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Another police story

MississippiBoyMississippiBoy Senior MemberPosts: 819 Senior Member
Jackson PD has issues. For example, my sister was held at gunpoint one Sunday evening last year and her car was stolen. She wasn't hurt except for a bruise on her ribs where the scum pressed the gun against her. A week and a half later, on Wednesday, her and my dad are car shopping, figuring that since the PD hasn't recovered her car yet, it's time to move on and get another one. Her insurance company checks with the PD, and they're told, "Yes, we have the car. It was found on the side of such-and-such a road on Monday, and it's been in our impound lot since then. No, not this past Monday, the Monday before." So JPD had the car since the day after it was stolen, and never told anybody.
That's just one example of the idiots around here.
Here's another one, and it's a lot worse:


The lady calls 911 and says "There's a prowler at my house."
The dispatcher says, "We're sending police," and the call is terminated. I don't know if the lady hung up or the dispatcher, or if the dispatcher hung up, but whatever happened, the dispatcher should have stayed in contact.
Then when the police show up, they walk up to the front door and knock. When no one comes to the door, they shrug, turn around, and leave. The lady was later found out in the yard dead. She had been pulled out through a window, strangled, beaten, had her neck broken, and shot to death.

How does a police officer NOT investigate that? That's ludicrous.....


  • HvyMaxHvyMax Senior Member Posts: 1,826 Senior Member
    My old neighbor came home to find his shed broken into. Up the street they saw the guys loading his log splitter and leaving. Him and his brother (both in their 70's) take off after them and get tag#; descriptions and a proximity before an oil line on the splitter blew going over a bump spraying oil on their windshield where they broke off and gave the police the information. Evidently the police ran the tag , drove by the address saw the truck and trail of oil and left a note for the detectives investigating breakins in the neighborhood. That was the last he saw of his stuff. Sadly police have degenerated to the point that they are a bigger threat than the criminals ever were with little redeeming crime fighting value.
    Another time we got a call from our alarm co that our basement door had been opened and the interior sensors were active. I told them to call the police and headed home. As we came down the street we saw an officer pull up and proceed to get the false alarm # off the door and start to get back in his car. At this point we pulled up and asked if he had any intention of investigating which he didn't and he got offended when I implied he might want to check for criminals before me and my family went in since MD doesn't allow carry. As far as I am concerned we should disband them entirely.
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