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The .257 AI Strikes

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Saturday, my wife, my son in law, my grandson, and myself went to the lease. I had moved my portable blind to a new location where I had seen a big buck two times. Also a slew of does hangs out there.

We didn't see anything Saturday morning but Saturday evening at about 5:30 P.M. three does came out about 35-40 yards to my right. I was watching through the camo net and when they stopped I got up and pointed the .257 Ackley Improved Yugo Mauser at the biggest one as they had turned with their buts to me and tried to shoot it high through the ribs. When I pulled the trigger I saw her dip down and disappear.

I thought she went down so I waited a few minutes before going to investigate so I wouldn't run her into the brush. However, she hadn't gone down but had gone into the brush, which was actually a big mot of trees with rose hedge growing all around it making it almost impossible for a human to get in. But get in I did, braving thorns and snakes.

Once I got inside it was a relatively clear area since this is where deer and hogs and other wildlife live. I walked slowly trying to dodge briers and limbs and went about 50 feet and was confident I was on the hot trail of my deer. About that time I received a text from my son in law, who had been sitting with my grandson on the opposite side of the mot about 100 yards from my blind, saying something to the effect that he thought he knew where it was.

When I got this text I decided to go find Bobbie and find out what he was talking about. I backtracked out of there and my wife comes riding up with Bobbie. We all went up near the gate and we met my friend Mark and his son who hunts on the other end of the place. We all talked for awhile and then Bobbie and Fe talked the boys into going back to try to find it. We all piled in the truck and went back to the scene of the crime so to speak.

Fe, Bobbie, Blayne, Mark and his son all took off around the mott of trees and briars and snakes. One of them spotted blood and they were on the trail like blood hounds. My wife and son in law both gave me orders to remain at the truck saying that since I was partially color blind I would be usless as a tracker, which was very correct. However, I could hear them going through the brush in the pitch black dark and I thought I heard one of them saying, "Here it is.

Fe had found the deer way inside in the thickest part about ten feet from the opposite end of the mot. Bobbie told her that it was so thick they couldn't possibly get to the deer. But Fe is a determined woman. And these Texas snakes don't scare her in the least. Remember this woman has been born and raised in the land of King Cobra and Krait. She crawled under the pile and pulled the deer out by the front legs.

They came around to my side of the mot pulling the doe and we heaved it up into the truck. After thanking Mark and his son we all took off for home. If I'd been by myself, that deer would have been lost.

When we got the deer home and in the back yard to skin and gut it, we were looking over it with a fine tooth comb to analyse the shot placement. When I shot, due to a shaky rest and the deer moving away from me, the shot went low and to the left causing the bullet to hit low, right in the left hind quarter. I had been aiming for the ribs high on the right side.
The bullet hit the left hind quarter low and hit the bone and shattered. However, there was not one vital organ hit. All his internals were in tact. This deer bled out.

Anyway. that did it for me. I'm shot out on does. And even if I did have doe tags left, Today ended does here in this county. So now it's time to concentrate on bucks.
Daddy, what's an enabler?
Son that's somebody with nothing to do with his time but keep me in trouble with mom.


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