycle never had a lull, because me standing around ate up the last visits profit.
    At this company, I was pretty much in charge of new projects, and nobody in the plant knew the equipment like me. I'd let a guy work on a piece of machinery for an hour before I walked over and fixed it within a few minutes. What seemed like a waste of time and money to those boys was in my eyes a teaching lesson. The only reason I could troubleshoot and fix things Over the phone was because I was the one who sat for hours if needed to fix it in the past. That's not good for a business, to put all your eggs in one basket.
    So by them always coming to me for a quick resolution instead of being patient and allowing someone else to work the problem, they made me that much more valuable. So in my mind, here's what'll happen; an issue will arise, and the new guy will be tasked to resolve it. After a few hours they'll gut frustrated and call me. I'll give them over the phone consult and if need be, come by after work. Phone consultations will be 100$/ call up to 30min, and in house resolutions will be 150/hr. I like to see it as more a deterrent. For the most part of the day I'll be my own boss at the new company, but I'm not about to sham the new company by being on the phone.
    Now if they want me to come in and set-up and trial a new product, that's gonna be 1k per Saturday. Weather it be a few hours or a whole day, they're gonna pay for my experience.

    Needless to say, but, in writing before any work is done and at least some partial, if not full payment, up front.
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    If you do intend to do some consulting (for money, get it in writing!) then you do need to clear it with your new firm because even taking a phone call from the old place while you're "on the clock" at the new place can be disruptive. This is standard good business practice, even if the two jobs, old vs new, are totally different. Of course, if the jobs were of the same type, then zero work for the old place would be the rule.

    What's the old joke about the engineering consultant? age and Teach, you'll know it but will appreciate it too...

    This chemical firm had built this totally new environmentally safe reactor to produce their polymer lubricant, but it just wouldn't function right. The reaction would shut down abruptly, product would be off-base, pollution spewed out, all sorts of problems and nothing they tried worked.

    So they checked around and were told of this terrific consultant, top rated but kinda pricey. Frustrated and losing money on their debacle, they finally hired the guy. He came to the facility, a middle aged quiet sort of guy, but intense. He asked to see all the blueprints and computerized plans for the process plant. He sat there for a few hours, poring over each detail, then stood up, walked into the plant itself, followed by all the executives who were wringing their hands.

    The guy knelt, peered under this one particular reactor vessel, said, "Anybody got a small screwdriver?" Well, one of the people had a little pocket screwdriver, handed it to the consultant, who then got on his back and crawled beneath a control panel, reached up, turned one screw 1/4 turn. Then he came out, dusted himself off. "That should do it!"

    And when they restarted the process, behold! Everything worked perfectly!

    A week later they got his bill: "$10,000.00"

    Well, the VP of finance blew a gasket, said, "We can't pay this guy ten grand without some sort of reason! Ask him for an itemized invoice!"

    So they did, and an invoice came back:

    Turning screw: $2.00
    Knowing which screw to turn: $9,998.00
    Total, $10,000.00

    age, sounds like you exactly! You simply know which screw to turn!

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    I left my old job due to a loss in upward mobility because I wouldn't bow down to their nonsense and terrible supervision.

    “There are three kinds of men. The one that learns by reading. The few who learn by observation. The rest of them have to pee on the electric fence for themselves.” – Will Rogers
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