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The last ship

jaywaptijaywapti Posts: 5,116 Senior Member
Seems like a good show.



  • CHIRO1989CHIRO1989 Posts: 14,861 Senior Member
    I have the book, I was to my liking, the book is premised on a nuclear war rather than a viral pandemic, it was interesting the moral questions posed with the group on the ship as time passed, I believe there is a sequel to the book, I have not read that, I watched the first episode, hoping for good things.
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  • JayhawkerJayhawker Posts: 18,364 Senior Member
    Agreed...looks like it has possibilities. Wasn't aware of the book....thanks!
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  • CHIRO1989CHIRO1989 Posts: 14,861 Senior Member
    Jayhawker wrote: »
    Agreed...looks like it has possibilities. Wasn't aware of the book....thanks!

    If you have trouble getting you hands on a copy, let me know.
    I take no pleasure in the death of the wicked, but rather that they turn away from their ways and live. Eze 33:11
  • sherwoodsherwood Posts: 1,224 Senior Member
    Both the Boss and I liked it. I think it has possibilities. We shall see.
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  • Fat BillyFat Billy Posts: 1,813 Senior Member
    Didn't really care for it, reminded me of the people on the nuke sub trapped on an island. Don't remember the title but it didn't last 6 months. Rocket hits from the bad guys but no damage to the ship. Seems like bad theater to me but I don't count. :hand: Later,
    Fat Billy

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  • shushshush Posts: 6,259 Senior Member
    Been done better.


    Fine book, very fine Greg Peck film.
  • samzheresamzhere Posts: 10,923 Senior Member
    I "steered away" from The Last Ship (ha ha) because it is from Michael Bay, of "Transformers" fame. You know, where giant robotic creatures with ultra sophisticated technology and science travel light years to pound things with their fists.

    But I do enjoy a good action thriller, and know the premise of the story, "having read the book" (per the Beatles), and want to know if the TV show is well made and not goofy like other Michael Bay stuff.

    So those who have seen it, is it okay or silly?
  • tennmiketennmike Posts: 27,457 Senior Member
    The DDG series of ships stops at DDG-112 (under construction) and the ship shown is an older ship of the 1970-1980 type. Their fuel consumption is a little flaky on the show, as those things are fuel hogs. Even cruising at 18-20 knots they suck down the oil. Going from way up north like they were to the Southern port they were supposed to be at would have required a refueling before they got there. And if it were one of the newest on the line it would be a turbine driven ship, and those things make the old black oil boiler ships look like high mileage fuel sippers by comparison.

    For me, it's beginning to have shades of "The China Syndrome" where they couldn't decide if the plant was a PWR or a BWR, and couldn't find the reactor trip lever in the control room, or the one on the front end standard at the high pressure turbine, and had no idea where the reactor trip breakers were located. I have a poor time of suspending reality when watching some things on TV.
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  • samzheresamzhere Posts: 10,923 Senior Member
    Well, it's not exactly a documentary. For me, suspension of disbelief is qualitative -- after all, we know that they're actors and that there are cameras filming the scenes. What's important is whether the show is well directed and interesting.

    My question stands: Is the show well structured and fun to watch? Or is it too simplistic?
  • samzheresamzhere Posts: 10,923 Senior Member
    I went ahead and watched the first episode. Okay but a bit predictable and brought memories of "On the Beach" but I'll give it a try for the next episode, see what gives.
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