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Your favorite game animal to hunt?

JerryBobCoJerryBobCo Senior MemberPosts: 8,227 Senior Member
Not sure if this has been brought before. If it has, I see no reason why we can't do it again.

I thought about doing a poll, but there are so many choices I decided not to. So, what's your pleasure when it comes to hunting?

For me, it's chasing antelope on the open plains/prairies of eastern Colorado. Even though I have no desire to take another one, there's just something special about being in an area where you can see for miles, and suddenly have an antelope pop up right before your eyes. And, sometimes it's a matter of seeing them all day long and just admiring them. If you've ever seen one run at full speed, you will truly appreciate what fast is all about. I've seen them in a full run with just their heads poking up over a rise, and there wasn't so much as a small bobble of head movement. They somehow manage to run and keep their heads still in relation to their bodies.

I've also seen them hit a barbed wire fence at full speed, go into a slide and scoot underneath in a whole lot less time than it takes to tell about it. Then, they'll pop up and resume their full speed run just as quickly. It's a pretty amazing spectacle to see.

Next to chasing goats, is hunting deer or elk in mountainous terrain that features a lot of open space. County with lots of canyons ranks the same for me. I don't really care if it's whitetail, mulies or elk. It's the country that holds my interest more than the game.

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  • NNNN Senior Member Posts: 25,026 Senior Member
  • JerryBobCoJerryBobCo Senior Member Posts: 8,227 Senior Member
    NN wrote: »

    I never would have guessed. -:)

    Gun control laws make about as much sense as taking ex-lax to cure a cough.
  • ZeeZee Senior Member Posts: 26,541 Senior Member
    1. Mule Deer in the mountains.
    2. Antelope in the prairie.
    3. Wild Hogs in the brush.
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  • jaywaptijaywapti Senior Member Posts: 5,009 Senior Member
    Although I love hunting everything, if it had to be only one, I'd pick Prairie Dogs, because there's no closed season, no bag limit, it's all about long range and accuracy. The country is beautiful, and the people I've met are some of the best in the nation.
    We used to go to S & N Dakota & E. Montana at least twice a year and sometimes as much as 4 times, for a week at a time.

  • jbohiojbohio Senior Member Posts: 5,602 Senior Member
    So far, elk. Our trip outside Crested Butte was awesome. My archery hunts were awesome, even though I came out empty. More or less a week long adventure/hike in the mountains.
    Followed closely by archery hunting whitetail.

    I need to go antelope hunting again, in a better area. The last time was very frustrating. I enjoyed hiking in the country, didn't much enjoy every antelope we saw was just on the other side of a fence, on private ground.
  • Six-GunSix-Gun Senior Member Posts: 8,155 Senior Member
    This is a tough one. I love big game hunting of any sort but for pure excitement it's hard to beat pheasant or duck hunting. Seeing a well-planned decoy spread pull birds down from up high is an incredible feeling. Similarly having a pheasant flush at your feet under a dog's point is just unbelievable sight.
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  • snake284snake284 Senior Member Posts: 22,429 Senior Member
    I like to eat squirrels and rabbit and hunting them is ok, I'd still rather deer or hog hunt. But like Six Gun said, there ain't nothing like decoying ducks. I've never done pheasants but I've hunted quail and they can be a trip. Dove can be the most challenging of all. Especially when they have about a 20 knott Tail wind and they're coming at you at about 60 MPH. But still seeing those ducks coming into decoys with their wings set whistling get's my blood going the most.
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  • shootbrownelkshootbrownelk Senior Member Posts: 2,035 Senior Member
  • knitepoetknitepoet Senior Member Posts: 22,633 Senior Member
    Well, the only thing I hunt with any regularity is whitetail, so I guess that's what I've got to vote for.
    I've longed to go speedgoat hunting with my XP-100 for a nearly 20 years though and WILL one of these days.
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  • BigDanSBigDanS Senior Member Posts: 6,992 Senior Member
    I really enjoy pheasant / grouse / quail hunting in a group. It is incredibly fun walking a field with friends and dogs and the shot can be really a challenge.

    One of my fondest memories is finding an apple tree at the end of a grouse hunt that had just been touched by frost. Our group of five had been up and down southern Ohio hills for hours chasing grouse and had only bagged one. We were hot and thirsty and hungry and those apples were juicy, sweet, with the skins just wrinkled a touch and still on the tree.

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  • Farm Boy DeuceFarm Boy Deuce Senior Member Posts: 6,083 Senior Member
    I am a hunting whore. Whatever is in season is my favorite thing to hunt. Late November early December is awesome where I live. Deer, rabbit, quail and pheasant all in one long day. I have been known to pack a lunch and not come back until thirty minutes after legal sunset. Make stretch out in the sun and take a short nap after dinner. The damn best days afield.
    I am afraid we forget sometime that the basic and simple things brings us the most pleasure.
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  • HvyMaxHvyMax Senior Member Posts: 1,826 Senior Member
    Geese. I usually hit the water with my canoe about 4:00am and paddle to my blind site to setup. It is so peaceful on the water that early and navigating in the dark is invigorating. The hour of so before fly out is nice to just observe the nature around me as the world wakes up.
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  • LinefinderLinefinder Moderator Posts: 7,578 Senior Member
    #1) Antelope on the open plains. Nothing else comes even close.

    A distant #2) Squirrel in thick forest with a 22LR.

    #3) Rabbits ahead of fast beagles.

    And then, I like the rest of the stuff. Ducks coming into decoys at daylight is pretty cool.

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  • MileHighShooterMileHighShooter Senior Member Posts: 4,922 Senior Member
    High altitude mule deer has me hooked. Planning on either hunting an easier to draw unit next year or going muzzle loader in the unit i was in last year. Front stuffer seasonstarted as early rifle ended so the deer would still be up high.
  • gatorgator Senior Member Posts: 1,746 Senior Member
    I would have to say dove.....fast action big bag limit.....Not sure if yotes are "game animal" so I went with dove.

    If song dogs can be considered game then I go with calling as my favorite. Nothing like fooling then into coming right where you want them........well almost where you want them.
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  • CaliFFLCaliFFL Senior Member Posts: 5,486 Senior Member
    I'm going with black bears. They outsmart me at every turn. They will be on my trail cam at 6pm everyday until I'm up in the stand. I guess I have more to learn.

    The two bears that I have been lucky enough to shoot were not "hunted".
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  • HAWKENHAWKEN Senior Member Posts: 1,720 Senior Member
    Tough question because I like so many different ones. Confined to one, it would have to be squirrels, preferably with my .32 caliber muzzle loader. Keep yer powder dry............Robin
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  • N320AWN320AW Senior Member Posts: 648 Senior Member
    Squirrels. 12 & 28 GAUGE Remington 1100'S. #4 & 5 SHOT.
  • Diver43Diver43 Senior Member Posts: 11,851 Senior Member
    A long time ago I accompanied a friend on a Mountain Goat hund in the Cascade Mountains. I would love to do that again, only this time I want to be behind the rifle instead of spotting scope.
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  • HvyMaxHvyMax Senior Member Posts: 1,826 Senior Member
    Wambli Ska wrote: »
    Whatever I hunt in my life there was nothing like sitting on a tree stand on my own land deer hunting opening day every year... I'm going to get that back...

    Yeah that is nice. I have a 15 min hike to my choice of stands. Not to mention a backyard range with clay throwers, dueling trees, a Christmas forest of crap to shoot at etc.
    Wal Mart where the discriminating white trash shop.
    Paddle faster!!! I hear banjos.
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  • Grizz1219Grizz1219 Member Posts: 424 Member
    Whitetails or turkeys...
  • woodsrunnerwoodsrunner Senior Member Posts: 2,725 Senior Member
    I will not drag another deer, bear or hog out of the woods as long as I live! All the years I've spent in the woods in forest and wildlife management has cured me! As I mentioned before on the other hunting Thread, it's squirrels, all head shots with my little .32cal flintlock squirrel rifle. Squirrels aren't too heavy to tote out of the woods!
  • beartrackerbeartracker Senior Member Posts: 3,116 Senior Member
    North America
    Black bear (where baiting is illegal and you have to spot and stalk)
    Coues deer
    White Tail
    Mule deer
  • NJSOGNJSOG Member Posts: 101 Member
    Moose, Elk, Hogs and Ducks. I have shot everything that walks, crawls or squeaked. I have been very fortunate to hunt and take every animal I set out to hunt, but here is the down side to it all. I just don't get the rush or excitement that I use to get when I was younger.

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  • bisleybisley Senior Member Posts: 10,813 Senior Member
    Where I live, the only spot and stalk hunting available to me is squirrel. It is very satisfying to bag a few with a bolt action .22 rifle.

    Whitetails are also a big challenge for me, because of the difficulty involved in getting them to cross whatever small parcel of land is available to me. It isn't considered hunting to a lot of folks, because spot and stalk is out of the question, usually. But, it has it's own challenges. The shot, itself, is usually a slam-dunk for a cold-blooded old fart like me, but can be very exciting and problematic for those prone to buck fever. People I know miss them all the time, and this is hard for me to understand, given that it is from a fixed position at easy ranges. Even so, it is satisfying to go through the entire process of preparing the rifle and load, setting up the 'ambush site,' scouting the trails, and finally bagging a large (for this area) game animal, and then preparing the meat for the table.

    As far as excitement, dove hunting on the prairie where the only water around is from leaky windmills, is hard to beat. It's easy and cheap to get the gear ready, very little hard work or actual 'hunting' skill is needed. But hitting them is a heck of a challenge, especially on a windy day when they know you are there but have to come for water anyway. I usually get to shoot till my shoulder is black and blue, with shots from every possible angle, darting and diving, fast and slow...and I like to eat them. Honestly, some of the most fun I've ever had has been on windy days when the birds were flying at ridiculous speeds and I was missing 4 out of every five.
  • N320AWN320AW Senior Member Posts: 648 Senior Member
    Still hunting Squirrels. I mean as opposed to walking through the woods.
  • RazorbackerRazorbacker Senior Member Posts: 4,646 Senior Member
    I've enjoyed reading this thread and getting insight into not only what you hunt but also how and why.
    As for me I've hunted them all in NA and killed most of them Excepting Moose, Griz, and antelope. I've hunted Black Bear but never even seen one outside a zoo or on TV.
    Doves are fun in a fast and furious kinda way. Camo is important but you don't have to be still and quiet. You can sit there on a bucket with your buddy and chat if you like. I've hunted ducks solo many times but usually you share a blind with one or more folks.
    Whereas Deer hunting is a solitary pursuit. I don't hunt them from a blind or stand but rather via still hunting. Though I will watch a feeder bow hunting. I think it's a singular accomplishment to harvest a Whitetail in it's bed. A feat I've never managed. But I have had a number of them explode from cover like a covey of quail, when I almost stepped on them.
    So that would make them my favorite to hunt.
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  • KSU FirefighterKSU Firefighter Senior Member Posts: 3,249 Senior Member
    Whichever critter is in season that allows me to get out and enjoy the day. Got skunked and froze my behind off last deer season in Kansas, still had a blast.
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  • JerryBobCoJerryBobCo Senior Member Posts: 8,227 Senior Member
    Wambli Ska wrote: »
    My old hunting mentor told me a long time ago that the only way he'd ever shoot a deer again was if the deer actually attacked him. And yet he booked a week in a cabin with his old hunting buddies in Maine every year. He loved the camaraderie, and he would take his rifle "out for a walk" every day and stalk game. But as he put it he'd reached a stage in life when all the fun stopped the second after he pulled the trigger :tooth:

    That's sort of the way I am about antelope hunting. I still love going with good friend, enjoy the camaraderie, being on the open prairie with the prospect of seeing lots of animals. But, I have no desire to bust a cap on one. Just being there is enough.

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  • tennmiketennmike Senior Member Posts: 27,457 Senior Member
    If I had to drag a deer out, I wouldn't go deer hunting anymore. I hunt on the farm, and I use the three point utility box on the tractor to haul the deer out of the woods, back up to the tailgate of the truck, and put it in the truck bed, haul it 4 miles to the check-in station, and then drive 100 yards to the deer processor (behind the check-in station).

    My favorite hunting is still squirrel hunting. I loved squirrel hunting as a kid, and still do. And like Woodsrunner, I like hunting them with a .32 cal. muzzleloader, but mine is that new fangled caplock type. Hunting squirrels with a muzzleloading rifle will teach you patience and accurate shooting like no other.
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