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Buckhorn 209 users?

MileHighShooterMileHighShooter Senior MemberPosts: 4,975 Senior Member
Now that I know I have an elk tag for ML season, its time to start getting down to brass tacks.

I'm reading good things about Buckhorn 209 giving great performance without having to really go past 100gr charges. We are not allowed ANY type of optic beyond open sights here in CO (fiber optics are fine, and that is what I'll be using) so shots over 100 yards really aren't in play. Also, we cannot use pellets, only loose powder. We sell BH at Gander, as well as the Jim Shockey stuff, and the brand that produces the Jim Shockey stuff (forget the name) in FFG and FFFG. Trying to get some insight before spending 200$ on various powders and bullets to tryout.

Anyone using this stuff with an inline ML?

*edit - BLACKHORN, oops


  • Ranch13Ranch13 Senior Member Posts: 820 Senior Member
    The stuff is hard to ignite. So use the priming etc, just like they lay out on their Blackhorn 209 web page. It's not cheap, it costs about the same or a little more the Swiss blackpowder, but when you find the right load with it it will give good accuracy.
    I load it in my wife's bpcr rifle and she can shoot the thing all day without bothering with any fouling control.
  • JeeperJeeper Senior Member Posts: 2,954 Senior Member
    I'm using a 100 grain charge of Blackhorn 209 in my CVA BP pistol (modified to run 209 primers) with a simple 3x9 scope on it pushing 240 grain .429 cal saboted bullets. This last year, I pulled it out to double check it on target before hunting season, and my very first shot was within 1/2" of the bullseye at 100 yds. That pistol with that combo is simply AMAZING. Cleanup isn't bad either.

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  • Six-GunSix-Gun Senior Member Posts: 8,155 Senior Member
    I got a pretty dramatic boost in accuracy out of my inline using it and have since completely quit using Triple 7 or anything else. I just don't see any other BP sub matching it any time soon, especially at or near max loads. Using a 245 gr. Powerbelt with Triple 7, I was getting pretty ugly 100 yards groups, to the order of about 6". With a max load of BH 209, it dropped down to 1". It also leaves a much thinner film in the barrel after the shot making it easier to clean up.

    Speaking of max loads, BE SURE TO READ ABOUT HOW IT MATCHES UP TO OTHER BP SUBS! BH 209 is significantly more stout for the same volumetric grains load than, say, Pyrodex. I can't remember off the top of my head, but I want to say that while my inline is rated for something like 150 grains for Triple 7, but only 120 gr for BH 209 (caution: that's just from my memory, not necessarily accurate).

    It is definitely pricier than other BP subs, and you only get 10 oz. per can. That said, you can use less of it because of its potency, so it somewhat balances out. I have not had ignition issues using it, but I also have always used CCI magnum 209 primers. Personally, I think it's really good stuff.
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  • Ranch13Ranch13 Senior Member Posts: 820 Senior Member
    Montana Extreme's BH209 solvent does the best job of clean up with the stuff, most regular solvents will do the job. Just don't use a water based "blackpowder" solvent with it.
  • Ranch13Ranch13 Senior Member Posts: 820 Senior Member
    And if you get to shooting it a lot, you can save quite a bit of money buying it in honest 5 lb jugs for around 190$.
  • MileHighShooterMileHighShooter Senior Member Posts: 4,975 Senior Member
    Ignition shouldn't be a problem, once I get my new barrel I'm going to have the breech plug modified to use large rifle primers. Supposed to work really well with Blackhorn and LRM primers, much cleaner as well. I did notice the price was high, it'll cost me right around 30$ but everyone seems to be pointing me in that direction since I can't use pellets.
  • Ranch13Ranch13 Senior Member Posts: 820 Senior Member
    I use large rifle magnum primers when loading it for the wife's 45-70.
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