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  • bobbyrlf3bobbyrlf3 Posts: 2,614 Senior Member
    Since I don't reload, I don't hesitate to buy blazer when it's available. You really see the savings when you can get some in .357mag.
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  • will-jwill-j Posts: 50 Member
    Will @ Tennmike: Federal says "new aluminum" ammo is Re-intro Blazer. True or not? I don't know; Sometimes people in the same company have different opinions instead of facts. That said- it looks the same to me, though I've shot only the Institution-supplied Blazer ammo back in the '90s for annual Instructor Qualification.
    Now, as for steel-cased ammo; I can offer this, and before you scoff you might try it. It's called 'Bag Balm' from Vermont's Dairy Association Co. in Lyndonville, Vt. 05851. It's lanolin-based and I've been using it for almost 20 yrs. and as the name implies it is for cow's udders, but it's the best/cheapest application for dry, cracked skin. Better than O'keeffe's, either for hands or feet. But for resizing cases, it cannot be beat; Period! I've tried them all. It's better than Imperial sizing wax.. As for the steel cases, a friend asked me to reload some steel cased 5.56 ammo of foreign manufacture, although boxer-primed. I had him supply the dies as I didn't intend to damage mine. I used the Bag Balm on the cases and after +/- 600 re-sizings (100 rd. lots x5) there is no damage to the dies and no stuck cases.
    I buy mil-surp. cases and had some difficulty at first w/ 1-step sizing until I tried this: Using the B-B, (just a DAB) on your fingers will size about 5-7cases before re-dabbing. It reduced the effort considerably. Then I resized the 7.62 mil. cases in an 0-6 class die[either .270, .25-06, .280 Rem. etc. to size the body first; Then size the neck for the different rifles in .308 cal. [ I have dedicated dies for each rifle], then follow up w/ your own specs. As for the .223, I first size cases in a .222 Rem. Mag die and follow the same procedure. The dies have lasted 1,000s of sizings.w/ no wear to speak of. I load for certain friends and have 1 set of dies for use in their guns.(Being retired, there's not much interesting to do except shooting and loading). Try the B.B. on pistol cases and you'll find that sizing cases in steel dies is just as easy, if not easier than sizing in carbide/titanium dies: AND if you use carbide dies w/the B B, you can use 1 finger to size them. I have a Partner Press set aside for pistol cases. As I first said: Try it before you scoff at it. It works.
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  • DoctorWhoDoctorWho Posts: 9,496 Senior Member
    Prolly not for use in Glocks either. Joke ha ha
    The auto spell feature keeps changing Glock to Block. Grrrrrrr
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  • zorbazorba Posts: 25,290 Senior Member
    DoctorWho wrote: »
    ...The auto spell feature keeps changing Glock to Block. Grrrrrrr
    There's a message in this!
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  • bullsi1911bullsi1911 Posts: 12,440 Senior Member
    zorba wrote: »
    There's a message in this!

    "This MEANS something... this is important."
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  • North ForestNorth Forest Posts: 358 Member
    Went shooting yesterday and tested 100 rounds of this in .45 ACP, with my XDM and XDs. Had no problems at all with the XDM, and it was reasonably accurate. I did however have a couple of feeding problems using the XDs, with the 7 round mag, but doing a little testing by swapping mags and swapping to brass case ammo revealed that the problem was mag related, my other 7 round mag fed the stuff just fine. I've put many rounds through that gun practicing with it, and I think its time for some extensive mag servicing/cleaning/lube, could be just lint or something from lots of CC. As I don't yet reload, and like to practice as often as possible, saving a few bucks with a decent product will work for me. I was able to get this ammo at our local WalMart for $15 a box.
  • NNNN Posts: 25,236 Senior Member
    I went to WW to see if they had them
    guy said I should buy TULU steel.
  • North ForestNorth Forest Posts: 358 Member
    I've shot a lot of Tula steel ammo through my AK, but then, its an AK, and not a high-end one at that, and I have to say although the price is cheap and there's been no issues with reliability, the amount of fouling I pull out of the barrel and gas tube is amazing. Just don't want to foul up my pistols to that level, and Federal ammo has for me anyway fired a lot cleaner.
  • olesniperolesniper Posts: 3,767 Senior Member
    Stopped at a WW, in another town, and they had a pretty good stack of Federal Aluminum 9mm. I'd been looking to get a couple of boxes for my brother, for Christmas. I bought 2 boxes and headed out. Stopped after I'd gone about 20 ft. and thought, "What the hell am I doing........this stuff shoots great, in my Sig.P938 and I can't find it, around home." I went back to the counter and asked ,how many boxes they had. They had 11 boxes.................I left one, for seed.
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  • Gene LGene L Posts: 12,817 Senior Member
    I think aluminum may be the future in handgun ammo. Brass cases have to be more expensive. I don't see any downsides for a shoot it and forget it.

    The armory system used to occasionally load .45 in steel cases as an exigent if brass became difficult to obtain. You can see them occasionally, I don't know if they have collector value.
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  • NNNN Posts: 25,236 Senior Member
    Gene L wrote: »
    I think aluminum may be the future in handgun ammo. Brass cases have to be more expensive. I don't see any downsides for a shoot it and forget it.

    The armory system used to occasionally load .45 in steel cases as an exigent if brass became difficult to obtain. You can see them occasionally, I don't know if they have collector value.

    From my experience with ALU cased ammo, the draw back is poor storage such as keeping it in a vehicle and letting it get exposed to water and or some other fluids or chemicals.

    This exposure my nor be as noticeable as with brass that corrodes easily.

    What happens is the case splits when fired, which may or may not cause an issue of blowback or jamming.

    I talked to customer service at CCI and most of my statement was what the guy told me when I called them about splitting cases in ALU ammo I had gotten from an estate.

    But, of course none of us would let ammo be subjected to such conditions.
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